Friday, September 17, 2010

park play

celebrated malaysia day in malaysian style.

went to the park to play water and sand in the "longkang" stream and eat nasi lemak and drank teh tarik. laundryamah and her 2 darlings came to join bringing along hula hoops and a nice food container, in it was her freshly baked yummylicious orange sponge cake in a horsie shape and much effort on presentation.

evira was smitten by the container more than anything else. we thought she wanted the cake, so gave her a piece, she ate some but dropped more crumbs for the monkeys than hansel and gretel. actually what she wanted was to use it as a chair for her bum...but with her 16 kg...better not and obviously not on food!! so laundryamah told her nicely she cannot seat.

evi looked at laundryamah and keep saying "selfish!, selfish!"


ryeli said...

hehe, laundryamah got respond to that or not?! ;) nice way to celebrate! havent been there ever since no.2 came along. must plan one of these days.

laundryamah said...

emm how to respond? Of course told her cannot sit laa...pecah how?

NomadicMom said...


LittleLamb said...

haahahhahahaha this is so funny..

Mei Ling..this is Rachel here. We met the other night for steamboat. Hey our bdays up next week. What do you have in mind??