Monday, June 23, 2008

last week

i miss my office - can't believe i am saying this....ya! i miss my spot, my desk, my chair, my own own space and my time without the girls. am looking forward to friday...

wat did i do besides being the "cow" and trying to keep my sanity with 6 children most of the day?

- met with elli's and erika's teacher for "report card day"
for elli, i expected her teacher to say great stuff about her...well...happy to say i wasn't dissapointed!
for erika, i was happy teacher said she improved tremendously...for a cry-baby sensitive young lady she is!

- made footprints for her 6 weeks doc's appointment, we found her grown by 8cm (57cm) and weigh 5.2kg (up 1.4kg) breast milk is super pow-der-ful!!

- snapping pictures....but downloading & posting them is another story la. as u can see no photos posted yet!

- watched "indy" in the big screen with daddy and evira (who slept thru out the show, she dun think harrison ford was cute).

- had a twosome dinner at prime for daddy's bird-day - had a kobe cut but was dissapointed. not anywhere near the kobe we had for my bird-day in tokyo...burrrp!

- made a pinata for synn-yi's birthday (with help from the gang - need to occupy them so they dun drive me up the wall) but the pinata was so tough that the adults gotta help break it up hahahhaa. wat do u expect? made with love by those tiny hands.

- did threw some bermuda grass seeds and pray they will grow

- bought myself a new toy - electrolux ergorapido vacuum. ya my toy is soooo boooring...but i love it...what has become of me?

(photo posted 2 july)

- finally got ourself a brand new LG fridge 700litres (big enuff to feed the gang) for a steal, with a few tiny dents and half price it was!! even with a cool water dispenser thrown in...they kiddies love it...another toy to play.

- excuses to shop....for new office clothes since i still have a few kgs to drop!


jazzmint said...

wah wah...since when u got 6 kids LOL. looks like u did a tonne of work even during confinement

NomadicMom said...

Seems like you have accomplished alot!!! Show some pictures lah....Can do it in the office when you get there on Friday!!!

mott said...


6 kids..and not going mad!!! Plus, buying a fridge for a steal!!!! COOL!!! 700 litres somemore!!!!!