Monday, September 29, 2008

5 months milestone

it's about time i do some reporting on evira's milestone...ya been dragging my feet, well with work & 3 can get quite crazy.

hmmmm what can she do now??

she's into her crawling stage about 3 weeks back...i think a bit too early for my liking (baluuu lima bulan onli wor), now i got more work ~ barricading her so that she dun fall like a ball, coz she doesn't have any concept of height...yet. she's quite smart if she's crawling on the bamboo mat, she won't lundge her body and drop it hard on the mat, but if its on a soft mattress of girl can pounce.

trying her first solids...well, still pretty laziii and scared to really go full force on that since most of the baby expert is saying start at 6 gave her a teaspoon of nestle baby cereal then stopped...china milk scare...well not really, actually lazy la....oh well, did let her chew on some apples since she is "teething" i think or she's greedy coz whenever she see us eat, she salivate more than all of us combined.

she loves putting everything into her mouth and taste, she even taste the floor...i guess her tongue is her experimental tool now.

she can chuckle when her sis entertains her but why she dun chuckle when i play with her?? she just smile at me onli, so jealous coz baby chuckles are sooooo amazing.

her head has grown so much that she has a visible "loss" hair line across her beautiful round head.

for some gross stuff....she still puke after a meal...looks so much like mashed "tau foo fah" and
if she doesn't poo for 2 days...when she farts, it could easily cause a minor explosion if u lite a match!

she wanna be carried ALL - did i mention ALL the time. she doesn't realise she's not as light as before, well she was never very light to start off with....

she can pinch like a pro...oooouuuuucccchhhh!

she hates being thrown up in the air...she will turn green....waaaaaaawaaaaaaaaa ironic isn't it? she's afraid of height (just like her daddy ~ all the scardy cat gene from there heheheh) but she doesn't have any concept of height yet??

but she like us to swing her on our legs...good exercise for me

she is one gentle baby, she loves to touch our faces, hold our hands, give us the sweetest smile.

Friday, September 12, 2008

computer addict

every nite, kong kong and po po will ask erika to start-up the pc for them. they are soooo hoooked with this new toy...and are so excited to learn to use the mouse & keyboard.

look at the pictures...see the face of engrossed...eyes stuck to the flat screen. can guess what they doing?

just a plain old "spider solitaire" game. but they think it's the most "happening" computer game ever.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

puffy eyes

elli ate "something" and got herself into big trouble last week...we kept interogating asking her "what did you eat, what did you eat?"

all our deductions came to the preservatives that was in the pop corn, which popo bought at cold storage!! you know those pre-packed type not the ones freshly made by the stalls...arrggghhhh the trouble it next time must be 100 times more careful...u see the pic also your heart cringed! my poor worried she was screaming and crying that it was painful, soooo worried her eyes may go blind! so bengkak man! never have she had such an eye-bloating experience.

rushed her to the clinic...asked the doc if she can give her a jab to get rid of the swell, thankfully after checking thoroughly, she doesn't need any jab. elli did not have any hives or rashes marks and was breathing normally, so her airways was not constricting...therefore not soooo serious but still serious, eventhough not life threatening (doc's exact words).
gave her polaramin and steroids...until she's drowsy...then hid all the mirrors...for obvious reasons.

anyway, thankfully she is back to her normal beautiful self again.

day 1 - swollen until cannot open!!

morning of day 2 - right eye bigger, left eye still "not really there yet"

morning of day 2 - back to old self, can play and kid around, very happy today, not going to school

evening of day 2 - left eye opened half-way ledi...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


finally got my hands on my 1st photobook...smiling from ear to ear...the girls were crazy over it and it has now become "their" property and is kept in "their" room.

so i would say it's worth every hardworking dollar i made thru "scribblings" on this blog. here's the photo's of the book.

this book is for the 2 girls one...for 3 girls la!

after doing the book, then only photobook tells me they have a photobook discount code program (shiaaakkkss!) if anyone interested to do it, go paste the referral code and get 10% off. but they say only for newbie only, meaning someone who has not previously purchased items from photobook.

the best part i also get the 10% credit of your purchase!! so maybe photobook 2 will be out soonner...i hope!

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