Saturday, March 07, 2009

busy weekend + hols ahead

daddy just came home with a nose job...well not the cosmetic surgery type (which he wished it was) but for medical reasons or else his sinus problems could kill him. so i have a big spoilt whinny baby on my hands to start off with, not counting the real 10kg baby and 2 cranky girls.

right after surgery, daddy was "a pain" coz he was "in pain", that was after the morphine stopped working its magic. at the hospital he was begging us to get a knife and stab him. being such a "loving and supportive" family, me and the girls think it was funny and laughed at him. even promise to bring a knife along the next time we visit was the only "consoling" words that seem logical at the time...kakkakaka

his throat was cut and sewn up again - so major sore throat...i call this his "die-t plan". surely he's gonna lose some pounds since he can't be eating much for a week...even better than swallowing diet pills i guess.

then there's the invite to a birthday bash to attend...happy got the gifts done and half wrapped in an isetan paper bag...recycling all my shopping bags as gift wrappers - save time wrapping mah.

some more popo will be taking a short break, leaving me to hold the fort...(**panick sikit**) dunno what to feed the "troop" at the home "fort". it will not be too funny if i made porridge for them for the whole duration of this weekend, but good for the recovering fella and baby.

see how it goes...can't wait for all the "trauma" and "drama" coming up over this weekend.

happy weekend


NomadicMom said...

how come sinus cut the throat one??
I thought the sinus is located around the cheek area?

NomadicMom said...

Oh. Yeah... Hope your hubs recuperates from the surgery quick-quick...

Annie Q said...

Sinus cut throat? Hmmmm..i think my sil also went for her sinus operation, but just nose only wor??

Hope ur hub get well soon.