Monday, August 03, 2009

elli's dream

after waking up from her afternoon nap, elli told this to popo. and she has been repeating this story so vividly to everyone.

i saw daddy wake up, and the workers open the door (?) and he come out from the box.

he saw a lot of flowers and take all the flowers and go home to plant them.

he come home and kiss me, Erika, baby, mommy and everybody.

everybody say "hoooray" because my daddy wake up already

we love daddy and we always want daddy to stay with us.

elli said that this was the REAL daddy

she saw him surrounded by white (showing me with her hands) and that there was a white round fat thing on his head. he look very handsome. the white thing stop daddy from coming back.

she sort of expressed that daddy's face was glowing - white thing!!

jesus told daddy sorry because he cannot go back.

she said the "bluff" daddy was in the box and the "REAL" daddy was with Jesus.

he will never ever die again.

i love u daddy

daddy said bye bye

he is going to heaven

after this dream, elli has found her joy again...we are so blessed to have her.

update 6 august
erika also dream about her daddy.

she said she was walking into the house, she heard daddy's voice, she ran in and saw him sitting on the day bed. they hug and kissed...then she woke up.

i also dreamt of daddy.

his cousin also-and he saw him wake up!!

my sis saw him at the funeral, he was singing with us (don moen cd ~ rivers of joy was playing) and told her - dun worry, he will take care of everything.