Monday, October 18, 2010

reward scheme

finish final exams for the year, time for results.

erika thought of an ingenious way to reward herself for all the hard and labourous work she did to prepare for the exams, so she propose this to kong kong over dinner (hoping to catch him in good mood and go with the scheme).

if i get no. 1 - then you pay me $1 (wah so cheap only ah....wait read on)
if i get no, 2 - then you pay me $2
if i get no, 3 - then you pay me $3
if i get no, 4 - then you pay me $4
if i get no, 5 - then you pay me $5

you can see where this is heading right? in the very, very "right" direction so that she will definitely receive a huge award.

she's hoping she comes out last!

wonder where she got all those "brilliant" ideas?

Friday, September 17, 2010

park play

celebrated malaysia day in malaysian style.

went to the park to play water and sand in the "longkang" stream and eat nasi lemak and drank teh tarik. laundryamah and her 2 darlings came to join bringing along hula hoops and a nice food container, in it was her freshly baked yummylicious orange sponge cake in a horsie shape and much effort on presentation.

evira was smitten by the container more than anything else. we thought she wanted the cake, so gave her a piece, she ate some but dropped more crumbs for the monkeys than hansel and gretel. actually what she wanted was to use it as a chair for her bum...but with her 16 kg...better not and obviously not on food!! so laundryamah told her nicely she cannot seat.

evi looked at laundryamah and keep saying "selfish!, selfish!"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


evira is finally on her way to be diaper free (i hope)

when she feels the urge, she will say in this order -" i wan to orr see" then "can you take out my diaper" then "u gotta move the stick to open the toilet door" (i have added my ol' fashion security feature since the break-in) then "help me sit on the toilet"

so once she is on the throne, she will say "go away mommy, go away"

she needs her privacy to do her business.

this poor girl does not have very good bowel movements, if it goes for more than 2 days....u can be assured that it's a painful crying affair with big hard rocks stained with a little blood being pushed out from my poor baby...she does look like she is almost delivering a baby! if that happens and those rocks still cannot make its way out, then its medication to the rescue. once its out, the relief is more for the mommy than poor baby.

Monday, July 19, 2010

chain drinker

That's what baby does...she chain drinks.

before knocking off to bed at nite, she sucks at least 2 bottles of milk plus a bottle of water. even in a new diaper - it overflows by 4am...then this talking 2 year old will start complaining "my shirt is wet and my pants is wet, take out my diaper" then after cleaning her up..."go make nen nen for me" "mom dun sleep wake up, go make nen nen"

if i don't or popo don't

"the police man come and catch you, eeeor eeeor, hurry stooooopid....go make nen nen for me, stooopid, hurry up, sorry mommy forever" (for saying stupid). "pees mommy go or not i will scold you one"

if the nen nen is cold "this is no good, i dun like...this is rubbish!!!"

the "stoopid" word is learn from kong kong....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

time to kill

now i realise being a mom makes me a killer too. it's so easy to be one these days!! it's just the opposite side of the same coin.

erika just told me in secrecy that a stooooopid tuition teacher in her tuition center (this one not teaching her summore) "touched her thigh sloooooowly" she was alone the most for a few minutes and unfortunate that no one was there....grrrrrrrr

fire came shooting out my eyes when i heard that....immediately called the center to make a humongous fuss.

told the girls i am going to buy a gun now.

they both say dun buy mom, the police will catch you if you kill him. (they still can think straight, while mom is going crazy)

i said i shoot him in the tuition center la.

erika said got camera in the center

(ohhhh - camera ah....maybe caught the guy red-handed) ...

still dunno how la...stopped her tuition until *&%$$@ is removed.

no place is safe for your children!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


evi loves watching video. everyday she begs to do just that.

so yesterday when i just returned home and was starting dinner, she came running and grab my hand saying "i wanna watch viiideo mommy". she kept pulling but i told her let me finish dinner then she gets to watch.

of cos that is not acceptable for her and started to throw her usual fit.

i said calmly "that will not work on me, stop it" (not expecting it will get into her head at all). to my surprise she stopped for a few seconds, then a light bulb switched on in her head and she changed tactic.

she immediately open up her arms and pout her lips and said "kiss kiss"

so i let her kiss la...not everyday you get free kisses.

but i still said after i finish dinner 1st.

she got MAD. started her tantrum and said "u stooor pit mommy"

i got mad too and said "did you scold me???"

she stopped, eyes looking guilty and shook her head and said "sorry mommy" with a kiss

then pulled my hand again...this time took her upstairs to my room and switch on the video (she wins - gotta watch her video while relaxing on my comfy bed)

moral of the story: love works!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

evi's prayer

this is evi's prayer

tank que God for ser food (this is very important!! and always her opening prayer line, even when we are ready for bed and nite nite...its still the food.)
bess my mommy
bess my ellisa
bess my house
bess my popo
bess my kong kong...
(u get the flow- her list of blessing is pretty long)
then mommy says in Jesus's name
she will sign and say

Friday, April 16, 2010

evi is turning 2

everyone is surprised that she is not turning 3 or 4, but she is only turning 2.

they kept asking mommy...u long only 2 years old. she's so matured and talks like "auntie" that everyone thot she is waaaay older.

she gets her way...coz she is too cute to say "NO" to. with her cherubic smile and curly locks, its almost impossible to deny her anything especially with her pleeezzz and kisses.

of cos we scold her non-stop cos she is a non-stop mischief girl. but she also has her magic to make all of you melt....scold her severely (she knows we mean business) and she immediately open up her arms, hugs you and say..."i lub yooo" other times (when not so serious) she will change subject and talk about something else or try to say something stooopid to make you laugh...

miss cheeky (with a twinkle in her eye and those bouncy curls) will go a long u soooooo much!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

baby 88 weeks old

love to bathe
she would say "i wan shuong liuong"or "batz"
if i ignore her
she would add "peessss mommiiiiii peeesss"
she would start pulling off her clothes
"take out sam" or "open open" then say "pantz" "take out pantz"

her vocab is quite amazing. her weight is too = 14+ kg

the trouble is this "shuong liuong" request happens every time she goes to my room - sometimes she end up having many many baths a day...either a water baby or a screaming baby...for sanity sake-i chose "batz peesssss"

she call popo - SAM