Wednesday, August 20, 2008

guilty secret

i have been keeping this to myself for the last 2 days....a secret but once it's on this blog...i know it won't be a secret for long.

feeling so guilty la...but not totally my fault (in denial)

it happened to erika and ellisa too and still never learn from my mistake...tough teaching old "tricks" to rusty ol' grey cells, tired overworked minds and sleep deprivation.

"should have" is the phrase of a guilty person.

what did i do?? or more likely what did i NOT do?

i let baby roll down the bed and she landed on the back of her head, she was facing up (that happened on tuesday 19 august) OOOUCCCH!! she gave such a loud cry....but daddy was still snoring and didn't even realise the about tired & sleep deprived!!

ya...should have, should have put pillows as barricades...or a mattress for soft landing...or...oh well...all the should have could not save humpty dumpty from falling!!

lucky our bed is not actually a bed since we dun even have one (thank god! for sleeping on the floor??) so technically, she just rolled over the mattress, so the impact is just about 8-9 inches off the ground instead of a whooping 2 feet.

so less guilty kua...kept rubbing baby's round head, making sure it's still round and no "bungalow" bumps making grand entrances.

eh...come to think of it...we had a king-sized bed when we had she fell the hardest lor..opps solly darling! (look at the bright side...make u more head strong right?? wrong??) heheehe 1st one always is the guinea pig.

so can i "safely" say we did learnt something and now we are lower to the ground??

we learn, we learn from our mistakes...slowly.


Sasha said...

J fell down to the TILES same position like yr daughter and we have a very high bed. So maybe that's why Jayden a bit sot sot tei now. hahaha I believe every parents also kena before.

allthingspurple said...

ya lor. We mums never learn !! With Kimberly, I caught her by her ankle just before she reaches the floor by 3 cm. With Ashley I was too late to catch her fall..haiyoh..if got 3rd time round, sure must barricade already

Rachel said...

Ever since my 1st baby out, we remove the bed frame and slept on the mattress only...but still, all angle covered.

but the girls got all the bump when they started to learn how to sit ;P

Fussy mum said...

Sharlene fell from our bed when she was a few months old. Instead of the floor she landed on daddy who was sleeping on a mattress next to the bed.

etceteramommy said...

If it makes us feel better, The old folks tale once says a child won't grow without falling. Errrgghh...

Health Freak Mommy said...

You gave me a scare, thot she rolled off a few feet high bed! And your baby is sooooooo cute n chubby, amboi!

angeleyes said...

aiyoh... i tot she fell down from very high! Thank God nothing happened... yeah, always put another piece of mattress below... coz baby will moves!

anyway, don't feel so bad ok?

NomadicMom said...

I'm also guilty....S2 somersaulted down from my sofa onto the marble floor! i tell you... I panicked like hell...rushed him to hospital for a scan!

Mommy to Chumsy said... are funny lah but poor baby. smack smack mommy :D

Irene said...

you are not alone :(