Thursday, March 19, 2009

erika needs help

this year i thot of giving erika a break from all her tuition classes, and hope for the best - literally.

i gave her free reign of getting her own work done ~ like a big little girl should and hoping beyond hope that she will not fail in any of her papers. wishful thinking!!

even dangle a tempting carrot ~ saying if she do better than half her class...meaning in a position of 20 or above, we will take her to see a real princess in disneyland. guess can kiss that "carrot" goodbye too.

yes she failed...quite miserably. even her teacher called and asked what happened? i was wondering ~ isn't it your job to make her pass? why ask the parents when we are not the teachers?

so what did the good parent do? we finally sent her for tuition (defeats our original purpose of giving her independence and free time). guess she dun need so much free time on her hands. well it's not the normal kind of tuition, we are tying her on kumon mandarin. i thot we will "empower" her so that she can conquer her tests and come out with some colours except RED!

that's our temporary response to this situation, if it gets any worse, we will change school where english is the first language and mandarin is the sub-subject.

as for elli, will most probably sent her in for mandarin tuition when she turns 4?? learn our lessons from no.1.

Monday, March 16, 2009

speaking german

this morning's conversation with elli

"i want a gudder mommy"
"what is a gudder mommy?"
"a gudder mommy dun scold me wan"
"then i also want a gudder elli, a gudder elli dun scold me too"
"nooooooooo, you are a badder mommy, always scold me"

"i want a gudder mommy, gudder mommy dun go to work"
"can you be a gudder mommiiii??"
**very difficult question - dun have answer to that one**

"i want a gudder che-che"
"what does a gudder che-che do"
"a gudder che-che loves me"
"so your che-che loves you right?"
"i love che-che 20 times, che-che only love me 1 time!"
**she's right, her che-che thinks she's a pain now**

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

baby progress

i survived the weekend.

baby has been such an active girl. she's now into body-slamming, throwing her weight around and testing if gravity works all the time. slam onto my body (ouuuchh!) then slam onto daddy, slam onto popo, kong kong, pillows, cushions...not on the floor (she knows that's not very clever thing to do). if she body slam her sis, she will get a loud she knows that's off-bounds too. rules to live by for a baby!

**updated 16 march - baby has one more tooth out from the top gum, which i didn't notice until it's quite obvious (opps!!)**
with her 2 tiny bottom teeth out, she's now able to chow down more solids. thankfully not biting anyone yet. everything into the mouth still, but she being baby no 3...mommy is less paranoid as i think she will survive through it all. what mommy does is check her poo if anything "out of the ordinary" comes out the other end. mommy's new job is "poo checker".

separation anxiety is rearing its ugly head. so baby is clingy to mommy or popo especially if she knows we are going "out". she will be the first at the door. she seems to have the sixth sense that we will be leaving soon and walks in top speed to the door. she loves to go kai kai. who doesn't?

i think she's slim down a bit (still maintain at 10kg, no weight increase from last month) coz she's walking non-stop and sweating from all the exercise...mommy miss her once super chubby thighs. got her a pink jelly shoe (size 4 - for up to 18 months) from mothercare (on sale now). her tiny feet not very tiny huh?? 10 months wear 18th months shoes? but she's not crazy about them, more happy to chew them, if she had her way.

**update 16 march - went to paed, had slight fever, weight 10.7 kg, height 71 cm, doc amazed by her progress**

Saturday, March 07, 2009

busy weekend + hols ahead

daddy just came home with a nose job...well not the cosmetic surgery type (which he wished it was) but for medical reasons or else his sinus problems could kill him. so i have a big spoilt whinny baby on my hands to start off with, not counting the real 10kg baby and 2 cranky girls.

right after surgery, daddy was "a pain" coz he was "in pain", that was after the morphine stopped working its magic. at the hospital he was begging us to get a knife and stab him. being such a "loving and supportive" family, me and the girls think it was funny and laughed at him. even promise to bring a knife along the next time we visit was the only "consoling" words that seem logical at the time...kakkakaka

his throat was cut and sewn up again - so major sore throat...i call this his "die-t plan". surely he's gonna lose some pounds since he can't be eating much for a week...even better than swallowing diet pills i guess.

then there's the invite to a birthday bash to attend...happy got the gifts done and half wrapped in an isetan paper bag...recycling all my shopping bags as gift wrappers - save time wrapping mah.

some more popo will be taking a short break, leaving me to hold the fort...(**panick sikit**) dunno what to feed the "troop" at the home "fort". it will not be too funny if i made porridge for them for the whole duration of this weekend, but good for the recovering fella and baby.

see how it goes...can't wait for all the "trauma" and "drama" coming up over this weekend.

happy weekend