Wednesday, December 19, 2007

merry christmas

today i officially change my nickname...cannot be mommy of 2 angels anymore mommy of 3 angels. so change the blog discription also la...just one number change only!

posting some photos of the last few weeks activities...very lazy blogging...end of the year lazy hols bug is really catching on.

this was done after deepavali...give face to all indians la...must make sure finish their festival before i put up my tree. all the 5 kiddies helping to put up this ol' year wanna get a new tree with fiber optic lights so i dun need to stuggle with the lights!!

the girls happily playing the shiny ornaments...erika pretend to wear them on herself...not on the tree! girls naturally like blings!

daddy went rallying in perlis with babyshern daddy...hey babyshern mommy...daddy says he know u too...of cos know babyshern daddy la!! obviously! next time i may tag along in the race too since i have never done that me so boring mah...breathe dust and look at engines, not my kind of fun. but since got another mommy there, then we go shopping la, maybe even spa together!! when daddy said perlis is in a sugar cane plantation...wah i quickly asked him to curi some home for me (cravings mah)...he said choi! u want me to bang the cane meh. so until now i still haven't got any sweets from daddy! dun say flowers la!

so you think i still should go get this for daddy ~ Technomarine watch, eventhough he so mean to me.

finally some christmas photos of the gang...taken at the curve...merry christmas!

water colour

took leave one day to play with the "gang" i made some water colour for them to mess the house...the maid pengsan...but i dun care la...i lurve creating work for her.

got the water colour recipe from marthastewart website.

homemade finger paints are nontoxic, washable, and always available. great for ellisa since we need to be so careful with her.

Stir 4 tablespoons of sugar and 1/2 cup cornstarch together; add 2 cups of cold water, and heat over medium heat until the mixture is thick (the mixture will further thicken as it cools).

Divide into four or more containers, and add food coloring as desired.

the 'gang' really have a colourful time painting the house down.

Friday, December 07, 2007

it's a girl!!!

aiyooo i thot the DNA picture was so clear...guess all you mommies failed science test heheheheh!!

yes i will be having 3 princesses...happy days!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

amnio results

just got the call from the clinic...thank god everything is normal!! really praise god that all is well...very very happy day!

here is the chromosome picture of baby.

so can u guess the sex?? easy rite!! ehehehhee

Thanks For Being My Friend Award

Award time!! Thanks to this award giving Lovely Mummy.
I would like to pass this award to my dear friends :

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Q & A

finally, someone in my office notice the lil' bump and i am already half way thru this pregnancy...hehehe the next surprise will be i will be off during peak time and escape the bulk of the work...yahooo.....good timing baby!

the funny thing is when someone notice the bump...the usual questions are:

"are u pregnant?"
"are u having a baby?"

well you know the usual

but the "someone in the office" asked:

"are u in the family way?"

i was so puzzled, i was thinking what are you talking about...what way am i going at?? it took me a while before i could even answer....ehhhhh yessss...i suppose so.

well a confused mind ask confusing questions!!

and all of you would have guessed that the "higher" the position of the "someone in the office", the lower their mental "abilities" are! kakakkakaka **very mean mood today**

Monday, December 03, 2007

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child

yahoo kena tagged by Healthfreakmommy...

i guess i am one of those that never raise a hand rod to my 2 angels...dunno if i change or not with no. 3?

ya i am one of those who never used the rod...i use a more powerful weapon...WORDS!!

so far the girls have been like "angels" in our eyes....coz i can nagtalk & scold them until they act as lil' angels. (wah very manipulative mama here!)

we thot of getting a rod long, long time ago, (follow majority la & also dun wanna spoil them) but once we saw the rotan and pick it heart to buy it...quickly dump it back into the bin and walk out of the shop.

i guess having girls are easier when it comes to discipline, dunno if i have boys, i may keep a few rotans at every corner.

girls dun really play rough or violently, just the occasional hair-pulling (typical la), screamming...shouting, calling each other names, instigating with words (that one dunno learn from who?? *cover face* hehehe shy la)...lots of ugly word play here ~ girls are really good at this...i guess the worse elli did was spitting...ya quite teruk also la! hahahahaha

still we are sparing the rod for now...

tagging 5 (alphabetical order all A's):

all things purple

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1. Miche does not spare the rod.
2. Chinnee still spare the rod at this moment.
3. Healthfreakmommy does not spare the rod.
4. scribbles for my angels never used a rod!

craving for sugar

i always have low blood pressure, so i naturally crave for sweets to boost my energy up...
so now preggy even more craving for sweets la

so my latest craze is for sugar cane juice (thinking of it all the time)...i even crave to chew and gnaw on the cane and sqeeze out the juice with my precious teeth...heard that it really strengthen your jaws & teeth...good exercise hor!! and also cleans your teeth no need to visit the dentist for scaling...heheheh i am sure!

daddy thinks i will get high on sugar & even maybe get preggy diabetic..."choi!!" so negative's after all fruit juice and all natural added sugar.

must go for my sugar high now....yummmiiiii