Wednesday, April 30, 2008

baby E is out!!!

waited waited waited, finally induced baby E on 28 morning....thankfully this time with epidural. so it was painless and normal delivery (prayer answered!) eventhough i got all the annoying side effects, (headache, nausea, vomitting, shivering) i still won't trade it for the PAIIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!

baby E is 3.8 kg 49cm long, head circumfrance 33cm
born on 11:22am, 28 april 2008 (daddy very happy to see so many number 8 - cina man la)
stayed in room 288 summore (hahhahaa)

will post pic later!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

36 weeks - almost out soon!!!

last doc visit on 34wks...i weigh about 62kg
this doc visit at 36+wks...i weigh about 63.2kg

great...guess i gained about 1.2 kg in 2 wks.

then went for the scan...turns out me gained zero kg but my fei fei inside gained almost 1.4kg....alamak...means i even lost weight!! baby is around 3.4-3.8kg!!

how can? i asked the doc

she got a mind of its own now...blame it on my 'BIG' gene...

aiyoo even if i starve or eat like a will just balloon up following her genetic map.

so i asked....can induce it won't be toooo big

doc said...big babies risky to induce...u just wait la

aiyoooo like this also cannot, like tat also cannot

but the best news i heard is she will let me go ahead with epidural for this one, if the anaesthetist is willing to do it..finally, something to look forward to.??? or not?? dare not even think about it yet...will jump that bridge when i need too...until then, just think happiii thots.

overall i still gained weight need to strategise my slimming strategeeesss....what is the best diet pills ah??