Friday, January 26, 2007

bz buzy busy

preparing for my trip to bangkok over this work...but lucky daddy tagging along to shop!! i wish i was in his shoes too!! some more meeting on sunday...or not i sure go with daddy go chatuchak. now he go alone to sapu stuff...hope he get some goodies for me la.

have a great weekend!! dreaming of my clear tom yam kung & massage....

Thursday, January 25, 2007


after reading laundryamah's blog on kieran's homework blues...i must say i am one lucky mama...coz erika loves homework...really came as a pleasant surprise to me...thot she will struggle in her new kindy as the new kindy is very academic based unlike her old “montessori” kindy…not that there’s anything wrong with her old kindy…basically change kindy to prepare her for “cina” school.

well even though it’s only the 4th week at school…i am ecstatic to say she is really thriving!

erika not only loves homework...she happily shows off that she has so many to do (a small part to thank is her instigator cousin – synn yi…a little healthy rivalry on the side really fired up their competitive spirit)

well showing off is one part…the best part is…erika tries her best to accomplish them in the most nicest & neatest way...she aims to collect as many stars for her work as she can…it’s a joy to see her work.

and this mummy worry she cannot cope??

i am looking into taking up an online course on Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction to prepare me (for the girls) and for continued development as a master teacher in schools or other instructional institutions. Heard that Key components of this MS Instruction program include focus on literacy, diversity, integration of technology and an interdisciplinary perspective in education. Earning my Curriculum and Instruction graduate degree online is a great option for busy professionals like me as the flexible class schedules fit easily into my "crazy and most hectic lifestyle.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

70 freaking long questions!!

thanks to laundryamah & cutie princess escape la...gotta finish it loh!

1. Are your parents married or divorced?
married la…their anniversary on “april fool’s day”…coz grandparents say it’s a good day in the Chinese calendar!

2. Are you a vegetarian?
no, but I am lazy and the nearest stall to my office is an Indian vegetarian and some more its set menu…no need to decide…just sit and eat. so guess how many times I go there a week?

3. Do you believe in Heaven?

4. Have you ever come close to dying?
If you consider giving birth, then I would say twice!

5. What jewellery do you wear 24/7?
erika’s diamond cross…given from yeh yeh on her full moon.

6. Favourite time of day?
nite time in the room with the girls

7. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
Yes, yummy

8. Do you wear makeup?
eyebrow pencil and rouge…or else very pucat la!

9. Ever have plastic surgery?
no…but thinking of breast augmentation…inspired by nip/tuck show!

What happened to No. 10 question????

11. What do you wear to bed?
old t-shirt and shorts….the more old & holey the more comfortable

12. Have you ever done anything illegal?
of cos la!

13. Can you roll your tongue?

14. Do you tweeze your eyebrows?
no…i do ‘threading’ by the yindian lady…only $5! Super fast & painless!

15. What kind of sneakers?
don’t wear them

16. Do you believe in Abortions?

17. What is your Hair color?

18. Future child’s name?
huh! That’s a scary thought….more children????

19. Do you snore?
if I am very tired…actually I am tired most days…hahaha

20. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
no traveling bug in me la…I like to stay home!!

21. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

22. If you won the lottery, what would you do first?
go grab the money la…make sure all go into my account…got lots of bills to pay…sob sob!

23. Gold or silver?
platinum ?

24. Hamburger or hot dog?
hot dog

25. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
food loh!

26. City, beach or country?
city by the beach

27. What was the last thing you touched?

28. Where did you eat last?
my room

29. When’s the last time you cried?

30. Do you read blogs?
every day..obsessed

31. Would you ever go out dressed like the opposite sex?
never…I very loiyan

32. Ever been involved with the police?
minor stuff like lost of ic…snatch thief…thankfully nothing major

33. What’s your favourite shampoo conditioner and soap?
not a loyal customer

34. Do you talk in your sleep?

35. Ocean or pool?
pool...scared ah...tsunami

36. So, who has the original missing questions?

37. Who would you take on a ménage à trois for a dirty weekend?
what is this frenchy word ~ ménage à trios?? Guess something nauti ah!

38. Window seat or aisle?
window on short flights...aisle on long flights

39. Ever met anyone famous?

40. Do you feel that you’ve had a truly successful life?
in my own terms …yes

41. Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it?

42. Ricki Lake or Oprah Winfrey?
who is Ricki Lake?

43. Basketball or Football?
both dun like…so even if you give me the Oklahoma Sooners tickets, it won't get me all excited!

44. How long do your showers last?
very fast…coz I have a crying baby at the door pinning to get into the shower

45. Automatic or do you drive a stick?

46. Cake or ice cream?
cake…yummy…put on the cream

47. Are you self-conscious?
of cos

48. Have you ever drank so much you threw up?

49. Have you ever given money to a beggar?

50. Have you been in love?
of cos kua? if its possible…in the real world

51. Where do you wish you were?
at home…

52. Are you wearing socks?

53. Have you ever ridden in an ambulance?

54. Can you tango?
no…but I don’t mind taking classes

55. Last gift you received?
a diamond ring…from step mom-in-law!

56. Last sport you played?
eh…what is sport?

57. Things you spend a lot of money on?
milk powder!! cost more than my clothes!

58. Where do you live?
in a house

59. Where were you born?

60. Last wedding attended?

61. Spit or swallow?

62. Favorite position?

63. Most hated food(s)?
smelly cheese…smelly food…

64. What’s your least fav.?

65. Can you sing?
not on my life!

66. Last person you instant messaged?
my cousin….ai sum

67. Last place you went on holiday?

68. Favourite regular drink?
RO water

69. Current Song?
radio not on

70. Tag 3 friends:
who ah? i wanna torture...hehehhe
no la...i lurrve my frens la...

This assignment is for the University of Oklahoma football team tickets...........The Oklahoma University Sooners

all's well that ends well

ellisa was super grouchy, whinny, sticky, wailer…ahhhh…if put in just one word… a nightmare!!

this is because she is having 2 big tooth popping out at the back of her mouth, a big ulcer on her lips from a fall, a fever that she got from erika (erika most probably contracted from school), and was having rashes all over her bum and legs…itchy, itchy.

so many problems….who won’t be cranky?

she had hoarse & sexy voice from over crying…maybe she might also had a sore throat and since mommy was around over the weekend and at nights…the super “manja” persona reared its ugly head and demanded to be carried at all times…even when she is sleeping…or else…the whole crying episode is launched with gusto!

to make matters worse, she was so sick she didn’t want to eat or drink too…lips were dry & peeling, dehydrated, from drinking 6-8 bottles of milk a day, she only drank 1!

didn’t blog this few days…need to recover from ellisa’s recovery!! now she is all better…back to her old self again. phew!

Friday, January 19, 2007


see the photos in my photo blog...look at erika's sour face

little girls change every day...erika used to love to pose for pictures...then suddenly she hates it! fickle, fickle! wasn't surprise as a little girl is entitled to change her mind. after all she is a WOMAN.

so taking photos of her is either mommy sneaking behind her back and trying to capture the "moment"...or if i was caught by her...(as you can see from the photos - proof) erika will be give a long, black face or worse...turn her head away or run away from the camera...or in retaliation...she will demand that I hand over the camera to her! (see the photos where she stretch out her hands...she was demanding i pass the camera to her!)

nomadicmom said, "ya lah..Erika look soooo angry leh. Even in those that she wasn't looking into the camera ones. Maybe you should try some bribes..heee hee.."you smile I give you sweets"...hee hee"

do i want to resort to bribery? should i? or should i just let her have a phase of "angry photos" to show. sometimes i do bribe her...who doesn't do that to their children? but i know it's not a solution lah. oh well, when she grows up...she can enjoy her "angry photos".

maybe she may outgrow this phase and change her mind AGAIN! lui yan...lui yan...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

is my bones melting away

i sent my maid to do her medical exam and in the clinic i saw that there was a free bone density examination for chinese woman.

so why not? i did my bone density test with a special scanner to measure how many grams of calcium are still left in my spine and hip bone. so more minerals...more dense or packed bones...means stronger bones.

to my horror - i failed the test! not by much just a little below normal. i must be getting lighter these day...hollow bones!!

so i am now frantically searching for ways to prevent more bone loss? or erosion? or worse still fractures?

sounds really bad...but i hope to change the situation before any bone breakages...ouch!!

eat mineral? exercise?...eating is easy but to exercise...wah...a lot of work loh.

photo blog

1st day of day puzzles and games with her the children will come back to school tomorrow!

assembly time...end of 1st day of school...

practising piano...(note the sour face...erika doesn't like her picture taken)

enjoying my drumstick...yummy!

ellisa with her cheeky look...helooooo

preparing for a nite out...trying out my new handbag...where's my shuzzz??

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

sweets for my sweets

whenever ellisa wants to eat something that is "forbidden", i will tell it..."cannot eat, latt latt", meaning the food is hot and spicy.

so one day when she went to kindy to pick-up erika, synn yi & sean, a teacher gave ellisa a gummy sweet. when the 3 of them jumped into the car and saw ellisa's sweet, ellisa had to think of a good excuse!

so ellisa told them...."sweet latt latt"...some more added the expression..."szztt shhtzz"...making sure they got the message its really super hot! she got away with it and the 3 didn't try to get the sweet from her.

Monday, January 15, 2007

go to school

the daily weekday schedule for erika is wakie wakie at 8am...get ready to school...kong kong and po po will bring sean over and get sean ready...then they will drive erika, sean and ellisa to school...

po po will bring 3 of them into the school...since ellisa has been to school with them since 3 january...she knows her way around.

ellisa walks right in...sends erika to her class...then continue walking to sean's class...

po po related that once ellisa even help herself to the children's chair in another class and took it over to sean's class...a teacher trying to stop this from ellisa...flicked her hands (a sign to push teacher away), said "hmmmph" and give ugly face to teacher...then the teacher asked another teacher..."your student?"....po po said that was a funny 1 1/2 year old trying so hard to grow up!

will post pic of 1st day of school later! need to download to my thumbdrive...then bring to office to upload...

and for insurance, backup in an external hard drive too! these photos are precious.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

free tickets

found out about the free air tickets and daddy and mommy was frantically trying our best to get hold of some of the freebies…after the stress and fingers-aerobics…we finally manage to get tickets to 3 destinations!

not bad la…after more than 2 hours of pressing the “F5” and “enter” keys to refresh the pages...

so the next step is to get ellisa’s passport done so she can follow us to phuket…planning it as a very relaxing lazing trip…talking about passport, erika's one is expiring in august, so might as well renew hers and at the same time get ellisa's done...a passport photo session opportunity! the only dread part is the immigration department...don't think there is any special line for kiddies?

leaving ellisa behind for our trip to macau and hong kong...

as for the other destination…got for kong kong and popo a nice shopping and sightseeing trip to hanoi! a long way off in september...ya free things like that la!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

game boy-o-boy

erika's birthday present from yeh yeh when she was 5 was a preetty pink coloured gameboy. she was elated when she had the gameboy…but as usual...her interest in any new toy waned off as soon as she has outplayed the toy...

however when her cousins wants to play with it...instantly new interest in the gameboy is aroused! as usual...

another thing is erika has no sense of value...if the gameboy “disappears”...she will light-heartedly says...ask yeh yeh to buy me another one loh!

so dunno how, the gameboy actually went missing for a whole of last week and daddy was harassing erika to search for it, as he wants to instil some responsibility and ownership in her. also this is a present from yeh yeh! erika was really worried and came up with lots of excuses…

“daddy lets not play gameboy, colouring more fun daddy, let play colouring”

“its so early daddy…why you want play gameboy now”

when daddy put his foot down and insists.

“erika, you better find me the gameboy now”

“i love you daddy, and you must also love me…don’t scold me daddy, i cannot find the gameboy”

“i will punish you if you lost the gameboy”

“i will cry if you do like that…i don’t love you already…i don’t want you to scold me daddy (scared and sad face…tears welling up) sorry daddy lost the gameboy”

so i help her search the house high and low…went through all the drawers, the cupboards, bags, cars....still no sign….when the new kakak saw me rummaging the house….she ask me… "cari apa?" i told her looking for a square pink toy…of cos she said she never seen before lah!

almost lost hope of never finding the gameboy…

then popo thought of looking it in the kakak’s room this morning…always trust your sixth sense….found out the new kakak has been playing with it all these while….pengsan or not!!! now batteries almost flat…only take out to show popo! aiyooo…our intention was to keep the gameboy so that the children don’t play during school week…now gotta hide the gameboy from kakak also!

daddy said he still wanna teach erika a hiding the news from erika...hehehe

Sunday, January 07, 2007

new kakak is here

happiiee new year!

finally our new kakak is here & her name is almost the same as ellisa. just a shorter version ~ lisa! had to go to port klang to pick her up since i went though a fren and not a "malaysian agent"...not only save a bit on agency fees and cheaper wages but most important is she is HERE!!

yes..she came by boat...cheaper for the "indonesian agent"! poor thing is instead of taking 2 1/2 to 3 hours to reach...due to the heavy rains & windy condition...only was able to arrive after more than 5 hours in the boat! thank god she made it! waited more than an hour for her...finally saw the boat docked...then scan the passengers that dissembarked...scared mah what if no show!

i guess another reason for going through port klang i was informed was there was less "red-tape" involved. easier to zip through the immigration officers!