Friday, March 30, 2007

breastfeeding teddy

wanna to scrap and no new photos, so korek an old pic to scrap la...itchy fingers

this is erika when she just turn 2. mommy has just stopped breastfeeding her for about six months. at this time, tiny baby sean was born (2.3kg only!!) so far sean is the most skinniest baby i have seen, coz erika and ellisa were huge! this auntie serena ah…diet la during pregnancy…mega vain! my poor sean.

erika saw auntie serena breastfed sean, so erika imitated her by breastfeeding her teddy…teddy needs his milk too!


CutiePrincessMummy said...

Look like Erika is a future must breasfeeding 'mum'! Good, Good!

jazzmint said...

erika looks so cute n chubby hehe...

starting to get addicted to scrap eh ;)

Shannon said...

she looks so cute leh