Monday, November 23, 2009

the girls

school ended, girls are happy, looking forward to days without home work.

erika did improve a lot from her first semester, but still need lots of help with her languages. gonna stop her music lessons for a while - she lost her first love for her piano and i wanna "psycho" her to find it back. will start lessons for elli instead and see if erika gets inspired to pick up.

elli got perfect score for her test - which came as a surprise to one who answered " i dunno" to all my questions on her school work. she love writing numbers and alphabets but find chinese characters really tough.

yee ma starting erika on swimming lessons - but elli the opportunist, sneaked into her car and jumped into the pool. erika had to coax into the pool by elli, after half the lesson was over. ku ma bought the girls robes and caps and googles, all smiles for shopping.

evira is the cutest ever with curly locks and if she does anything wrong - and whenever we demand her to say sorry, she will sign "sorry" by putting her little chubby hands on her head. with the sorry look and quickly give u a "tum kuat" (massage). she can call all of us...the last she called is kong kong, but she boss him around the most, coz she knows he let her wins all the time.

synn and jern - as usual - did their parents proud with their exceptional results, so lucky wan!

here is the last photo taken by daddy of the "gang of 6"

Monday, August 03, 2009

elli's dream

after waking up from her afternoon nap, elli told this to popo. and she has been repeating this story so vividly to everyone.

i saw daddy wake up, and the workers open the door (?) and he come out from the box.

he saw a lot of flowers and take all the flowers and go home to plant them.

he come home and kiss me, Erika, baby, mommy and everybody.

everybody say "hoooray" because my daddy wake up already

we love daddy and we always want daddy to stay with us.

elli said that this was the REAL daddy

she saw him surrounded by white (showing me with her hands) and that there was a white round fat thing on his head. he look very handsome. the white thing stop daddy from coming back.

she sort of expressed that daddy's face was glowing - white thing!!

jesus told daddy sorry because he cannot go back.

she said the "bluff" daddy was in the box and the "REAL" daddy was with Jesus.

he will never ever die again.

i love u daddy

daddy said bye bye

he is going to heaven

after this dream, elli has found her joy again...we are so blessed to have her.

update 6 august
erika also dream about her daddy.

she said she was walking into the house, she heard daddy's voice, she ran in and saw him sitting on the day bed. they hug and kissed...then she woke up.

i also dreamt of daddy.

his cousin also-and he saw him wake up!!

my sis saw him at the funeral, he was singing with us (don moen cd ~ rivers of joy was playing) and told her - dun worry, he will take care of everything.

Monday, June 22, 2009

report card

elli had report card day last saturday and erika will be today.

we went for elli's and didn't go for erika's.

elli is doing well in school, teacher says she can stand up for herself very well - which translates to she can fight with the boys or pick a quarrel if the occasion arises...yahooo....way to go, guuurrrrl!! so proud of your vocal abilities and your gutsi-ness. elli loves to play with boys only (if she has a choice) and girls if there are no boys around.

as for erika it's not that I am not proud of her sometimes border on the brink of "embarrassment"...but am glad that she is not taking it badly or suffering from low self-esteem. in fact she loudly proclaim she is number 35 in a class of 37. i scratch my head!! we have tried all works even bribery...used to say if u get 20 and above, we take u to we gotta say if u get 35 and above...coz we really wanna go!! she is just an excuse to pack our bags. what crazy parenting is this??

i seriously have no clue what is happening in erika's head...her teachers have been telling us from 3 years old till now that she's one word - "dreamy". when will she wake up? i dunno, this sleeping beauty need to awaken with a potent kiss.

update 24 June
erika showed us her report card - she's not 35 but 34 in a class of 38!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

baby turned 1

well she turned one on 28 April...celebrated on labour rememberance of all the labour mommy went thru and is still going thru!!

small teeny weeny party amongst family only.

our birthday girl took to the limelight and perform on the piano - to the delight of everyone, reading the "notes" and turning the pages and playing the keys - multi-tasking!! she is still maintaining her beautiiifoool figure.

her che che helped her blow off the "only" candle.

she has 4 teeth and is starting to bite us...especially our feet. yuucks! she never bite when she had 3 teeth...?? wonder why?

starting her separation anxiety stage...croc tears when she sees anyone leave without bringing her "kai kai" (along).

bunny teeth

finally, its coming...after 5 long years of waiting, worrying if it will every make its grand appearance and quiet prayers. we were estatic when the top left front tooth pop out, but the right one took it's own sweeeet time.

now comes the nagging broken record - "go brush your teeth" "have you brush?" "go brush now!!"

actually this happened last now only record coz so many things happened in April/May...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

swine or no swine

finally all set to vancouver and vegas...yahooo.

though half part is all's way better than nothing.

so very busy

will post later

daddy is sooo ecstatic - he's very pro-US (dunno why?) though he will never admit it.
like he's a leftie and he will deny it (crazy??)

baby birthday has come and she's officially a toddler and behaves like an auntiiiieee. babbling more wordy words out and starting to "fight" with her big sisters...we can safely declare the house need sound proofing.

p.s. did the Sea to Sky Highway, between Vancouver and Whistler, the most stunning road trip with daddy...memories to last a lifetime!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

elli's counting

was talking to elli and she was asking me "how many babies do i want?"

i said 3

she said i want 10 babies

wah so many ah? are u sure?

then she showed me how she carry her babies. 1 on each arms...then she say see mom i carry 2 babies...then she says she bring them out and other people ask her "wow 2 babies ah"

elli gave a sheepish smile and say, i will tell the people.... "i still have 8 babies at home" kaKAKAAA (loud crazy laugh from this elli)

for a kid that's not 4 yet...she good in her maths!! and deduction skill.

who's the maid now??

how is life without the maid? did i sound too exhilarated in my earlier post?

that's becoz it has been far. no worries of things being "taken away" or "broken" or "poisoned".

there's PEACE in the house (something that $$$ can't buy)

...minus all the chores and a little chaos that is. but daddy thinks we need a maid coz he dun like to see his team of girls slaving for the house. i am now on the hunt for new maid...praying hard that this one will be "normal"...not asking a lot...not that there is a lot to ask for nowadays, with all the crazy maid stories.

i seem to enjoy the workout from moping - i wish i can add this to my resume - ability to mop 10,000 sq feet a day...kkakkakakakak (shows i have good health to my potential employers!!! - with all my muscle abilities)

cleaning the house can be quite therapeutic and also gives a sense of "accomplishment"...i just wonder why the maid never seem to get this kind of "enlightenment" when they work for us.

i just thank God for my a team of cleaners = even though they are small. dun call me a slave driver, i am just teaching them about "life".

always be GRATEFUL for small miracles in small packages

baby almost one now...time to train her to hold the mop!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

new toy

maid just lari off with our sony ericsson plus all the money in my wallet...

not much feelings, no anger or depression - except maybe a little betrayed...but that passed too quickly

coz daddy went and bought me a brand new (not the usual pass me down toy) iphone!! yipppeee

lots of games to play, the girls are also happy cos they can stop harressing daddy for his (for the time being).

que sara sara

bad things go away

new toy come my way


they girls have been great after the maid "cabuted"...they actually are closet domestic-goddess. now that we know their potential...we are quite happy to discover their cleaning powers. elli is moping and cleaning and wiping. erika- washing dishes, making beds, washing shoes and of cos her fave - ironing!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

erika needs help

this year i thot of giving erika a break from all her tuition classes, and hope for the best - literally.

i gave her free reign of getting her own work done ~ like a big little girl should and hoping beyond hope that she will not fail in any of her papers. wishful thinking!!

even dangle a tempting carrot ~ saying if she do better than half her class...meaning in a position of 20 or above, we will take her to see a real princess in disneyland. guess can kiss that "carrot" goodbye too.

yes she failed...quite miserably. even her teacher called and asked what happened? i was wondering ~ isn't it your job to make her pass? why ask the parents when we are not the teachers?

so what did the good parent do? we finally sent her for tuition (defeats our original purpose of giving her independence and free time). guess she dun need so much free time on her hands. well it's not the normal kind of tuition, we are tying her on kumon mandarin. i thot we will "empower" her so that she can conquer her tests and come out with some colours except RED!

that's our temporary response to this situation, if it gets any worse, we will change school where english is the first language and mandarin is the sub-subject.

as for elli, will most probably sent her in for mandarin tuition when she turns 4?? learn our lessons from no.1.

Monday, March 16, 2009

speaking german

this morning's conversation with elli

"i want a gudder mommy"
"what is a gudder mommy?"
"a gudder mommy dun scold me wan"
"then i also want a gudder elli, a gudder elli dun scold me too"
"nooooooooo, you are a badder mommy, always scold me"

"i want a gudder mommy, gudder mommy dun go to work"
"can you be a gudder mommiiii??"
**very difficult question - dun have answer to that one**

"i want a gudder che-che"
"what does a gudder che-che do"
"a gudder che-che loves me"
"so your che-che loves you right?"
"i love che-che 20 times, che-che only love me 1 time!"
**she's right, her che-che thinks she's a pain now**

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

baby progress

i survived the weekend.

baby has been such an active girl. she's now into body-slamming, throwing her weight around and testing if gravity works all the time. slam onto my body (ouuuchh!) then slam onto daddy, slam onto popo, kong kong, pillows, cushions...not on the floor (she knows that's not very clever thing to do). if she body slam her sis, she will get a loud she knows that's off-bounds too. rules to live by for a baby!

**updated 16 march - baby has one more tooth out from the top gum, which i didn't notice until it's quite obvious (opps!!)**
with her 2 tiny bottom teeth out, she's now able to chow down more solids. thankfully not biting anyone yet. everything into the mouth still, but she being baby no 3...mommy is less paranoid as i think she will survive through it all. what mommy does is check her poo if anything "out of the ordinary" comes out the other end. mommy's new job is "poo checker".

separation anxiety is rearing its ugly head. so baby is clingy to mommy or popo especially if she knows we are going "out". she will be the first at the door. she seems to have the sixth sense that we will be leaving soon and walks in top speed to the door. she loves to go kai kai. who doesn't?

i think she's slim down a bit (still maintain at 10kg, no weight increase from last month) coz she's walking non-stop and sweating from all the exercise...mommy miss her once super chubby thighs. got her a pink jelly shoe (size 4 - for up to 18 months) from mothercare (on sale now). her tiny feet not very tiny huh?? 10 months wear 18th months shoes? but she's not crazy about them, more happy to chew them, if she had her way.

**update 16 march - went to paed, had slight fever, weight 10.7 kg, height 71 cm, doc amazed by her progress**

Saturday, March 07, 2009

busy weekend + hols ahead

daddy just came home with a nose job...well not the cosmetic surgery type (which he wished it was) but for medical reasons or else his sinus problems could kill him. so i have a big spoilt whinny baby on my hands to start off with, not counting the real 10kg baby and 2 cranky girls.

right after surgery, daddy was "a pain" coz he was "in pain", that was after the morphine stopped working its magic. at the hospital he was begging us to get a knife and stab him. being such a "loving and supportive" family, me and the girls think it was funny and laughed at him. even promise to bring a knife along the next time we visit was the only "consoling" words that seem logical at the time...kakkakaka

his throat was cut and sewn up again - so major sore throat...i call this his "die-t plan". surely he's gonna lose some pounds since he can't be eating much for a week...even better than swallowing diet pills i guess.

then there's the invite to a birthday bash to attend...happy got the gifts done and half wrapped in an isetan paper bag...recycling all my shopping bags as gift wrappers - save time wrapping mah.

some more popo will be taking a short break, leaving me to hold the fort...(**panick sikit**) dunno what to feed the "troop" at the home "fort". it will not be too funny if i made porridge for them for the whole duration of this weekend, but good for the recovering fella and baby.

see how it goes...can't wait for all the "trauma" and "drama" coming up over this weekend.

happy weekend

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

weekend retreat

last weekend, we check-in to our kay-el holiday with a grand view of the twin towers and kay-el tower. baby loves to look out the big windows and enjoy the view.

thanks to our membership cards.

we upgraded ourselves to the club floor so that we can eat for "free" - that's the sale gimmick, coz there's really no free lunch in this world. but being gullible holiday makers we bought into their sweet talk and ended up eating on the 38th floor. the view was great and was swarmed by "gwai-los". erika kept asking why got so many "gwai-los"? we gotta hush her up before parrot elli repeats in an ever louder voice.

back to room, found a huge weighing machine - for people with "ol flower eyes"

so step on gotta eat summore...must maintain all the curves.

elli's turn - 18 kg...aiyooo no wonder my back is breaking la

erika - 22 kg onli after stuffing her with so much food, gotta send her to more buffet

then daddy's turn....aiyoooo so much ah?? gotta go on a strick diet ledi lor!

the fun part - playing in the lavish bathrooms with all the beautiful gold-plated bathroom accessories.

the girls had a blast, swimming in the tub and not the pool. tub better, warm waters and loads of bubbles, safer too. they played washing "clothes" and the "clothes" was the shower cap.

of cos they flooded the bathroom but no sweat la...the cleaners will take care of it, and also free flow of soft white towels to keep the floors slip-free. i know not very environmental friendly - but once in a long time only they get to waste so much .

after wrinkled up in the tub, erika then eye the only toy (iron & board) in the room. and she has been playing it non-stop. we went home with crisp ironed clothings....she loved this holiday. next time i just bring an iron to occupy her, even the big flatscreen telly was not captivating enuff.

at nite, daddy drove us round the corner to the best nasi-lemak stall in town - nasi lemak antarabangsa. even the girls enjoyed the fluffy aromatic santan rice...after eating that only happy to go to bed.

next morning, went for breakie, i think we drank at least 12 big glasses of fresh juices among the 4 of us...of cos went jamban a lot after tat.

time to check out - the girls kept begging to stay longer, but back to reality la...

Cute Blogger Award

wah...long time no one tag me happy finally kena one from i still owe one loooong tag to wmd ...opps!!

2ma has 2 lil' boys (not hers)...time for her to adopt one more, so they can pair up with my 3 lil girls . hahahhaa

Here are the rules:
1. Copy Badge “2008 Cute’s Blogger Award” and put it on your blog
2. Link or tell a bit about the person who gave you the award...
"Bonnie" - I have never met Bonnie. Briefly, I will describe her as a young pretty mummy with a cute little boy, WaWa
3. Each one of you who receive this award must list down 10 facts/hobbies about yourself...

Some of my hobbies are:
1 sleeping (is this counted as a hobby)
2 eating good food
3 reading mags when i have the time...before the baby shred it to pieces
4 window shopping and hoping for a great bargain
5 sleeping some more (very deprive currently)
6 eating (coz wanna maintain weight...)
7 sewing - more like mending the girl's clothes
8 planting things -seeing things grow and not "die"
9 i like going to work - is a form of escapism from the girls - at least for a good 9 hours!
10 i adore my girls & love them to bits

4. Pass this award to 10 bloggers and link them in your blog

Friday, February 20, 2009

old flower eyes

i better record this before i go "blind"

when i first heard the phrase, i was wondering too...what is this "old flower eyes". turns out its a direct translation from a cantonese saying "lo fah ngan"

and i can honestly tell you that if an object goes beyond a certain viewing distance, i can actually see it getting "blurrry flowerrry" too...sad or what?? not even the best eye cream can save me now.

arrggghhh why is it happening so early...u think if i gobble down loads of fish and tons of wolfberries (kei chee) now, will my eyes go back to its original twinking self?

i dun mind to be a flower, dun mind being an old flower too...but please dun give me ol' flower eyes....pleeezzzeeeee

sleeping thru the nite

i wish i can proudly proclaim the title of this post. but unfortunately my girls are not good sleepers. they think nite time naps are just like noon time naps, where you sleep for an hour or 2 then get up to PLAY!!!

so if you have a chat with me, and sometime i look "blank" or "too quiet" or "unresponsive", you should take note that my mind has just taken a snooze. the art of sleeping with my eyes open - have been a perfected art since schooling days. hahahaha

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lady in red

mommy likes to dress me up. i am just like a lil' chubby doll for her to play. mommy love to take pictures of me ~ making me pose - sitting on our new red bean bag chair (what a clash of colours with my pink top!).

i think i took my first wibbly wobbly steps on Feb 5, just a little over my ninth month mark. only 2 - 3 tiny steps. mommy is so excited she can't wait to put on "real" shoes for me. bye bye to my crawling days?? see i look like i am dancing.

finally i can feel a little tooth bud piercing out of my lower gum...hmmmm time for more "solid" food.

look i am so tall i can pull myself up the piano, stretch out my arms and start making noise music!

my new past time - sucking my yummy toe!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

she nose it

yes baby nose it...just like bill clinton. hahahaha

i have been teaching baby to name her nose and ears. playing the point and name game for 2 days and now she "nose" it. when i ask her nose?? she will point with her index finger to the right feature on my face.

is my baby a genius or not? one proud "nose it" mama talking here.

she's also babbling a lot and can blurt out pa-pa, ma-ma occasionally. she's so big that she can fit into both her sister's tops without looking sloppy. baby's hair still not there yet but thankfully "nose it" mama's hair is growing back to it's normal crowning glory after a crazy hormonal period of thinning hair.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

happy mooo year

1st happy moo moo year to all!

since i am also a moo moo this year...must celebrate with more gustoo!

about my last post, all those mommies asking if my girl ever get sick from the (acid??) rain...

answer is no la...coz she's as strong as a bull! (pun intended)

and weighs like one too, even though she dun get to eat a lot...she has been getting more curious and the temptations is really getting to her. she kept saying "why can't i eat all the nice food?" (solly, really solly dunno what happen during the gene pool mixed up, ended up with you having all the skin allergies)

does having "o" blood group makes it worse? she's the only one with "o" the other 2 are "b" for "best" i guess. the allergies are driving us nuts! hopefully outgrow it before she turns 4.

got a great sale to share, saw it on the net...and i am eyeing a strikingly beautiful red digital camera from the sale. it would definitely be great for capturing picture of the girls for my scrapping project.

plan to take loads of pic and grab the photobook promo - buy 1 get 1 free u go grab one too k!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

rain dance

when i was a kid, popo said "no playing in the rain...or else you get sick" so we avoided the rain like the plague.

but now, when the rain comes (no thunder la)....po po happily lets the "grand" kiddies run wild...dancing in the rain (double standards wan!! kakakkaa)

see elli..."swiiimiiing on the deck" not sure if this is the right way to teach her how to swim?

anyway this is one good way to ensure the kiddies bathe after dancing in the rain. some days it's really hard to throw them into the kudos showers...those dirty buffaloooos.

they should be happy - "more water play time" in our ideal standard bathrooms complete with the nicest bathroom accessories.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


trying to do some "spring" cleaning but with the girls around, it can get very distracting.

as i was clearing the drawers, elli came and see if there are any treasures to be found amongst the junk. she eyed this object and kept saying why have i been hiding it from her all this while...she insisted that i give her the special chunky "jewelry".

and being such a sweet generous mommy...i offered her daddy's best gift that has been stashed in the drawer for months.

see the treasure she saw which we all overlooked!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

1st day in kindy

last nite made a pack with elli...if she dun be cranky in the morning for this whole week - she will be rewarded with slurrpee...yes...our new bribery weapon.

so this morning, she tried her best to control herself...not too bad...(cross fingers - got another 4 days before reward day)

off she went...happy & excited.

came home...asked her how her day went....

she said this

teacher gave me a sticket and then one girl in school keep asking to see the sticker. keep disturbing me say "i wanna see, i waaannnaaa see", so i scold her

she ask me "are you very big ah?"

i said "YESSS!"

she said "you bigger than jesus?"

i said "no but i am just big than you!"

Thursday, January 08, 2009

latest crazzee

i was soooo exhilarated when erika told me she lurve to do this...who wouldn't?

she would beg (on her knees, if i asked her too) to get her hands on one of them and start slogging away on the crazy "board". whenever she eye us opening up the "board", she will be the first to jump and grab it.

this is basically what she has been pestering non-stop to me and popo and the maid the whole holiday to let her do.

and if we stop her, tears will come streaming down her black black face! (what a spoilt brat!! kakakaka)

caught her on camera - doing her latest craze. look at her shocked face.
the pile high of clothes is like a "dream come true" to her! the more crumpled the better...

she love to sweat it out and slave over this!! look at my baby in full concentration, with such "speed"!! if i ever wanna migrate...i have my very own laudry-darling with me...(wei laundryamah...give u a run for your $$)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

things i did for the looong hols

some snapshots of the fun we had during the hols....this is the only hols where we did not go anywhere...yup not even to a nice kay-el hotel for a short one-niter...dunno what our mom & dad have been doing?? but kong kong & po po went to thailand twice and mom went to india (came back right on the day of the bombing) and dad went to vietnam....where did we go??...noooooo where!!!

how did we entertain ourselves...we played beauty princess...look at me...pose here & there with my crown and earrings.

after playing with girls for too long....we go catch kong kong as our latest "model" for "beautification" process....see preettiii or not??

i was harping on mom to make a grass skirt for me for the longessst time...finally she did it with loads & loads of old ribbons!

dancing the hoooo-laaa...on the stairs....see me move! look at my hands...

had my school concert...i lurrve the crowd...the more they cheer, the more excited i was and the more i waved and waved...and they cheered even more...i wish i was on the stage all my life!!

sean the little mousekin and i am the preetiest pinkiest flower girl! mommy love my costume but wish it was a little bigger so that i could wear it for a while longer...nevermind then baby can wear it soon...coz she's already starting to wear a lot of my "pass-me-down" clothes.
posing for pictures after the finale...with me is my cousin who did the "arabian dance" (very serious face...dun smile for camera)
baby is still as chubby (8 months old on 28 dec)...her latest learned skill is standing up all by herself...she should be taking her 1st step anytime soon...look at her cutest smile...but she is one screaaaaameeer when she dun get her way.

helllooooo baby in the tiger stripe diaper...sealer brand...not bad, got it cheap from a credit card have a whole cupboard of diapers that will last another 8 months (i hope!!)

baby waiting for her food....for food i will stop screeamiiing or whiiineeeeiiing...hurry please! i need to maintain my beautiiful figure.

baby sits like a lil japanese doll...

mommy must have been tired and daddy was in "charged" of 3 girls....the result of which is this photo that daddy took before he cleaned up the "damaged" to mom's lipstick! me trying my very best to look "GOOD".

what do you think of my make-up skill? wanna be my model?