Wednesday, April 22, 2009

elli's counting

was talking to elli and she was asking me "how many babies do i want?"

i said 3

she said i want 10 babies

wah so many ah? are u sure?

then she showed me how she carry her babies. 1 on each arms...then she say see mom i carry 2 babies...then she says she bring them out and other people ask her "wow 2 babies ah"

elli gave a sheepish smile and say, i will tell the people.... "i still have 8 babies at home" kaKAKAAA (loud crazy laugh from this elli)

for a kid that's not 4 yet...she good in her maths!! and deduction skill.

who's the maid now??

how is life without the maid? did i sound too exhilarated in my earlier post?

that's becoz it has been far. no worries of things being "taken away" or "broken" or "poisoned".

there's PEACE in the house (something that $$$ can't buy)

...minus all the chores and a little chaos that is. but daddy thinks we need a maid coz he dun like to see his team of girls slaving for the house. i am now on the hunt for new maid...praying hard that this one will be "normal"...not asking a lot...not that there is a lot to ask for nowadays, with all the crazy maid stories.

i seem to enjoy the workout from moping - i wish i can add this to my resume - ability to mop 10,000 sq feet a day...kkakkakakakak (shows i have good health to my potential employers!!! - with all my muscle abilities)

cleaning the house can be quite therapeutic and also gives a sense of "accomplishment"...i just wonder why the maid never seem to get this kind of "enlightenment" when they work for us.

i just thank God for my a team of cleaners = even though they are small. dun call me a slave driver, i am just teaching them about "life".

always be GRATEFUL for small miracles in small packages

baby almost one now...time to train her to hold the mop!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

new toy

maid just lari off with our sony ericsson plus all the money in my wallet...

not much feelings, no anger or depression - except maybe a little betrayed...but that passed too quickly

coz daddy went and bought me a brand new (not the usual pass me down toy) iphone!! yipppeee

lots of games to play, the girls are also happy cos they can stop harressing daddy for his (for the time being).

que sara sara

bad things go away

new toy come my way


they girls have been great after the maid "cabuted"...they actually are closet domestic-goddess. now that we know their potential...we are quite happy to discover their cleaning powers. elli is moping and cleaning and wiping. erika- washing dishes, making beds, washing shoes and of cos her fave - ironing!