Tuesday, January 09, 2007

game boy-o-boy

erika's birthday present from yeh yeh when she was 5 was a preetty pink coloured gameboy. she was elated when she had the gameboy…but as usual...her interest in any new toy waned off as soon as she has outplayed the toy...

however when her cousins wants to play with it...instantly new interest in the gameboy is aroused! as usual...

another thing is erika has no sense of value...if the gameboy “disappears”...she will light-heartedly says...ask yeh yeh to buy me another one loh!

so dunno how, the gameboy actually went missing for a whole of last week and daddy was harassing erika to search for it, as he wants to instil some responsibility and ownership in her. also this is a present from yeh yeh! erika was really worried and came up with lots of excuses…

“daddy lets not play gameboy, colouring more fun daddy, let play colouring”

“its so early daddy…why you want play gameboy now”

when daddy put his foot down and insists.

“erika, you better find me the gameboy now”

“i love you daddy, and you must also love me…don’t scold me daddy, i cannot find the gameboy”

“i will punish you if you lost the gameboy”

“i will cry if you do like that…i don’t love you already…i don’t want you to scold me daddy (scared and sad face…tears welling up) sorry daddy lost the gameboy”

so i help her search the house high and low…went through all the drawers, the cupboards, bags, cars....still no sign….when the new kakak saw me rummaging the house….she ask me… "cari apa?" i told her looking for a square pink toy…of cos she said she never seen before lah!

almost lost hope of never finding the gameboy…

then popo thought of looking it in the kakak’s room this morning…always trust your sixth sense….found out the new kakak has been playing with it all these while….pengsan or not!!! now batteries almost flat…only take out to show popo! aiyooo…our intention was to keep the gameboy so that the children don’t play during school week…now gotta hide the gameboy from kakak also!

daddy said he still wanna teach erika a lesson...so hiding the news from erika...hehehe


Sasha said...

Ah?? Kakak Ambik? *pengsan*

CutiePrincessMummy said...

Eh, how come kakak sooo free ahh? got time to play meh?

Btw, she shd ask for permission first rite b4 keep it and play, shdn't she?? :-P

Julian said...

Ai kakak play gameboy also? Actually better play gameboy than playing anything else. (hahaha... sorry, amah's story about maid still lingers in my head)