Thursday, April 22, 2010

evi's prayer

this is evi's prayer

tank que God for ser food (this is very important!! and always her opening prayer line, even when we are ready for bed and nite nite...its still the food.)
bess my mommy
bess my ellisa
bess my house
bess my popo
bess my kong kong...
(u get the flow- her list of blessing is pretty long)
then mommy says in Jesus's name
she will sign and say

Friday, April 16, 2010

evi is turning 2

everyone is surprised that she is not turning 3 or 4, but she is only turning 2.

they kept asking mommy...u long only 2 years old. she's so matured and talks like "auntie" that everyone thot she is waaaay older.

she gets her way...coz she is too cute to say "NO" to. with her cherubic smile and curly locks, its almost impossible to deny her anything especially with her pleeezzz and kisses.

of cos we scold her non-stop cos she is a non-stop mischief girl. but she also has her magic to make all of you melt....scold her severely (she knows we mean business) and she immediately open up her arms, hugs you and say..."i lub yooo" other times (when not so serious) she will change subject and talk about something else or try to say something stooopid to make you laugh...

miss cheeky (with a twinkle in her eye and those bouncy curls) will go a long u soooooo much!