Friday, March 30, 2007

join the club

yes i have finally jumped into the make $$(??) band wagon…must try new things lah…this week has been very productive ~ learn to scrap and learn to ppp…

have a good weekend…hope i recover from my 3 weeks old cold soon…see doc ledi…but still stuck with the sickness! Dunno why doc didn’t give me any anti-biotics even when i requested for it…he thinks my immune system can fight it coz when I see him last week (meaning already 2 weeks carrying the germs), he only give me nose and phlegm medications.

ya sick sick still can blog, scrap & ppp…hehehe

Romancing Tips

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breastfeeding teddy

wanna to scrap and no new photos, so korek an old pic to scrap la...itchy fingers

this is erika when she just turn 2. mommy has just stopped breastfeeding her for about six months. at this time, tiny baby sean was born (2.3kg only!!) so far sean is the most skinniest baby i have seen, coz erika and ellisa were huge! this auntie serena ah…diet la during pregnancy…mega vain! my poor sean.

erika saw auntie serena breastfed sean, so erika imitated her by breastfeeding her teddy…teddy needs his milk too!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

my first attempt at scrapbooking

i love art and crafts and handiwork. so when i visit all the blogs with such lovely scraps…i so admire them but i was also so so jealous (literally green with envy!).

i had to learn how to do it.

the most exhausting and gruesome part was downloading freebies scraps, since scrrrreamiiix was so “reliable”, instead of downloading at a speed of 100kb/sec (give face already say 100kb, i thot they promised 1megabyte…i know, i know promises can be broken) sometimes, the line dropped to 5kb/sec…can you imagine to download 30meg file… “tolerance” and “stamina” is my new mantra.

otherwise, i must say it was a very good learning experience, as i am not very savvy in maneuvering all the technicalities of photoshop…or to say the least any software programs.

well finally my first “masterpiece??” or more likely my first attempt at some artistic display on the pc.

still trying

still struggling

still playing

and amusing myself.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

all about ellisa ~ 20 months old

since a lot of mommy do milestones account of their product child, i will do one for ellisa lah.

when i am home, i get trailed, followed and pursued by a cutie lil’ stalker. when popo wants to carry her...then she will tell popo… “i wan my ma-ma-ma-ma-ma, norrrt ewe”…see la…popo a little hurt la…after taking care of her whole day…once mommy is home…ditch popo and stuck on to mommy.

i am surprise she can string out such a long sentence…other sentences she can say now are (actually my memory very lousy nowadays…so try my best to recall some)

"lup ewe mommiee" "lup ewe daadiee" "lup ewe por por" "lup ewe kong kong"

"mommiee go orrfees"

"noooooo, doe wan"

(after she did something wrong, give sorry look) "sorrrriieee mommiee" (then give you a kiss **, how to be angry with her) one thing i must say she is very generous with her kisses and hugs, when she is in the mood.

"huug me, mommiee"

(if she can’t open the door) "open theee doooor, open theeee door" (if no one response to her, then she will add this) "oppen theee doooor…peeezzeee"

mommy caught her in the act of playing the tap again!! she knows she has step over the line…she panicked and was taken by surprise when i caught her…

top left pic…carry stool to reach tap, on and off tap to waste play water
top right pic… give me the sheepish grin and the husky guilty laugh (ya she got a lil’ husky voice..dunno if it temporary or permanent)
left pic below…look at hands, dare not look at mommy…
right pic below…hanging on to the sink…waiting for mommy to disappear…so that she can waste play water again… mommy had no choice but to cart this nauti girl away… i know it won’t be long before she finds her way back to the tap…this one need 24 hours surveillance…only serene time is when she is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

talking about taps, get great taps from!!!

look what her mischief got her into…even then she is not afraid of pain, and when i wash the wound with warm water, she must have felt prickly, she went scratching on the raw wound…me screaming to stop her…daddy say she may not have much pain receptors!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

10 reasons why i marry a kl-ite

kena tagged by angeleyes and from reading her blog, learned new word from her ~ stewpit...see blogging improves your vocab. thanks for the tag and also for expanding and enhancing my ying-gerish!

ok here 10 reasons why i marry daddy...

1. met at my work place…he suppose to be my computer kon-sal-tant…after 1st meeting…he non-stop email me say can consult me in all areas…say is willing and able to assist anywhere, anytime…even after offis hours...thought got free service mah...thought got a good deal for my company…not me??? young and na├»ve then, now wiser not older la.

2. he is always my official “chauffer”. (really appreciate that he sends me to work everyday...that's why i am never early...coz he takes a long time to do his hair...he has more hair gadgets than me! ya he's very particular about his karipup hair) he say he hopes to retire from this “chauffer” post soon…he says when he has a very healthy and bulging bank account, he will employ an “ah mat cum bodyguard” for me and the angels, then he can sit back with us and enjoy the beautiful kl skyline.

3. he can cook up a storm to impress any father or mom in law (i am just the opposite) his butter prawns are just soooo yummy! everywhere he goes, he unofficially takes over the stove…i just sit back and enjoy the food (just fyi..before we had the maid…ya he sure can cook a storm but i had to clean up the stormy mess.)

4. he can fix almost anything…from computers to electrical wiring and gadgets to plumbing, even using the sewing machine (he sewed our curtains when we 1st moved into new $$$) (again me opposite again)…but he only does that in his most productive “mood” …or not…the picture that needs to be hung up can be lying there for months before he picks up his drill…but once he’s in the mood…wah!…can fix up all the lights, cabinets, anything la that needs fixing…once he stop work…hibernation period sets in…then we have to wait until the mood arrives again.

5. he is a neat freak…for example his towels must he hung neatly and aligned on the towel rail (again i am the opposite) so i learned to be a more “uncluttered” soul or else kena sounding from him. alot of opposite from him huh? looks like opposite attracts.

6. since kampong in kl, no need to make exodus back to hometown during chinese new year…escape the north south expressway crawls.

7. he know the best “siu yok” in town…yummy and also he knows where to wine & dine in all the kl nooks. we love food ok...finally got similarities...and can eat for can guess it we love buffet! and erika is learning the ropes from us...passing down good habits!! kakakaka

8. in case popo can’t babysit…always can fall back on mom or sis in-laws…as back-up babysitting plan.

9. shopping, shopping, shopping…he's a shopaholic worse than me...he knows when to go, where to park, and fastest way to get there…zig zagging thru the kl traffic is a very neat skill (can even put this in your c.v.) we all luuurrve a good bargain. good thing is he buys very nice presents for the moment watches is his latest i have 2 new watches over the last 2 weeks...very happy woman la! but then when the credit card bills arrive...pengsan la. i know he's secretly eyeing on a Audemars Piguet!!

10. we get to holiday in kl…no stress, no fuss…just pack a light overnite bag…drive to a nice hotel…check-in…and relax…no itinerary, no worries

overall, he is a big softie with me and the girls, which means we can manipulate him around our lil’ fingers…ya la…he adores us and love us very muchiee! we also adore him and the girls luurve to shower him with kisses in the morning and big big hugs...daddy always wakes up happy!

Monday, March 26, 2007

sunday outing with erika

had a very leisurely sunday with erika. just the 2 of us. since i told her about it, she was very excited and was looking forward to klcc and the mommies meet.

pictures taken before leaving the house…sean was there to entertain ellisa and popo volunteered to take care of them...was so thankful since daddy had a friendly golf torny with his rally pals.

this is mommy’s first time meeting with most of the other blog mommies… a little shy at first la…of cos that didn’t last long…coz it was a very warm & friendly party…thanks oscar mommy for organizing and inviting me…eh...maybe next time will bring ellisa and “show her off”!

the best part to me is to finally meet the faces of the little children…well, was surprise that the children seem to have shrunk in size from the pictures on their blog…guess we had “big” or “tall” or “huge” expectations…very optimistic mah!

pictures of the beautiful children can be seen on jazzmint’s blog…our “official” photographer…she brought a very professional looking camera!

after the meet…very “itchy” hands and legs…can’t wait to go browse the shops since there was a mega sale on. must say was it very productive and got very good bargains for the items below…just luuurrvve good bargains.

see what erika chose for herself…obviously all pink…top and pants and sweater. the clothes were just a little big but i guess she will grow into them soon.
look how happy erika is with her new outfit.

not forgetting shoes for Erika...popo said it look so ah po!

ellisa trying out che-che's shoes...danger danger walkin down stairs on heels
fair 2 pairs shoes for ellisa...when we got home ellisa was fast asleep but mommy was too eager so had to try the new shoes even when she's asleep.

and of cos last but not least…shoes for mommy!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

the hand??? the hand?

this week, erika started whimpering and whining non-stop before bed-time… her story this time is “daddy…please sleep with me, i am scared…there’s a hand in my bed…it’s very scary…it only disturbs me in my bed…it hides under the blanket…i am scared…it hide in my bed only coz my bed is very nice…” (dunno what’s her logic here!)

only just about 2 months of sleeping on her own bed, erika is now trying to “crawl” her way back into our bed.

so daddy tried sleeping in the single bed with her for one nite and immediately regretted it coz…as soon as he crawl back to our bed…erika starts her moaning and follow suit (like playing cat and mouse)…and for all that, daddy gets rewarded with a sleepless nite plus extra aches in the neck and body.

mommy very clever, when erika moan about her bed…i send her to the complaints department…..daddy la!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

bag tag

ya i agree this is tag season..i see all mommies doing their tag kena tag by mummyinvain...thanks ya!

well wats in my bag...used to carry a smaller bag...then bag grew...hehhe..just like our bed too...

today came to office...used office camera to take pic of bag...u see only free to do blogging at home...too busy...hahahaha

my big green from my cousin (the lang lui bride) u can spot my bag from a mile away.

ok most important wallet (gift from daddy a long time ago when he went to germany...waiting for new prezzie to replace this one soon..hint hint if he is reading) that i have money to buy food...

handphone (another gift from daddy)...hand me down gift more like it...whenever he upgrade his phone i get the "disposed" phone loh!

my office keys - to open the office door

bills and cheque pay bills la...obviously.

gift vouchers that daddy got from his office chinese new year party...gotta use them soon.

hair clips - to beautify my newly perm hair.

story book - to entertain me when i take the train home...only time i read...besides sitting on the "throne"

some pills - to relieve back got slipped disc problem!, need to exercise...sometime...soon...heheh

medical cards - the 2 angels and mine...just in case la...(touch wood)

tissues & specs cloth...can't wear contacts...eyeballs too round...curviture not suitable for contact sold here...need prescriptive contacts…there goes my idea of having green eyes, to match my green bag mah!

Friday, March 16, 2007

my little opportunist

early this morning...kong kong took mommy to work coz daddy had a very early morning meeting.

when ellisa saw my kongkong going out of the main door...wah she so “seng mook”, quickly run after him, barefoot and all...then follow him to his driver seat...coz she know kong kong stash a few sweets on the door pocket.

with her most angelic eyes, she will ask for “tweet...tweet…kong kong”. you tell me la...can the kong kong say NO??? to such a request…even though mommy has said no more sweets for them…or not i will have toothless angels soon.

then the cheeky little girl…saw mommy coming…oh no!...she quickly ask kong kong “open…open”…then in a split second safely put the sweet inside…then give me the victory grin…slowly walk back into the house.

then mommy say “ellisa, u full of shit (which she was literally) still so gung ho go take sweet first, next time no more ah”. like all children i didn't think she cared what i said long as her reward was safe in her mouth.

see la grandparents… see their angelic face already...lost all logic!!! maybe when mommy become grandparent also the same leh?

weight of a name

remembered the meeting i had in bangladesh 2 years ago and we had a special guest by the name of ian ball…pronunciation of his name is like this… “eee-yan ball”.

of cos the bangladeshi host came from better schools and had their own special twang or slang of their own and therefore have their own "unique" style of articulation. these are some fine examples of how the proud host introduced this guest of honour.

it is with my utmost pleasure to have mr i…ron…ball as our distinguish guest of honour at this grand…

as a token of our appreciation to mr i…ron ball….i am happy to present...

we would like to invite mr i…ron ball to say a few words...

i am sure he felt the weight of his “name” lifted off his shoulders…when he left that country!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The A-Z Of Yourself Meme

kena tagged by lovelymummy

so must do homework vely boring life...that what my doc said...of cos he put it in a nicer word since he is more learned and an intellectual snob....he calls my life "sedentary" ...make it sound more terror la...which in other words...boring lo or doc said "good life" meaning no need to do hard labour, just "sit and be served" here goes...

[A is for age]:

this year is my lunar calendar u guess la...12, 24, 36, 48

[B is for booze of choice]:

sweet dessert wine...ais wine would be great!

wish to join wine of the month clubs too so that i get to enjoy them for free...i hope.

[C is for career]:

not ambitious la...dun wanna slave too much mah.

[D is for your most dreaded]:

can i put relatives here....ehh...better not...only in my secret blog i can blah about it...

[E is for essential items you use everyday]:

wah so many stuff essential wor...toothpaste, toothbrush, blusher, eye brow pencil...glasses, watch.....

[F is for favorite song at the moment]:

not musically inclined...can live without music wan.

[G is for favorite games]: can consider a game?...trying to find the nicest thing in the shortest time and on the best bargain.

[H is for Hometown]:

pee jay

[I is for indulgence:]

sleeping, eating, eating and more good food please. (sollyla, but i need to maintain my weight...i have vely good jeans...which makes me loose weight even if i snooze whole day)

[J is for favorite flavor of juice:]

avacado juice

[K is for kids]:

my 2 angels, of cos and my 3 boxers

[L is for last hug from husband]

got a peck on the cheek tis morning la...dun remember hug

[M is for years of marriage]:

eh...going to reach the "7 year itch"

[N is for name of your crush]:

other people crush on me or i crush on them...

[O is for overnight hospital stays]:

2 nites for erika and total 4...that's more pleezzzz

[P is for phobias]:

rats, snakes

[Q is for quote]:

dun have...this kind of stuff...very engelish wan.

[R is for biggest regret:]

regret not spending more time with my frens

[S is for status, married or single]

married...most times happy, sometimes angry....sometimes wish i was single!!

[T is for time you wake up:]

when ellisa whines...sometimes 12 a.m....zzzz...1 a.m.....zzzz....4 a.m....zzzz....6a.m....zzz...finally get up and ready at 8++

[U is for underwear:]

of cos i wear them la! u think i pyscho!

[V is for vegetable you love:]

almost all...

[W is for worst habit:]

pinching food

[X is for x-rays you’ve had]:

a few la...standard medical exam

[Y is for yummy food you make]:

from the packet...macaroni & cheese (erika's fave)

[Z is for zodiac sign]:

the balancing act

see not very exiting stuff....maybe these mommies can share more interesting facts about themselves la....

my life zone
nomadic mom
princess mummy

Monday, March 12, 2007

cny decorations

see what the girls did with the cny deco? instead of decorating the pussy willow ...they decorate themselves la since cny is over and it's time to bring down the deco!

anyone wanna copy their idea?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

cannot comment

when i am free a little at work, i love to go visiting...before i started blogging...will visit and kacau other frens in the go visit fren's site and read and busy body give comments loh.

dunno why these 2 days cannot submit comments on wordpress or blog site...very frus la...anyone can help ah? why suddenly like that...blogspot angry ah? or retaliating coz some mommies moved to wordpress?

any suggestions so i can start giving my 2 cents worth on ur sites?

my 5 wishes for my angels

5 wishes by a parent for their children TAG

kena tagged by laundryamah...when i kena hit with a tag...dunno why...mind just go blank (must be kena hit very hard!) and dunno how to write...

just like erika in her approach to work...homework la (write one word…stop…day dream…then mommy says “erika do your work”…then continue next work….dream…the cycle continues).

i think she same like me…need to dream, dream, dream for inspiration to flow before able to write anything meaningful coz this tag vely important one...

it's my top 5 wishes for my angels

1. that they each have a great personal relationship with god…this is most important so they will be grounded in life…not like a wavering leaf…floating everywhere with no direction.

2. we have the best mommy-daughter relationship in the world…we share everything…gossips, clothes, beauty tips and secrets…

3. that they will always try to do the right thing…very hard to follow la in this world but all i hope is they at least “try their best”.

4. that they will be strong in every circumstances…but not strong headed or rebellious la…strong in spirit to face life challenges.

5. they will always have love, joy and peace. what else better could i wish for them?

got some more wishes wish they always have money in their pocket, no financial worries, or worries about war or accidents, always have a roof over their head, always have good food to fill their tummy and a nice comfy bed to rest, always healthy...aiyah....mommies all like tat la...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

lion dance to usher the year of the "golden pig"

read mom2ashley blog on the lion dance and wanna jot down that erika is terrified of the “dong dong dong chang” and of cos the lively dancing lion. she will be crying loudly and hugging daddy for dear life…and poor daddy gotta carry her away…as far as possible until she feels the distance is safe enough, then she stops wailing. not very good “yee see” (sign) la to see a child cry during chinese new year celebration…so we try our best to prepare her before a performance and cart her away when the tears start falling.

funnily she loves to watch lion dance on tv, or see pictures of them in magazines…its just the real thing is just way too much for her heart…especially the catchy beat of the drums. who can forget that pulsating beat?

hopefully she will outgrow this fear by next chinese new year.

ellisa on the other is not afraid…well at this moment she has no fear also la of most things. she can even point out pictures of lion dance and say “lye dan”.

ellisa ~ even my “lat lat” (spicy) ploy to stop her from eating some forbidden food also does not scare her…she will still try the food…and if really “lat lat” then she will “pui” (spit) out in a most un-girly fashion…and ask for “waaader…waaader”.

Monday, March 05, 2007

wedding bells

she was my bridesmaid at my its her lil' cousin all grown up and sooo preettiii...of cos la, all brides are preetti.

these photos are taken by her hubby with their own camera...the professional ones are not out yet! last time when i took my wedding pictures...never thot of bringing own camera also...aiyah that time not digital age yet kua...that's why la...