Monday, November 23, 2009

the girls

school ended, girls are happy, looking forward to days without home work.

erika did improve a lot from her first semester, but still need lots of help with her languages. gonna stop her music lessons for a while - she lost her first love for her piano and i wanna "psycho" her to find it back. will start lessons for elli instead and see if erika gets inspired to pick up.

elli got perfect score for her test - which came as a surprise to one who answered " i dunno" to all my questions on her school work. she love writing numbers and alphabets but find chinese characters really tough.

yee ma starting erika on swimming lessons - but elli the opportunist, sneaked into her car and jumped into the pool. erika had to coax into the pool by elli, after half the lesson was over. ku ma bought the girls robes and caps and googles, all smiles for shopping.

evira is the cutest ever with curly locks and if she does anything wrong - and whenever we demand her to say sorry, she will sign "sorry" by putting her little chubby hands on her head. with the sorry look and quickly give u a "tum kuat" (massage). she can call all of us...the last she called is kong kong, but she boss him around the most, coz she knows he let her wins all the time.

synn and jern - as usual - did their parents proud with their exceptional results, so lucky wan!

here is the last photo taken by daddy of the "gang of 6"