Monday, March 16, 2009

speaking german

this morning's conversation with elli

"i want a gudder mommy"
"what is a gudder mommy?"
"a gudder mommy dun scold me wan"
"then i also want a gudder elli, a gudder elli dun scold me too"
"nooooooooo, you are a badder mommy, always scold me"

"i want a gudder mommy, gudder mommy dun go to work"
"can you be a gudder mommiiii??"
**very difficult question - dun have answer to that one**

"i want a gudder che-che"
"what does a gudder che-che do"
"a gudder che-che loves me"
"so your che-che loves you right?"
"i love che-che 20 times, che-che only love me 1 time!"
**she's right, her che-che thinks she's a pain now**


Annie Q said...

hahhahahah, so cute conversation!!!

mommy to chumsy said...

a gooder mother? or a god mother? haahhahaahahhha

little prince's mummy said...

It's good, love che che 20 times.. hahaha!~

BabyBooned said...

this is soo funny! she's really something!

Sasha said...

hahhahahaah this girl is really really cute