Monday, June 22, 2009

report card

elli had report card day last saturday and erika will be today.

we went for elli's and didn't go for erika's.

elli is doing well in school, teacher says she can stand up for herself very well - which translates to she can fight with the boys or pick a quarrel if the occasion arises...yahooo....way to go, guuurrrrl!! so proud of your vocal abilities and your gutsi-ness. elli loves to play with boys only (if she has a choice) and girls if there are no boys around.

as for erika it's not that I am not proud of her sometimes border on the brink of "embarrassment"...but am glad that she is not taking it badly or suffering from low self-esteem. in fact she loudly proclaim she is number 35 in a class of 37. i scratch my head!! we have tried all works even bribery...used to say if u get 20 and above, we take u to we gotta say if u get 35 and above...coz we really wanna go!! she is just an excuse to pack our bags. what crazy parenting is this??

i seriously have no clue what is happening in erika's head...her teachers have been telling us from 3 years old till now that she's one word - "dreamy". when will she wake up? i dunno, this sleeping beauty need to awaken with a potent kiss.

update 24 June
erika showed us her report card - she's not 35 but 34 in a class of 38!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

baby turned 1

well she turned one on 28 April...celebrated on labour rememberance of all the labour mommy went thru and is still going thru!!

small teeny weeny party amongst family only.

our birthday girl took to the limelight and perform on the piano - to the delight of everyone, reading the "notes" and turning the pages and playing the keys - multi-tasking!! she is still maintaining her beautiiifoool figure.

her che che helped her blow off the "only" candle.

she has 4 teeth and is starting to bite us...especially our feet. yuucks! she never bite when she had 3 teeth...?? wonder why?

starting her separation anxiety stage...croc tears when she sees anyone leave without bringing her "kai kai" (along).

bunny teeth

finally, its coming...after 5 long years of waiting, worrying if it will every make its grand appearance and quiet prayers. we were estatic when the top left front tooth pop out, but the right one took it's own sweeeet time.

now comes the nagging broken record - "go brush your teeth" "have you brush?" "go brush now!!"

actually this happened last now only record coz so many things happened in April/May...