Thursday, August 28, 2008

happy day

so happy finally done my 1st photobook. that's why so buzzzy these days in the office...

and the best part...can use my paypal $$$ to pay for it.

feel so productive & creative...can't wait to see the end results. it was really easy to do up but to upload the completed work to photobook took forever!! my file was more than 100 meeegaaaa bites...and pushing it out to the web, definitely drag down my office line to a crawl...but who's complaining long as i get what i want...(evil laugh here!!)

i think photobook says it takes about a week to get my hands on my "baby"...will show off/boast parade the book if the quality is good. if not, will be soooo dissapointed coz i spend so much of "company's" time on it. kakakkakaa

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

guilty secret

i have been keeping this to myself for the last 2 days....a secret but once it's on this blog...i know it won't be a secret for long.

feeling so guilty la...but not totally my fault (in denial)

it happened to erika and ellisa too and still never learn from my mistake...tough teaching old "tricks" to rusty ol' grey cells, tired overworked minds and sleep deprivation.

"should have" is the phrase of a guilty person.

what did i do?? or more likely what did i NOT do?

i let baby roll down the bed and she landed on the back of her head, she was facing up (that happened on tuesday 19 august) OOOUCCCH!! she gave such a loud cry....but daddy was still snoring and didn't even realise the about tired & sleep deprived!!

ya...should have, should have put pillows as barricades...or a mattress for soft landing...or...oh well...all the should have could not save humpty dumpty from falling!!

lucky our bed is not actually a bed since we dun even have one (thank god! for sleeping on the floor??) so technically, she just rolled over the mattress, so the impact is just about 8-9 inches off the ground instead of a whooping 2 feet.

so less guilty kua...kept rubbing baby's round head, making sure it's still round and no "bungalow" bumps making grand entrances.

eh...come to think of it...we had a king-sized bed when we had she fell the hardest lor..opps solly darling! (look at the bright side...make u more head strong right?? wrong??) heheehe 1st one always is the guinea pig.

so can i "safely" say we did learnt something and now we are lower to the ground??

we learn, we learn from our mistakes...slowly.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

baby fats!!

baby loves to play with popo...look at her great big hearty smile.

sleepy baby....with her mouth slightly open and her tougue sticking out...sometimes she even does some air-sucking to pacify herself.

just out of my bath...heiiii do i look fat chubby?? i have been having loads of comments on my body what do u think?

double chin works for me, dun u think? makes my face super round like the moon.

here it is, my rolls of "fei fei"...which mommy adores & luuurve!! but popo & ku ma & yee ma kept asking mommy not to feed me so much anymore!! ask me to go on diet?? slimming program?? crazzziiii la. my favourite thing to do now is suck, suck, suck...if i dun get wat i want, i scream...seems to work most of the time and i get my way with it.showing off my baby's folds (so proud of it right??)...everyone that sees me, can't stop their itchy fingers from squeezzzing my "solid" celuliiiiitiiies!!!

since i am now almost "crawling", and rolling around like a ball, mommy's afraid i will lose all these "solid celulitiies" in no time.

or must i resort to these ~ orovo diet pills!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

school's out

the start of school hols! less traffic to go to work...but but but...gotta entertain the girls and cousins

surely one day will drop them in ikea to release their energy in Småland. eh...maybe 2 or 3 more days...since free mah and also for the cheap yummiii creamy ice-cream.

lucky i enrolled erika to vocasional bible school for 3 whole days (kiasu) early early go register and paid in full. so less one big bully.

since this hols is only a week long, planned one day to waterfalls (bukit tinggi) since daddy now has a 4-wheeler...we can drive right to the falls...laziii la no need to huff and pull all the way hike down there.

happiii holidays and also gay travel to where ever you are heading. kakakkakakkaa

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

prancing horse

who wouldn't love to get into that super sleek fast car with the famous black prancing horse logo...i know of some people who would die to jump into one.

daddy is one of its ardent fan...well maybe not coz he love the maclaren team more...but i can't deny he would jump into that Ferrari or touch the Ferrari parts, if given half a chance.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

celebrating ellisa

*belated post*

elli's special request for "shooting star" jelly cake. i had to make sure they reduce the coloring on this jelly that's why not so striking la the colours.

just a small party with her cousins...3 pink candles for the birthday girl
for entertainment...sand art & bubbles. actually quite a bad combi...sand and bubbles - a real sticky sandy mess. hehehe created work for the maid lah.
erika did about 8 sand art (she can do for hours)... in this pic - elli giving a sheepish smile...coz she is trying to clear up the mess she made clean up the table

sand art session in progress

elli cutting up her 1st cake

gotta stop her before she chop cut up the 1st cake, distracted her with the 2nd cakeelli cutting & cutting her 2nd cake - durian---yummiiii, elli loves durian

baby at 3 months, a wriggly worm

Monday, August 04, 2008

mad monday

woke up just like any usual morning...then got ready, went downstairs. popo said she got a loaf of baguette, asked me to make it for breakie...ok, so out came the "carving" knife to saw that baguette...then i happily slap on some leftover red sauce and generously spread on the cheese.

suddenly i heard my dogs barking like madddd!! was a lil' worried coz boxers hardly ever bark...well boxers dun bark, they BOX what...

next thing i know, i saw a big chinese fella (in the 20s) with tattoos over his shoulders, hand and back was right in the middle of my house!!!!!

the first thing that came to my mind is "i am being rob in broad morning lite"

panicked...i grab the "carving" knife and shouted at him to leave. (i made lots of noise la but daddy thot i was shouting at the dogs to keep quiet...he was happily doing his morning "business")

thank god he was scared of my "carving" knife…i mean if he wanted a fight, i am total gonner la!

luckily i realised he was mad, "siao", "chi zin", "bong kus", "insane", the tanjung rambutan kind but who cares...i kept shouting at him to get out!

right after i chased him out of the house, and locked the front door, then the fear came crashing in and i shivered with the thot that what if he wasn’t mad enough to listen to my threat and my "carving" knife.

thank God, no one was hurt, baby was upstairs sleeping in my room, popo just came down when “mad” was just out the door, kong kong just took erika to tuition (so spared erika the crazy episode and instilled fear into her) and daddy was still doing his morning “business”!

daddy said why i didn’t scream for him to come down…i said things happened so fast and all my shouting also he didn’t come down wat!! do i shout that much ah?? i think not.

crazzziiii mad day to start off the week.

p.s. he climbed in from the front fence, the front area has no boxers in the morning!! then the front door was not closed la...that's where my headache started! now gotta "re-strategise" our boxers.

Friday, August 01, 2008

pain in the neck

ouuuch!! the pain is on my neck!

thot it will go away on it's own but it got off to doc's and got some oilment and muscle relaxant...

the bad part is the medication makes u drowsy so can't take it in the office or else i will be suffering to keep awake!! instead of suffering from the pain.

typing with a crooked head!

even feeding baby, i can't look at her satisfied - suckling angelic face (wrong angle...ouuch!)

ah....i think i need a good massage la!