Thursday, November 06, 2008

back from craziiii

finally done "most" of my work...wish i could say "all", well i bet no one can finish with work...unless one is "dead" glad i am alive to slog another day!! kakakakka...what craziii jibberish am i typing??

got loads of photos...but not downloaded to boast & brag...give me a lil more time....once i am back from craziii, i will be the goodie blogger i once was.

at the moment the girls are so into mamma mia, and will scream murder if i say they are singing songs from abba. coz they totally dun relate to that 70s group...make any sense?

school's almost out, elli has a concert, erika celebrated her birthday....evira is "walking"
pics & post out soon...promise....

officially, will be "back from craziiii" on 26 packing bags & flying off soon

Monday, September 29, 2008

5 months milestone

it's about time i do some reporting on evira's milestone...ya been dragging my feet, well with work & 3 can get quite crazy.

hmmmm what can she do now??

she's into her crawling stage about 3 weeks back...i think a bit too early for my liking (baluuu lima bulan onli wor), now i got more work ~ barricading her so that she dun fall like a ball, coz she doesn't have any concept of height...yet. she's quite smart if she's crawling on the bamboo mat, she won't lundge her body and drop it hard on the mat, but if its on a soft mattress of girl can pounce.

trying her first solids...well, still pretty laziii and scared to really go full force on that since most of the baby expert is saying start at 6 gave her a teaspoon of nestle baby cereal then stopped...china milk scare...well not really, actually lazy la....oh well, did let her chew on some apples since she is "teething" i think or she's greedy coz whenever she see us eat, she salivate more than all of us combined.

she loves putting everything into her mouth and taste, she even taste the floor...i guess her tongue is her experimental tool now.

she can chuckle when her sis entertains her but why she dun chuckle when i play with her?? she just smile at me onli, so jealous coz baby chuckles are sooooo amazing.

her head has grown so much that she has a visible "loss" hair line across her beautiful round head.

for some gross stuff....she still puke after a meal...looks so much like mashed "tau foo fah" and
if she doesn't poo for 2 days...when she farts, it could easily cause a minor explosion if u lite a match!

she wanna be carried ALL - did i mention ALL the time. she doesn't realise she's not as light as before, well she was never very light to start off with....

she can pinch like a pro...oooouuuuucccchhhh!

she hates being thrown up in the air...she will turn green....waaaaaaawaaaaaaaaa ironic isn't it? she's afraid of height (just like her daddy ~ all the scardy cat gene from there heheheh) but she doesn't have any concept of height yet??

but she like us to swing her on our legs...good exercise for me

she is one gentle baby, she loves to touch our faces, hold our hands, give us the sweetest smile.

Friday, September 12, 2008

computer addict

every nite, kong kong and po po will ask erika to start-up the pc for them. they are soooo hoooked with this new toy...and are so excited to learn to use the mouse & keyboard.

look at the pictures...see the face of engrossed...eyes stuck to the flat screen. can guess what they doing?

just a plain old "spider solitaire" game. but they think it's the most "happening" computer game ever.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

puffy eyes

elli ate "something" and got herself into big trouble last week...we kept interogating asking her "what did you eat, what did you eat?"

all our deductions came to the preservatives that was in the pop corn, which popo bought at cold storage!! you know those pre-packed type not the ones freshly made by the stalls...arrggghhhh the trouble it next time must be 100 times more careful...u see the pic also your heart cringed! my poor worried she was screaming and crying that it was painful, soooo worried her eyes may go blind! so bengkak man! never have she had such an eye-bloating experience.

rushed her to the clinic...asked the doc if she can give her a jab to get rid of the swell, thankfully after checking thoroughly, she doesn't need any jab. elli did not have any hives or rashes marks and was breathing normally, so her airways was not constricting...therefore not soooo serious but still serious, eventhough not life threatening (doc's exact words).
gave her polaramin and steroids...until she's drowsy...then hid all the mirrors...for obvious reasons.

anyway, thankfully she is back to her normal beautiful self again.

day 1 - swollen until cannot open!!

morning of day 2 - right eye bigger, left eye still "not really there yet"

morning of day 2 - back to old self, can play and kid around, very happy today, not going to school

evening of day 2 - left eye opened half-way ledi...

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


finally got my hands on my 1st photobook...smiling from ear to ear...the girls were crazy over it and it has now become "their" property and is kept in "their" room.

so i would say it's worth every hardworking dollar i made thru "scribblings" on this blog. here's the photo's of the book.

this book is for the 2 girls one...for 3 girls la!

after doing the book, then only photobook tells me they have a photobook discount code program (shiaaakkkss!) if anyone interested to do it, go paste the referral code and get 10% off. but they say only for newbie only, meaning someone who has not previously purchased items from photobook.

the best part i also get the 10% credit of your purchase!! so maybe photobook 2 will be out soonner...i hope!

Referral Discount: %
Referral photobook Coupon Code: YHB1P33F
Referral Commission: 10%

Thursday, August 28, 2008

happy day

so happy finally done my 1st photobook. that's why so buzzzy these days in the office...

and the best part...can use my paypal $$$ to pay for it.

feel so productive & creative...can't wait to see the end results. it was really easy to do up but to upload the completed work to photobook took forever!! my file was more than 100 meeegaaaa bites...and pushing it out to the web, definitely drag down my office line to a crawl...but who's complaining long as i get what i want...(evil laugh here!!)

i think photobook says it takes about a week to get my hands on my "baby"...will show off/boast parade the book if the quality is good. if not, will be soooo dissapointed coz i spend so much of "company's" time on it. kakakkakaa

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

guilty secret

i have been keeping this to myself for the last 2 days....a secret but once it's on this blog...i know it won't be a secret for long.

feeling so guilty la...but not totally my fault (in denial)

it happened to erika and ellisa too and still never learn from my mistake...tough teaching old "tricks" to rusty ol' grey cells, tired overworked minds and sleep deprivation.

"should have" is the phrase of a guilty person.

what did i do?? or more likely what did i NOT do?

i let baby roll down the bed and she landed on the back of her head, she was facing up (that happened on tuesday 19 august) OOOUCCCH!! she gave such a loud cry....but daddy was still snoring and didn't even realise the about tired & sleep deprived!!

ya...should have, should have put pillows as barricades...or a mattress for soft landing...or...oh well...all the should have could not save humpty dumpty from falling!!

lucky our bed is not actually a bed since we dun even have one (thank god! for sleeping on the floor??) so technically, she just rolled over the mattress, so the impact is just about 8-9 inches off the ground instead of a whooping 2 feet.

so less guilty kua...kept rubbing baby's round head, making sure it's still round and no "bungalow" bumps making grand entrances.

eh...come to think of it...we had a king-sized bed when we had she fell the hardest lor..opps solly darling! (look at the bright side...make u more head strong right?? wrong??) heheehe 1st one always is the guinea pig.

so can i "safely" say we did learnt something and now we are lower to the ground??

we learn, we learn from our mistakes...slowly.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

baby fats!!

baby loves to play with popo...look at her great big hearty smile.

sleepy baby....with her mouth slightly open and her tougue sticking out...sometimes she even does some air-sucking to pacify herself.

just out of my bath...heiiii do i look fat chubby?? i have been having loads of comments on my body what do u think?

double chin works for me, dun u think? makes my face super round like the moon.

here it is, my rolls of "fei fei"...which mommy adores & luuurve!! but popo & ku ma & yee ma kept asking mommy not to feed me so much anymore!! ask me to go on diet?? slimming program?? crazzziiii la. my favourite thing to do now is suck, suck, suck...if i dun get wat i want, i scream...seems to work most of the time and i get my way with it.showing off my baby's folds (so proud of it right??)...everyone that sees me, can't stop their itchy fingers from squeezzzing my "solid" celuliiiiitiiies!!!

since i am now almost "crawling", and rolling around like a ball, mommy's afraid i will lose all these "solid celulitiies" in no time.

or must i resort to these ~ orovo diet pills!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

school's out

the start of school hols! less traffic to go to work...but but but...gotta entertain the girls and cousins

surely one day will drop them in ikea to release their energy in Småland. eh...maybe 2 or 3 more days...since free mah and also for the cheap yummiii creamy ice-cream.

lucky i enrolled erika to vocasional bible school for 3 whole days (kiasu) early early go register and paid in full. so less one big bully.

since this hols is only a week long, planned one day to waterfalls (bukit tinggi) since daddy now has a 4-wheeler...we can drive right to the falls...laziii la no need to huff and pull all the way hike down there.

happiii holidays and also gay travel to where ever you are heading. kakakkakakkaa

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

prancing horse

who wouldn't love to get into that super sleek fast car with the famous black prancing horse logo...i know of some people who would die to jump into one.

daddy is one of its ardent fan...well maybe not coz he love the maclaren team more...but i can't deny he would jump into that Ferrari or touch the Ferrari parts, if given half a chance.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

celebrating ellisa

*belated post*

elli's special request for "shooting star" jelly cake. i had to make sure they reduce the coloring on this jelly that's why not so striking la the colours.

just a small party with her cousins...3 pink candles for the birthday girl
for entertainment...sand art & bubbles. actually quite a bad combi...sand and bubbles - a real sticky sandy mess. hehehe created work for the maid lah.
erika did about 8 sand art (she can do for hours)... in this pic - elli giving a sheepish smile...coz she is trying to clear up the mess she made clean up the table

sand art session in progress

elli cutting up her 1st cake

gotta stop her before she chop cut up the 1st cake, distracted her with the 2nd cakeelli cutting & cutting her 2nd cake - durian---yummiiii, elli loves durian

baby at 3 months, a wriggly worm

Monday, August 04, 2008

mad monday

woke up just like any usual morning...then got ready, went downstairs. popo said she got a loaf of baguette, asked me to make it for breakie...ok, so out came the "carving" knife to saw that baguette...then i happily slap on some leftover red sauce and generously spread on the cheese.

suddenly i heard my dogs barking like madddd!! was a lil' worried coz boxers hardly ever bark...well boxers dun bark, they BOX what...

next thing i know, i saw a big chinese fella (in the 20s) with tattoos over his shoulders, hand and back was right in the middle of my house!!!!!

the first thing that came to my mind is "i am being rob in broad morning lite"

panicked...i grab the "carving" knife and shouted at him to leave. (i made lots of noise la but daddy thot i was shouting at the dogs to keep quiet...he was happily doing his morning "business")

thank god he was scared of my "carving" knife…i mean if he wanted a fight, i am total gonner la!

luckily i realised he was mad, "siao", "chi zin", "bong kus", "insane", the tanjung rambutan kind but who cares...i kept shouting at him to get out!

right after i chased him out of the house, and locked the front door, then the fear came crashing in and i shivered with the thot that what if he wasn’t mad enough to listen to my threat and my "carving" knife.

thank God, no one was hurt, baby was upstairs sleeping in my room, popo just came down when “mad” was just out the door, kong kong just took erika to tuition (so spared erika the crazy episode and instilled fear into her) and daddy was still doing his morning “business”!

daddy said why i didn’t scream for him to come down…i said things happened so fast and all my shouting also he didn’t come down wat!! do i shout that much ah?? i think not.

crazzziiii mad day to start off the week.

p.s. he climbed in from the front fence, the front area has no boxers in the morning!! then the front door was not closed la...that's where my headache started! now gotta "re-strategise" our boxers.

Friday, August 01, 2008

pain in the neck

ouuuch!! the pain is on my neck!

thot it will go away on it's own but it got off to doc's and got some oilment and muscle relaxant...

the bad part is the medication makes u drowsy so can't take it in the office or else i will be suffering to keep awake!! instead of suffering from the pain.

typing with a crooked head!

even feeding baby, i can't look at her satisfied - suckling angelic face (wrong angle...ouuch!)

ah....i think i need a good massage la!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

back from break

came back home with loads of goodies from's a shopping paradise!!! and the spa was so refreshing...wish i was there now!! (photos post later la)

anyway, just when i am away, baby evira decided to turn-over for the first time (aiyahhh miss that one!!) she turned over on 17 july. since i kept records of all the girls progress, this lil' baby is the fastest to turn...we kept telling take your time, enjoy your babyhood...but she seems to be in such a rush to grow up. she can mimic a real air-walk and kick with real gusto!

she keeps turning over on her left side only. does this mean she's a rightee? or a leftee? not very sure.

another thing is she's got a patch of dandruff...but i so cannot tahan, itchy fingers. after putting some olive oil, i scratch most of it out...dunno if its the right thing to do, but i am happy it's all cleared out now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

bloggiee break

going away

see u next week


Friday, July 11, 2008


can't believe it, erika's girlfrens (2 of them) in her own class is doing that to her!!!

erika being the super big bully at home is actually a tiny scardy shy mouse in school.

it not the $1 or watever amount

but for them to "demand" erika to give them or else they lash out on her....aiyooo

what do i do?

no, i didn't go become the $$ collector. not in that trade la and dun wanna end up being the "bully" too.

instead i introduce myself to them...and told them "nicely" to be good to my darling princess.

so what happen after my sweet talk?

instead of demanding for a dollar they now only ask for 20 sen!! (give discount summore!! these girls ah!!)

aiyooo its still not working

then daddy told time tell her frens

"my daddy has lots of $$$, u go ask him la...his hand phone no. is xxx-xxx xxx"

we are now eagerly waiting for that call...

update 14 july 2008
nope we didn't expect any calls.

but i went to see the girls & teacher. teacher sorted it all out and i guess this nauti act will stop...
teacher told me that this class is the most "teruk" one she has ever taught...and this is not even a new case...there are a few others too!! *pengsan*

teacher warned erika that if she give $ to them, she will be the one that kena punish!!

she wants erika to be bolder and more confident in front of her peers.

me too me too

grow up girl! be a tigress la!! hehehe

Thursday, July 10, 2008

calling me

i think mott's kids have been talking to my girl "secretly!! i know they are in melbourne and i am all the way here. but i still got a sense that they are yakking telepathically!!

elli has been calling us "mmmarm" and "dard" (just like mott's & i think they are the same age)

she's not even 3 yet but she sounds so "matured" when she use this term....eeeee i dun like la

is this a phase? a natural progression?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


can't wait for my holiday next week with a girl fren....heard there's lots of shoppping...wooo hooo.
actually was planning to slim down a lil more (just 2-3kgs more) but dun care la, go buy 1st and see how i will squeeze into those pants/skirts, now weigh 57kgs still!! pants is the problem la, not skirt...

tops well thanks to breastfeeding...kekekekek, not complaining, NOT complaining...give me more, anytime!!!

so if u got any tips or places i MUST visit or see or "urut" or eat (must EAT, not serious about my weight issue la, daddy love my "more to hug" figure, no ones complaining but me) or BUY...pls tell me k!

but then if this vacation is not enuff, i can always try Brazil vacation packages!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

misc pics

the girls helping popo make "ang ku kueh" for baby's full moon (may 24)...yummmiiii

daddy hanged up the hammock last weekend and the girls had a swinging good time!!

since we got the deck, now gotta get some patio chairs and patio furniture covers to make it more comfy.

elli taking over baby's sarong hammock whenever she has a chance!

my nauti lil' baby won't sleep for more than half an hour on the we resorted to this bouncy sarong! she wiggles once the sarong yue-yue stops. still no "service", she will start making noise....then waiiiiillll!!! another queen for the rest of us...wat are we?? slave la!!

pinky pink
erika and her "surrogate twin sister"

lifting exercises! look mommy...

baby wears a bib coz she pukes a lot! (& i mean a lot!!! wasted resources lor!hahahaha) she's another milk guzzler...just like her sis. at 2mths - she's 6 kg...look at her round face also know la...

elli with another round of allergies...luckily one round of her polaramin meds cleared it up.

caught this bat hanging on the deck's roof...quite scary eyes

are bats really blind?

erika thooooong!!!!

nowadays, erika really gets into my nerves. i guess its normal.

i ask her to do something, she ignores me or gives me the "look" or answers back.

now she loves leaving her exercise books in school (new trend i guess) and the worst part is she sometimes leave the ones that need to do homework too!! then she whines and cries that she lost her textbooks and make us go crazzzzzzzzy....then she started telling tales.

her tales include that a school day is declared a "holiday" since she can't do her work (teacher beat her hand the other day for it) so she dun wanna face teacher again. daddy said its not his birthday so she gotta go to school. i just ignored her tales.

however po po belived her and insist that i call her teacher to confirm!! i am in the office la ma! choice pacify these 2 ladies i called the teacher's mobile, didn't pick up (yahooo no need to talk to her) then i google to get her school number, engagaed (phew! or else the school administrator will think i am a wacky mom who doesn't even know when is school hols).

then i called the teacher again and she answered. told her the whole story and she told me the whole story on erika's lil' canning...i said serve her right!
so off to school she went....she gave us a cheeky smile and told us that teacher sang her a "birthday song" in front of all her friends.

wonder wonder

my mom's friend asked me to be a guinea pig model for l'oreal hairstyling school. she said i will be getting a "wonder wave" perm done on my thick wiry hair...oklah...freebie of cos i grab lah.

when the stylist and instructors studied my hair...all i hear is "wah hair so terror black", "your hair very very black huh?"

then they tell me..."eh do you know black is not a colour?"

i was thinking - what? black not a colour? then wat is it? a non-colour? my hair is not "invisible" you know?

to these l'oreal guys, black and white does not exist!

back to my "wonder wave", after 3 hours of fuss and stubborn hair dun even look like it was permed!! i really wonder where is all the "wonder" in the "wonder wave".

told the instructer...she offered another freebie color thrown in....ha! finally i will be a colour. hahahhaah

whites yikes

i can’t believe my baby has thrush!! aiiiyooo…such an ugly word, like STD.

u think the girls poking their fingers into her tiny mouth could be the culprit? the girls really love baby to suck their fingers and i will scream at them when i catch them doing it, now they better stop.

thrush or yeast infection is quite ugly! i noticed a white spot on her lips and tried wiping it away but cannot, so i suspected it was that ugly word. luckily baby does not suffer at all from all the white fuss all over her mouth. thank God it has not spread into her private areas.

took her to the paed for some oral gel (Daktarin®) to get rid of the yeast. (was informed it's quite common) hopes it clears up in a day or 2…even i have to put the gel on when she suckles so that we dun go passing the yeast back & forth….double yucks.

no more itchy fingers into her mouth now!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

elli the evangelist

sending her to a christian kindy does that to u....hehehe

she can now recite 4 memory verses
genesis 1:1
romans 6:23
1 john 5:17
john 3:16

i then showed the girls where they could get these verses.

this got erika excited about the bible, and she went searching for these verses and started reading them & memorising too....competition mah!

one day elli even asked yeh yeh..."do u know jesus?"
he was so thrilled, he laughed till he teared.

Monday, June 23, 2008

last week

i miss my office - can't believe i am saying this....ya! i miss my spot, my desk, my chair, my own own space and my time without the girls. am looking forward to friday...

wat did i do besides being the "cow" and trying to keep my sanity with 6 children most of the day?

- met with elli's and erika's teacher for "report card day"
for elli, i expected her teacher to say great stuff about her...well...happy to say i wasn't dissapointed!
for erika, i was happy teacher said she improved tremendously...for a cry-baby sensitive young lady she is!

- made footprints for her 6 weeks doc's appointment, we found her grown by 8cm (57cm) and weigh 5.2kg (up 1.4kg) breast milk is super pow-der-ful!!

- snapping pictures....but downloading & posting them is another story la. as u can see no photos posted yet!

- watched "indy" in the big screen with daddy and evira (who slept thru out the show, she dun think harrison ford was cute).

- had a twosome dinner at prime for daddy's bird-day - had a kobe cut but was dissapointed. not anywhere near the kobe we had for my bird-day in tokyo...burrrp!

- made a pinata for synn-yi's birthday (with help from the gang - need to occupy them so they dun drive me up the wall) but the pinata was so tough that the adults gotta help break it up hahahhaa. wat do u expect? made with love by those tiny hands.

- did threw some bermuda grass seeds and pray they will grow

- bought myself a new toy - electrolux ergorapido vacuum. ya my toy is soooo boooring...but i love it...what has become of me?

(photo posted 2 july)

- finally got ourself a brand new LG fridge 700litres (big enuff to feed the gang) for a steal, with a few tiny dents and half price it was!! even with a cool water dispenser thrown in...they kiddies love it...another toy to play.

- excuses to shop....for new office clothes since i still have a few kgs to drop!

Monday, June 09, 2008

week 6

week 6 of my hols...booo hooo hooo only 2 weeks left of doing "nothing". i was doing so much of "nothing" that i dun even have the time to blog!!

finally it's now 11:38pm...happy to find time from doing "nothing" to jot these few things down...the 3 princesses are finally all asleep (at the same time). somehow baby e synchronise with the 2 sis, so that she is awake when they are sleeping...

- erika is now back to playing her piano and enjoying it again. mommy found her a great teacher online and she found back her magic with her fingers.

- elli is now self-promoted herself to be a big che-che since baby is out and we all need to address her as such. she officially declares that she is no longer the baby of the family.

- baby e is starting to babble, mommy is still trying very hard to catch her smile...when i am holding the camera, she is not smiling!!

- having such a hard time to make her sleep (i thot baby needs at least 18 hrs) that we resorted to use the "hammock" (yue yue). elli love it & can't wait to climb in when baby is out.

- baby will get her jab tomorrow, as schedule. will see how much she has gained and grown from her non-stop suckling...i feel like it's non-stop. anyway after having a full meal, baby then pukes...wat a waste of my precious resources!

12++ awake...back to being a "mooooo" (mom)

Friday, May 16, 2008

pics of baby Evira

ellisa & baby E

baby E taking her 1st bath at home (under po po expert hands)

baby E all ready to play....goooo ggooooo gaaa gaaa

sleepy baby E giving mommy a cutie smile

erika che-che with baby E

sleeping baby....2 days old

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

car steering

Daddy is one crazy car enthusiast, so much so that mommy calls him the “tin man”. What to do, he’s always playing with his tin toys. Even the girls know that and will say daddy like racing car right?

Oh well, if he had his way he would have built himself a state of the art garage to put all his tin toys. I dunno what he would put in the garage but I am sure it would have steering rack and all sorts of goodies.

Monday, May 05, 2008

baby E - 1 week old

my poor baby is yelllooooow! had to go for phototheraphy for 2 days. just back today.

how we missed her! but...we also enjoyed the "break" while she went for her sun-tanning spa under the blue light.

nurses said she is such a good baby....she drinks 3oz every 3 hours, then poops after a full meal, then snoooze, then cry for more milk.

the "spa" or leaving her in the hospital wasn't the thing that worried us most, its the drawing of her pecious blood from the back of her tiny hands. and the paed need to do this every morning! after poking twice (one on each hand), the last day we decided no more pain for her. went against paed orders - can tell he wasn't happy with our decision. dun care la about his feelings, no need any lab results to prove anything - we have faith that all is well.

today she looked so fair - who wouldn't after a "spa" session...she does look so much chubbier & prettier too! mommy also need a spa session too...urut lady coming tomolo...thanks to healthfreakmommy's recommendation.

need to register her name by this week, still deciding ...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

baby E is out!!!

waited waited waited, finally induced baby E on 28 morning....thankfully this time with epidural. so it was painless and normal delivery (prayer answered!) eventhough i got all the annoying side effects, (headache, nausea, vomitting, shivering) i still won't trade it for the PAIIIIIINNNNNNNN!!!

baby E is 3.8 kg 49cm long, head circumfrance 33cm
born on 11:22am, 28 april 2008 (daddy very happy to see so many number 8 - cina man la)
stayed in room 288 summore (hahhahaa)

will post pic later!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

36 weeks - almost out soon!!!

last doc visit on 34wks...i weigh about 62kg
this doc visit at 36+wks...i weigh about 63.2kg

great...guess i gained about 1.2 kg in 2 wks.

then went for the scan...turns out me gained zero kg but my fei fei inside gained almost 1.4kg....alamak...means i even lost weight!! baby is around 3.4-3.8kg!!

how can? i asked the doc

she got a mind of its own now...blame it on my 'BIG' gene...

aiyoo even if i starve or eat like a will just balloon up following her genetic map.

so i asked....can induce it won't be toooo big

doc said...big babies risky to induce...u just wait la

aiyoooo like this also cannot, like tat also cannot

but the best news i heard is she will let me go ahead with epidural for this one, if the anaesthetist is willing to do it..finally, something to look forward to.??? or not?? dare not even think about it yet...will jump that bridge when i need too...until then, just think happiii thots.

overall i still gained weight need to strategise my slimming strategeeesss....what is the best diet pills ah??

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

33 weeks & 5 days

so far this pregnancy has not been as smooth sailing as the 1st 2...maybe old ledi...*sob sob sob*

as usual i have my stuff ear problems (imagine you stick your fingers in both your ears and speak), the effect is i can hear myself very loud when i speak, but i dunnot if i am whispering or talking can consider me half-deaf...this is one of my preggy symtoms...and it will miraculously dissappear once baby is out. so sometimes i am so irritated with daddy when i speak to him, cos he seems to be "deaf" too...either he also suffers the same symtoms?? (which i doubt) or he genuinely can't hear me or he is into his "selective hearing" mode!

then i was hoping i won't get any leg cramps, but i spoke too soon, last nite i had my 1st attack....ooooouuuuuucccccchhhhh. daddy not here to unbend my toes (away in manila) so suffer alone la....poor me...*sob sob sob* hahahaha

being 'old' have it downside ~ had to go thru amnio test and diabetic test for this one...both also not fun or easy and waiting for results, even though i took it lightly, it still stress me up a whole lot. thankfully all turn out normal...what more can i ask for?

but being so greedy...of cos i ask for more

  • must have loads of dark black hair (just like me)
  • must have my nose (at least one of them should inherit a better anatomy than daddy's) but from the scan, doc said it's not looking my way (again!!! arrrrhhhh!)
  • ok ok settle for at least have my other features la
  • must have long long fingers like me (hehehe) daddy got shot stubby ones
  • long limbs like me (heheheheh)

can't wait for baby to be out...hopefully house will be all ready for this new princess.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Modified TAG - Before I Was A Mom...

tag from preetii mommy - nomadic mom

anyone who gets this tag is automatically given the special "prettii mommy" title hehhehe i prettiii lor.

*When you get the TAG, you add your name at the bottom of the tagged persons list, and without bumping the person at the top or bumping anyone off and let the list grow.

TAG 5 pretty moms on your list to let them know they are pretty!

SHARE about how life was before you became a mom.

Before I was a mum; i didn't know the amount of patience i need to survive just a bathing session or eating session or homework session

Before I was a mum; i only think about me, myself and i

Before I was a mum; i didn't know that being a mother was THAT difficult

Before I was a mum; i didn't know that breastfeeding and babysitting can make you so skinny.

Before I was a mum; i hardly ever screamed at all...

The first chain of tag:

1. Lovelymummy
2. Pek Imm
3. Momisodes
4. Ling that’s me
5. Janicepa
6. AnnieQ
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tagging PRETTY MOMs.....

big pumpkin

love hate tag

long overdue tag from kelly!! better late than never

Here it is…

1. erika loves to eat: shangri-la lemon garden buffet.

2. erika hates to eat: medicine

3. erika loves to go: stay in nice hotels

4. erika hates to go: school toilet, her logic dun drink water...then no need to pee.

5. erika loves it when: she has all daddy & mommy attention on ellisa to bug in.

6. erika hates it when: elli dun follow "all" her rules.

7. erika loves to see: new baby

8. erika hates to see: lion dance...scares her and she cries and scream...

9. erika loves to hear: disney songs...

10. erika hates to hear: the banging of the lion dance drums

Thursday, February 28, 2008

kunming photoblog

**backdated post**

finally time to brag about my short kunming trip, since its for work, not much sight-seeing pictures la...just manage to sneak a lil time here & there to shop and see the local scene.
stayed at a very good b'ness hotel - green lake hotel (voted one of china's best business hotels of 2007 by Forbes - quite impressive la) the price also super impressive - mega expensive la, sure wins hands-down on the room and meeting packages if compared to kay-el!!
in front of the hotel is the beautiful green lake (so obvious rite with name of the hotel - like duhhh!)

pictures take from the lake - lots of seagull, quite serene but weather was very cold.

this is the famous restaurant and their fantastic service that i blog about earlier. since we were the vip, we got to sat at the largest table in the restaurant to fit 20 -25 people. since yunnan has so many ethnic groups, the dances and songs for the night was amazing...enjoy the photos.

sexy girls dancing...bells were stuck to their costume so when they move they make tingling rings.

then off to stone forest (a world heritage site) for a half day visit....that's the only touristy place i went. another spectacular place to unwind and get lost in the stone woods.
look at the beautiful formations done by god's hands. see an elephant?

outer area of the stone forest....there's a world famous golf course just 15min drive from here...daddy would love to hit some balls too la...dun care the score.

some ethnic handicrafts, didn't buy so take pic lor.

summore handicrafts at the birds & flower market...

guess where i shopped the most?? i so lazy to bargain and haggle...i ended up in wal-mart and carrefour to get all my stuff....that is until the last day when i still had lots of RMB to splurge that i went to a souvenir shop at the lake for last minute shopping. got a beautiful art piece drawn on paper...hope to decorate the house, but dunno where to hang.

now with all my goodies, need shipping boxes home.