Friday, April 27, 2007

daddy off to singapore

while daddy was packing his travelpro bags yesterday, he talked to erika...

daddy: erika i am going to singapore tomorrow, bring yeh yeh to see his doctor
erika: (rejoicing) yah...yah....i can sleep with mommy...(laugh loudly)
daddy: you wanna follow me
erika: (dare not answer the question) eh, is mommy following you?
daddy: yes, mommy is going (lying to her)

erika: (knows daddy is being deceitful, looks to mommy’s face and whispering) mommy are you going?

see la, where her priorities lies.

anyway, early this morning about 5+ a.m. daddy kissed all the 3 sleepy, snoring girls then went to yeh yeh’s house to take him to singapore. it’s now over a year since we found out about yeh yeh’s tumour and the great news is that it is shrinking and shrinking, day by day. hopefully this doc’s visit will bring more good news. i guess this is the 5th or 6th trip down south...

i remember the day when daddy found out about the tumour, i could see from his face like his whole world was collapsing in front of him, feeling so lost and helpless. and also the initial shock of coming face to face with the reality of the situation. well, after the “shock”, then as a family, we tried all sorts of ways to learn about the tumour, confront it and find the best possible cures or solutions. so far we have been very fortunate and i hope yeh yeh will have many many more years to play with the girls.

these pictures taken last week, remember i left my camera, here la i left it. yeh yeh just bought them the new toys, so the girls playing hair accessories" with yeh yeh. he loves playing with children. see ellisa using the hair dryer on yeh yeh's hair.

yeh yeh: ellisa, please give me the hairdryer

ellisa: (give sheepish smile, walks to yeh yeh pointing the hairdyer to him, then when the hair dryer almost reached his nose, she runs away and laugh)

yeh yeh: (laughs) this one cheeky, purposely tease me and dun give me. always like that, just wanna tease me only!

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karenyiau said...

Haha, very cheeky indeed. It's really a happy thing to see the grandparents enjoy spending their time with the lil' ones, it brings so much joy & laughter in the family.