Monday, October 18, 2010

reward scheme

finish final exams for the year, time for results.

erika thought of an ingenious way to reward herself for all the hard and labourous work she did to prepare for the exams, so she propose this to kong kong over dinner (hoping to catch him in good mood and go with the scheme).

if i get no. 1 - then you pay me $1 (wah so cheap only ah....wait read on)
if i get no, 2 - then you pay me $2
if i get no, 3 - then you pay me $3
if i get no, 4 - then you pay me $4
if i get no, 5 - then you pay me $5

you can see where this is heading right? in the very, very "right" direction so that she will definitely receive a huge award.

she's hoping she comes out last!

wonder where she got all those "brilliant" ideas?