Wednesday, January 24, 2007

all's well that ends well

ellisa was super grouchy, whinny, sticky, wailer…ahhhh…if put in just one word… a nightmare!!

this is because she is having 2 big tooth popping out at the back of her mouth, a big ulcer on her lips from a fall, a fever that she got from erika (erika most probably contracted from school), and was having rashes all over her bum and legs…itchy, itchy.

so many problems….who won’t be cranky?

she had hoarse & sexy voice from over crying…maybe she might also had a sore throat and since mommy was around over the weekend and at nights…the super “manja” persona reared its ugly head and demanded to be carried at all times…even when she is sleeping…or else…the whole crying episode is launched with gusto!

to make matters worse, she was so sick she didn’t want to eat or drink too…lips were dry & peeling, dehydrated, from drinking 6-8 bottles of milk a day, she only drank 1!

didn’t blog this few days…need to recover from ellisa’s recovery!! now she is all better…back to her old self again. phew!


Sasha said...

oh no sounds painful..get better soon sweetie!

Lovely Mummy said...

get to know you through mummy in vain...oh, poor little girl. Most of the kids won't eat n drink when they've sick. My son is another example. he just recovered from sick too.