Friday, August 31, 2007

happy merdeka

after all the talk of fireworks...we didn't go. not that daddy was un-enthusiastic about it, he was! he even invited yeh yeh, mah mah, ku mah for the nite outing and made dinner plans too. then he had to go read the papers and saw the jam (alamak!!) and read about it. So after that, all plans were scrap la.

i also agree la, if the whole bunch of us are stuck in the car for more than 2 hours, I also can see fireworks flying off from my head and daddy’s. Not only fireworks but all sorts of accompanying profanity music too – we will have our own fireworks show in the car!! (much to the delight of our girls and in-laws!!! - no way)

guess if we want the girls to experience fireworks, maybe we may check-in to a hotel with a view to celebrate 2008! maybe even try the Branson hotels.

hopefully they or i will not be zzzzzzzzzzzzzz by then!
KL Skyline On Merdaka Night
so happy merdeka to everyone.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

i won & i lost

after making "some" money from my sponsors (there are about 6 of them!! now), itchy fingers go shopping lor. went ebay to look for goodies at a good bargain.

so bid, bid, bid.

most lost coz i so kiam sap, put such a low figure, anyone could easily outbid me.

of cos i got lucky too and won an item for a steal!! it's a hello kitty belt with lots of diamond studs for erika...a surprise gift for her.

i was ecstatic…i won i won.

then the seller email me and said i put in too low a price and he is not selling even though i won. What??? How can?? then dun put the starting price too low lah!!

made me so mad…thot I won now I lost!!

the stooooopid bugger, so angrrrry with him!! actually i dunno the gender but i just bombard and assume he’s a guy…me gender biased. now no surprise gift for erika....fuming!!

what do i do? put a really awful feedback on the seller and hopes he close shop, which i think he would then start another shop the very next day!!

grrrrr! how to get rid of these people??

now i gotta go get another gift, maybe a plush animals toy to surprise her.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

land for sale

i wish i have acres and acres of land for sale. day dreaming only!

oh well i always wish i have a nice peace of land, hmmm which is better by the sea or up in the mountains? i think i would prefer by the sea sun and surf and free soothing music from the waves too.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Have you ever heard of a pulse oximeter? I am glad my girls don't need it, but it's one great machine if you need to get a portable nebulizer for your child. Hear that Omron NE-U22v MicroAir nebulizer is the best portable nebulizer in the market. Don't believe, go check it out yourself.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

finish the race?

update on daddy's race from the ealier post - celebrating independence

when daddy's fren calls and ask how he finish in the merdeka endurance race. daddy answered 2nd. i was thinking hmmm, no that's not right...then daddy said “yes we finish, we were totally finished!!”

oh well, you must have guessed, yes something went wrong with “precious” and the “gifted” and “capable” mechanic was not able to fix the tiny problem and there you have it…his race is totally finished…(me evil laugh!)

I was so surprised when he called in the evening of race day and asked where we were…so free ah? Aiyoo sure something wlong ledy?

dunno whether he will take part next year? If he does I think it’s about time to get a real team manager and a real mechanic with all the right air tools, it’s about time he depended on some logic and sanity. I dun think "hit and run" is a great formula, no strategy, no planning…these people think its effortless to win! get real la!! hahhahaha

web wars

I hate getting spam emails and my mail boxes are filled to the brim with junk. My delete button is worn-out from overused and is screaming that I stop hitting it every single day!

How did I end up with so many junk mails? I found out that every time I log on to the web, I have a very unique IP address that indirectly reveals who I am. So all those pesky wretched hackers know exactly where to get all these unique IPs and start spamming or steal precious information or destroy your precious information! Any way you are at the losing end. So the only way is to hide IP address with this powerful stealthy software!

bonus time

It's the time of the year for employee self evaluation....something I don't really look forward to! Why? Coz no matter how well I sell myself, I don't think the "boss" is buying it!!

I wish there is a better system in my office to show my work done throughout the year, than just to sell myself one time a year.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

celebrating independence

the girls had a fun time waving the flag at home, celebrating 50 years of independence!! plan to go watch the fireworks display (one fine day! hint hint to daddy)

daddy said wanna go have dinner at shang putrajaya then go watch the fireworks, will see...i hope not all talk & no action pulak!

daddy is busy preparing for the merdeka endurance race (again!) hopefully this year will do much better than the previous years...he had experince the drama of tyre rolling out while they were racing (mechanic didn't tightened it well, i guess), engine busted (another mechanic problem la) or something went awry with the precious car!! (i say precious coz the amount of time & effort gone into it, it better perform la)

daddy and the mechanic has been working on "precious" way into the nite with outdoor lighting, just to get "precious" ready for the race.

so far daddy has never finish the endurance race, guess can go fast but no stamina lah the car. this year i hope daddy will finish the race la, will be watching your car from the telly in the comfort of our home.

back to daddy's race ~not crazy enuff to go to the circuit and inhale fumes & dust! of cos...we will be supporting and cheering for you all the way to the finish line???!!! praying very hard all goes well!! hahahahaha, you need divine help & intervention, looking at your past records. hopefully win something back la!! i hope its tons of $$$$!

happy 50 years to you!!

how will i celebrate....sleeping at home lor, what about u?

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

holiday time

It’s school holidays again and I don’t know where to go for a short little vacation with the girls. Just the 3 of us ~ all girls holiday. Basically the girls just need a nice warm pool and lots of sand to play plus a very cosy bed to catch their noon time nap and nite time slumber. So somewhere luxurious with beautiful white sandy beaches and warm weather will suit us just fine. Mommy can laze under a coconut tree, reading my favourite books, while the girls can play the whole day away, pretending to be mermaids and princesses.

So an island would be our destination!!! Thinking of Hawaii, maybe book ourselves into Hawaii home rentals and let the rest of the holiday unfolds itself to us. Not going to go crazy planning for any excursions or trips, but will just relax and unwind and enjoy life in its simplest form.

Or we could plan a trip for the girls can go play sand in the desert atPhoenix real estate. That will be a holiday we will talk about for a long time! If they love the place, we might end-up moving there for good.

Or somewhere even more exotic like the Bahamas vacation rentals or Cabo San Lucas vacation villas or Costa Rica vacation homes. That will definitely be a dream holiday!

Monday, August 20, 2007

the lil' chili padi

this morning got a call from popo, ellisa’s face was swollen, and she was complaining her eyes were itchy. popo rushed her to the clinic, but since there was a queue, after waiting for 20 min, most of it subsided and ellisa said she no longer itchy! so popo took her to a pharmacy to get some “emergency” medication, just in case! not sure what triggered it but that lil girl was still her usual active self.

over the last weekend, daddy cooked himself a bowl of curry mee (extra hot with added curry power). ellisa saw the noodles and couldn’t resist, requested for some. i quickly tell her it spicy (lat lat!!) Not deterred. So daddy gave her some, she opened her mouth wide to receive it. then say its lat lat, went to the kitchen took some water…then back to begging for more!!

erika watched in amazement, so did the rest of us! i got a new member in the family to enjoy assam laksa with me!!

another thing we did was watch the badminton world cup....the girls were so intrigued to watch mommy & daddy screaming and shouting at our players (lots of heart attack moments too!)…that they also cheered for every point. got license to scream & shout…they love it! too bad all our cheering didn’t do much or spurred our players to shuttle victory…aiyoo they were soooo talented but i think all they lack is mental coaching! need to seriously go fix their heads!

at the end of the tournament, all the screaming gave me a headache that i had to take headache treatment!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

love letter

after reading all your comments, i think i will write to her chinese teacher & class teacher & for good measure to the headmistress too. erika's attitude change after she changed teachers in school...u can read all about it major complain on the chinese teacher!

at this juncture, very hard to change teacher again...very disruptive leh! just another month or 2 and she's out of there...guess when it comes to ellisa, will have to look for another kindy.

guess this year, mommy won't be buying loads of gifts to give teachers when school year ends...instead mommy will be writing a long love letter.

my love letter will definitely ask the teacher to be give erika lorry loads of compliments for making even a small effort. for example her spelling test if she gets 8/20 correct...i want her to praise praise praise her for the 8 rights (not focus on the measly 12 wrongs, no biggie la) lil' girl is not even 6 yet la!! maybe when erika regains her confidence, she will be happier in school, especially the chinese torture class. (i just want her to be happy! is that asking too much)

ok la, mommy not so cheapo about buying prezzie for the teacher, maybe buy for her teacher that taught her in the 1st half of the school year...she really made erika excel and then they had to change teacher in the middle of school year! i complained but what to do? it's soooo disruptive! also buy for her current class teacher la.

now gotta go write that long luuuurrrve letter! mommy's homework to do.

will pen down my thoughts withe these beautiful custom pens ~ give me more inspiration to write!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Coupon Codes

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Buying stuff online is so easy peasy, the hard part is paying for it (LOL). Oh well with my paypal account making some money from the paid post, might as well splurge. and you have your items on your door steps within a few days. One of my favorite sites is The best part is they also offer best deals, coupon codes and more discounts too! I love getting a good deal!

chinese torture

have you ever heard of the chinese torture?? heard its the worst kind and my poor erika is going thru it.

i think i am becoming a pushy parent. I dunno, I feel my judgement is way off sometimes. Now I have second thoughts or doubts about sending her to a Chinese school.

Erika has suddenly hate (that’s putting it mildly) her mandarin classes in school and when she brings home her mandarin homework, her mood will be sour.

Even popo didn’t escape her outburst! All we need to make her burst into tears ~ bring out her mandarin homework. Then buckets of tears and loud cries will be heard for a good 10 minutes. At first I got very annoyed, now I let her cry the good cry then get her do the work. There’s no escape with this mommy.

Especially with her mandarin spelling test which she has every week…so every week also outburst! I try to make it fun…let her play her piano (ya! that’s her incentive if she’s good…coz she can’t live without her precious black & white keys) then prepare her before hand that we will be doing the dreaded work.

Once I start, she will be all moody and long face. She doesn’t even wanna attempt to read the characters, even if she knows them (that makes me sooooo mad!) coz I am not even asking her to write them yet. i was so mad, i threw her book away (better than throw her out!!). she went to daddy for solace.

Of cos I dun expect her to get perfect score for her tests; she knows it coz I drum into her that it’s ok to make mistakes. The part I get so angry is she doesn’t even wanna give it a try!

Now for the finger pointing session (who to blame leh for her behaviour?)

- the teacher??
- the mommy??
- erika??
- the homework??
- daddy for not doing anything??

or do you think if she eat some Goji Berries or Goji Juice, it will help boost up her energy and concentration, making school a much better place to go to and more enthusiasm for her homework?

or i need to get her eyes checked? i could get her some Wholesale Reading Glasses. i dunno if it will help with those Wholesale Readers. i am willing to give anything a try! i am a desperate mommy.

or maybe i should get her some beautiful pink personalized pens as an incentive to do her work.

I remember I push her to her piano class and now she love it! so sometimes she needs a push.

I dunno, but I think I will just let her slog thru this Chinese primary school thing for a few years and hopefully she survives it! i haven't even join the majority motley crew of parents in sending her for mandarin tuition classes...that will be a real torment for her, do i wanna be that cruel?

maybe there's no escape once she gets into primary school, coz i am so "illiterate"

heard of this line before

"need to be cruel to be kind"


went lunch with laundryamah near petaling street, coz she need to get fishing stuff to add to the list of gifts for her trip downunder. (she's like a santarina only that it's not christmas yet!) Ate the famous beef ball noodles at lai foong kopi shop! yummilicious then we went to this very old shop, which stocks loads of fishing stuff .

look at these Fish pictures, are you tempted to try some Fishing now?

Have you heard of BountyFishing North American Fishing tournament. The game is to to catch the longest fish, not the heaviest or the roundest or the most beautiful, but the longest fish so bring a long measuring tape along. The weekly prizes are up to 125k for the summer!

So book yourself into an Orlando vacation home rental and start fishing!!

kong kong will definitely be interested not for the prize but the fun of fishing.

green energy

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We all should be going green, mother earth needs a break too and loads of help! Recycle, reuse and reduce have been the green slogan for a long while, but I still find it hard work to search for all the green products to save our mother earth. Thankfully man is creative and now there's green energy to tap into. Here's the write-up for your information.


9 August 2007: British Gas has announced it is launching two new green energy tariffs, Zero Carbon, which will be the greenest tariff available on the domestic market and Future Energy. British Gas has launched the tariffs, in response to the increasing demand for green energy products.

Householders signing up to the Zero Carbon tariff will:
• reduce their household energy carbon emissions to zero through Kyoto compliant offset schemes which will meet the new Defra requirements
• help fund a direct increase in investment in renewable energy generated in the UK
• contribute to the new British Gas green fund which will:
o invest in developing new renewable technologies such as wave power
o oversee a programme to help schools in the UK reduce their CO2 emissions

GearĂ³id Lane, Managing Director British Gas New Energy said,”Our new tariff responds to consumer demand for truly green energy solutions. It is essential that customers have confidence in green energy tariffs and that their credibility is not damaged by tariffs that claim to be green but in reality do not deliver any incremental environmental benefits. Green tariffs are moving from niche to mainstream products and we’re leading the industry by offering a tariff that will do more for the environment than any other product currently available.”

Under the government’s Renewables Obligation (RO), electricity suppliers in the UK are already required to produce an increasing percentage of their electricity through methods such as wind farms which, unlike traditional power plants, produce zero carbon emissions. For 2007/2008 this figure is set at 7.9%.

In a recent report, the National Consumer Council (NCC) raised concerns that some energy suppliers are packaging electricity which is produced under the RO scheme as “green”, yet it delivers no additional environmental benefits. The NCC called on energy suppliers to take steps beyond their legal requirements and offer green energy tariffs that provide genuine additional environmental benefits, in particular CO2 emissions reduction.

British Gas worked with Global Action Plan and The Climate Group’s “We’re in this Together” campaign to develop Zero Carbon which goes further than any other green tariff in meeting these requirements offering consumers the only zero carbon option on the market.

The tariff carries a premium of £84 per year, reflecting the higher cost of producing energy through lower carbon emission schemes.

Virginia Graham, Chair of Global Action Plan, said, “The British Gas Zero Carbon tariff delivers on all three of the essential requirements of a green tariff which are: additionality, transparency and verifiability. As such it is a very welcome new offering in the market. Consumers signing up to the tariff can be confident that they are getting 12 per cent more renewable energy than they would otherwise have got. The carbon emissions from their electricity and gas will also be offset with emissions reductions from projects accredited by the United Nations.”

Zero Carbon is one of the first initiatives launched through the ‘We’re in this Together’ campaign, which was launched in April 07 as an alliance of some of the UK’s biggest brands who are all working to help their customers reduce their impact on the climate.

Dr Steve Howard, CEO of The Climate Group and founder of ‘We’re in this Together’ said, “We’re committed to offering people ways to make a real impact on climate change through We’ve worked with British Gas to ensure that Zero Carbon is a genuine step forward in delivering more environmental benefits than any other tariff currently available.”

British Gas’s second green energy tariff, Future Energy, offers an alternative green electricity tariff at a premium of just £20 per year. Customers signing up to this tariff will contribute to a green fund which will provide solar panels and other renewable energy technologies to UK schools. Money from the fund will also be invested in development of future renewable technologies and sources.

To sign up customers can call British Gas on 0845 604 0055 or visit

watching time

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Lucky for mommy, since daddy is crazy over watches, all mommy has to do is pick and choose from daddy's huge collection. Mommy's choice will depend on mommy's mood for the day. So if mommy want someting sporty and outdoorish, mommy will browse through our collection of Nixon Watches and pick one that looks great with mommy's outfit!

mommy is one lucky gal!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

palm beach

I have always dream of having a vacation beach house, who doesn't right? A place my lil' angels can run free at our own private beach, listening to the waves and having long lazy summer days.
If you wanna own a dream vacation home in Florida, one of the best site to go to is West Palm Beach real estate, as they have real estate in 50 Florida counties.

palm beach 2

We love the sand and sun combination. It just works for us.

So for our vacation options, there's nothing like landing our big faaaattttt bum on a beautiful island ~ and Hawaii sounds like a great deal. We could to stay in the Big Island vacation rentals and experience the indulgence of living as a beach bum. I then could make a journal of my "laziness" in the Hawaiian Travel Blog.

or another sandy place would be the deserty.....Las Vegas vacations!

watch over by angels

ellisa is at the age of exploration & discovery…which actually means she will be into loads of mischief & trouble, getting into everything. Opening them, deconstructing them to find out how things work, and climbing up every ladder, drawers, window, doors, basically she’s now much much more than a handful.

The names she has been called includes…"destroyer", “lil’ monster”, “super”, “tham sang mou” (direct translate from Cantonese - gall bladder grow hair – which means “no fear)…the list is growing.

Just the other day, at popo’s house, ellisa was playing the tv cabinet, pulling, opening, her usual stuff….then suddenly a big loud clash and the glass door was shattered! Thankfully ellisa escape without a scratch! Poor synn yi had a very minor cut from the flying glass. Dun see one minute also cannot leh!

Then yesterday at yee ma’s house, ellisa was at her element again…scale the cupboards, climb the cabinet, mount the drawers…then another big big clash! This time yee ma’s big mirror was shattered all over. By the time popo and kongkong rushed to check on her, she was safely on yee ma’s bed, again escaped without a scratch!

I am so thankful!!! Angels are watching over this lil’ angel.

so when i asked ellisa who broke the glass...she happily answered... "ERIKA" (with a most cheeky smile).

My next question is how do you totally child proof a house? Dunno if steel buildings will do the trick?

london eye

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Have you seen the London Eye? Or the Tokyo Eye, Eye on Malaysia or Singapore Flyer. Heard there's a Dubai eye coming up at an impressive 200m!!

Of course if you are in London and staying at this London Hotel, you should not miss the spectacular London Eye! Daddy would be scared to death to take a ride on the London Eye at a whooping 135m, what a view from up there. I would be just so excited for the ride.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

grow up

i wish my girls will stay like this their current cute and innocent state! dun grow up.

just yesterday ellisa talking to yee ma

yee ma: "you want ice-cream?"
elli: "yes"
yee ma: "what ice-cream do you want?"
elli: (after thingking a while) "two"

i was expecting her to say a flavour not the quantity!

we have now moved headquarters from my house to yee ma's house, since yee ma moved to a more centrally located spot...near to schools (logistics is very important).

so the whole gang is parked there, and i also go there after work for dinner, daddy also lah then we go back together. but in order for daddy to pick us up..he have to go home 1st, change car then pick us. so i say if he has a "normal" car, then he can avoid the hassle...i think he heard me, but is he listening??

i wish daddy will grow-up! hehehehe i was hoping he would trade-in his clk (his fren calls it a babe magnet! roll eyes) for a normal 4 door car, so all of us can fit in it comfortably. old ledi...comfort more important leh!

luckily didn't collect a lot of speeding ticket with that "magnet", or else would need to get radar detectors!! illegal or otherwise.

another phat tag!

phat phat phat! not even in 2008 but kena tagged all the phat tag. this is from smiling mummy.

phat (8) random facts about me

  1. i love to lie down horizontally with my girls
  2. i hate to make last minute changes to my schedule...i love to plan plan plan
  3. i love art and crafts, anything hand-made
  4. i hate driving, get me a dri-ber anytime!
  5. i love african daisies
  6. i love dressing up
  7. i have lived all my life in pee-jay
  8. i love super rich triple choc cake with loads of cream. i never diet. but if u need to, you could try this ~ diet patch!

not very special phat facts leh!

tagging others to phat phat phat

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fluorescent lighting

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My parents love fluorescent lighting and the whole house is lit in it. So when I was growing up I told myself that when I get my own home, the lightings in my house will be different. I prefer the soft yellow glow from lamps and down lights to give it a soothing edge, which I could get from kichler lighting. Kichler has the most complete collection of lighting fixtures for every room for your home. They even have for a huge collection for outdoor - the Kichler's Landscape Collection allows you to enjoy nature's serenity day and night, while adding security to your home.

As for fluorescent lighting, it’s great for the garage or storage areas, not for my living room or bedroom.

Monday, August 13, 2007


mellisa ku ma came to visit with baby zach and joshua. so it was a very "happening" weekend. friday nite - dinner at yeh yeh house (his famous yummilicious sang har meen ~ prawn noodles), then saturday - more seafood at pantai (near our house), sunday gorge ourselves in shang buffet (this time not so lucky didn't meet anyone).

on top of that they wanted to see "blings", since the jewelry fair was on over the weekend. daddy volunteered to take care of the 6 kiddies (i guess he was hoping to catch some shut-eye, thot he could escape but with 6 kiddies - i know it's near impossible & i was right la). the adults get to go indulge in our senses. some of the pieces were exquisite, but i can’t bring myself up to part with my $$$$$ for such fine stuff, for food i can la but for not for this yet!

i feel like a lil’ girl again with a very very lil’ purse of money in a very "adult" setting. me so afraid to buy anything, just in case i make a huge investment mistake…so what do i do, look only lor. it was very interesting learning experience. tis is my 1st time and since I didn’t go prepared to get anything, I just went to cuci mata!

can see load of beautiful people with sugar daddies to support their "little" hobby like they have done a lot of work to look so fabulous. (me jealous!!!) they most probably did some los angeles plastic surgery. maybe they did the los angeles tummy tuck, beverly hills breast augmentation, beverly hills liposuction, even rhinoplasty. heard the beverly hills plastic surgeon are great at these nip & tucks!

since the jewelry fair is held so many times a year, not a big deal if you miss this one...heard another one is around the corner!

trucking around

My sis in law has a truck which she zooms in and out effortlessly, with her two children in tow. So whenever we need to cart some heavy duty stuff or load up for a trip, the truck comes in super handy. She even has a tonneau cover fitted in, so that our stuff don’t go flying off. Safety first!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

number cruncher

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I love numbers…so it goes without saying I love this show too by that name ~ numb3rs! That’s why I am in an accountancy related organization, I can’t run away from numbers, they seem to have the ability to tell a whole lot. But if you have trouble deciphering the code, then download financial consolidation software to solve your number problems.

Friday, August 10, 2007

unfair world

mommy also wanna have some me time with fren, go window shopping, eating, yakking, spa, skinceuticals, massage, pedicure and hair make-over. the pathetic part is mommy gotta take leave in order to do this! On the other hand, daddy can just take off whenever he wants to play golf, meet his fren, play games, go holiday…no questions asked. so even when mommy takes leave to do the "me time", i still get the feeling that i am perceive as selfish. (eh! but do i really care?)

see la, so unfair this world, if all the mommies do all the things daddies do, sure will have negative label such as sell-fish, bad-mom, (you get the idea)…but is all ok for a dad to do it. why ah? the world is not round leh.

i got off the point, actually i wanted to say i took leave to do things, did adult stuff like went to get $$ from epf, then go erika chinese school to see if she gotta place or not…yahoo celebration…she will be going to class 1C (i was in class 1C too ~ long long long time ago). erika was happy to know that fact, but not too happy on the prospect of going to school.

after all that, only went to do me stuff with this fren…not to worry still have 27 days of annual leave left to use, so anyone wanna have a spa-ring day, call me! i will be happy to spa horizontally with you.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

tagged season again

tag ~ what creatures i hate most...a lot...all the hamsap one, the geli one, the weird one, also the sioa (crazy) one. i think these creatures are more scary than the creepy crawlies, coz i can easily get rid of those with sprays, pesticides and the dependable exterminator! thanks to this mommy for the tag.

another tag from Kiasumum - My Face Behind My Blog

aiyoo i shy la...(hiding behind covers or hide under a tablecloth)...the face of my blog is my angels here's a scrap of them are in all their glory and cuteness!! they are the reason i started my blog and this blog is dedicated to them (of cos la). yes they are the love of my life. all i can say is that they are my true inheritance, they only part of me that will last on forever is through them. so if you wanna build a huge inheritance, have more children!! list of c,d&e

crumbs in life
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~And here’s the instruction to this My Face Behind My Blog tag :

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If you already showed a photo somewhere on your site (such as in your about page), then make your post more interesting and choose a photo that’s not currently online.

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3rd step - Tag as many others as you like in your post to spread the meme.

4th step - If you link back to me here and send an email I’ll be sure to include links back to you.

Each person tagged should create their own post and repeat the process.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


as you can see, no new post since last friday.

very busy oh...refurbish, revamp the whole office, (got new staff mah, or not where to put her) good excuse to get new furniture (old one alraedy 13 years!! it's about time for change) which means loads of cleaning up, vacuuming became the maid la and mover. Also did a lot of de-cluttering which was very good for the soul…feels so much lighter now!

part of my job includes maintaining my company's website. i was so happy to bump into LogicReach - a free web site monitoring system online that will monitor a web site or server 24/7. It's so smart that in the event it is unavailable it will email the me or send me a SMS message. that's what i call technology!

then yee ma moved house over the weekend, helped to kay-poh…erika and ellisa jumped into her “pool”..actaully it’s just a water feature in her courtyard, but to them any pool of water means must jump in. yee ma pengsan trying to fish them out…then she said…she will put a baby shark in so that they kids dun jump in anymore. I said…I think the shark will be the 1st one to jump out before the kids.

thinking of giving yee ma a surprise as a house warming gift ~ a set of Powell furniture for her courtyard!

then the virus came and attack erika & me. erika have fever for 5 days ledi…poor girl. See pediatrician gave antibiotics and stronger fever med. At the same time, ellisa took her hep A jab – due at 2 years old (in case u forgot??). She didn’t even shed a tear…after the shot, the nurse asked her you want a plaster…she nodded and was so happy coz the plaster was bright yellow and had a cat cartoon…wat a tough cookie! Since see doc, got the real vital stats:

ellisa: 88cm tall, 13.6kg
erika: 119cm tall, hovering around 18kg

1st impression

went to a corporate image class last week, escape from work for 2 whole days (yahoo...away from the office) and tis is such a fun course, summore paid by company. actually there are plenty of such great corporate wellness courses around that you could tap in.

what did i learn?

1st impression, it only take less than 7 seconds for another person to judge us. especially woman...we are definitely more critical and expect more of another woman than a man! aiyoo it's relly hard to please a woman la.

then we learn about colours-are you warm or cool? wanna know put a large piece of gold cloth cover your whole shoulder...then look at your face? then put a silver cloth. which one do u look better with? for me, i look acceptable with both, most probably we would look good in gold, coz we have yellow undertones...being asian, but if you are very fair or white (ah moh) then u may fall into the silver (or cool colours) group. so stick to those colour in your clothing, it will make you look a whole lot more attractive.

another tip is not to mix warm & cool colours...clash mah!

and try to have 2 items in the same colour, e.g. white pearl ear rings and white shirt. please dun be so well coordinated like the 80's...beg, shoes, belt, accessories all same colour!

of cos body shape, who dunno hour glass is the strive to be tat la! put on your "beauty armour" ~ breast pads, shoulder pads, bum pads if you have to and if possible a corset to squeeze out a waist to make the silhouette! (pheweee wit!) the extent we go thru to make a good impression and the bottom line to look "real".

I can recommend you a few good places to make those "real" changes ~los angeles plastic surgeon or beverly hills plastic surgery or los angeles breast augmentation. take your pick!! hehheehe

of cos the magic will be totally lost, if:

1. a bad handshake is given...limp fish hands or knuckle crushers

2. once you open your mouth and your voice is like "donald duck" or "tweety bird"

3. bad breath

even that can be excused if you got substance lah. so i guess brain power is the best! so is social skills.

7 year itch

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After staying in our home sweet home for 7 years…daddy decided it’s time for a move and a change. Must the itchy lucky number 7!! So we got our self a few realtor to help us sell our home. Since we are not desperate to sell, our asking price is the market price and I won’t budge until I get the magic number!!

bad apples

Sometimes I feel the medical profession takes us for a ride and the worst part is we have to pay for the damages too! Don’t you feel so cheated, angry and resentful? I am not saying all medical staff is bad, but the few bad apples really stand out like a sore thumb. Well if you wanna fight back on those bad apples, call the medical malpractice attorney New York.

digital picture frame

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Once I was hooked to blogging and digital scrapping, I went crazy snapping pictures and sometimes capturing some of them in video too. Most of the time these are pictures of my little angels, our boxer (I mean the dogs, not boxer shorts here!!) and activities, kiddy parties we get invited to, wedding parties, our holidays and family gatherings.

One of the most fun and great holiday pictures taken were at a Texas bed and breakfast. We were all dressed up and having a hearty family meal!

Some how I have no way of showing off all these beautiful photos and video unless I “force” all my friends and family to cram around my PC or notebook while I let them browse through my huge collection of picture or video files.

That is now a thing of the past.With digital picture frame, all I have to do is download all my digital pictures into the stylish lcd digital picture frame and view it at leisure. Isn’t that a relief to them, since I no longer hold them ransom to my PC or notebook..heheheh. The digital picture frame not only shows off pictures but also my video clips, inclusive of sound effects. Isn’t that amazing?

Friday, August 03, 2007


thot of doing some exercise and cutieprincessmummy recommended yoga. So asked daddy to go along with me…surprised he said yes, even sacrificing his beloved golf game.

so off we went yesterday, rushing home to get to class by 6pm.

it was really good stretching exercise, all the mus-kle, hamstrings, vertebra, even organs were massaged, pulled, cracking and screaming in pain!! Eventhough it was not an aerobic exercise, daddy was sweating like a pig and my heartbeat was beating like an African drum?? amazing!!

my eyes kept looking at the clock to see how fast we can end our "torture"!

the great part is the only one when you sit or lie down and relax and do breathing exercises. however this is also a part I dun really like coz we are suppose to empty our minds…scary for me coz, to me empty ledi, then wat happens? sure I kept an open mind but definitely not an “empty” one. hehehe

actually today i was expecting body aches everywhere, surprise that i woke up with only some shoulder ache…most probably didn't exert myself very much or ehhh, maybe i am not that "unfit" leh.

hmmm all my exercise from carrying ellisa may have helped, everyone complaining she’s heavy like a rock (wild guess I think she is about 15-16kg now! for a 2 year old)

so i guess we can reduce our family insurance policies, since mommy is getting fitter and healthier!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cover up!

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I love shopping for bedding items, especially duvet covers with matching sheets and pillow cases. Most importantly I will look out for the thread counts, coz I want my cotton beddings to feel as smooth as “silk”. Of cos one of my fave. pastime is snoozing, it comes without surprise that the bed and all the bedding items is top priority in my horizontal life!