Wednesday, December 19, 2007

merry christmas

today i officially change my nickname...cannot be mommy of 2 angels anymore mommy of 3 angels. so change the blog discription also la...just one number change only!

posting some photos of the last few weeks activities...very lazy blogging...end of the year lazy hols bug is really catching on.

this was done after deepavali...give face to all indians la...must make sure finish their festival before i put up my tree. all the 5 kiddies helping to put up this ol' year wanna get a new tree with fiber optic lights so i dun need to stuggle with the lights!!

the girls happily playing the shiny ornaments...erika pretend to wear them on herself...not on the tree! girls naturally like blings!

daddy went rallying in perlis with babyshern daddy...hey babyshern mommy...daddy says he know u too...of cos know babyshern daddy la!! obviously! next time i may tag along in the race too since i have never done that me so boring mah...breathe dust and look at engines, not my kind of fun. but since got another mommy there, then we go shopping la, maybe even spa together!! when daddy said perlis is in a sugar cane plantation...wah i quickly asked him to curi some home for me (cravings mah)...he said choi! u want me to bang the cane meh. so until now i still haven't got any sweets from daddy! dun say flowers la!

so you think i still should go get this for daddy ~ Technomarine watch, eventhough he so mean to me.

finally some christmas photos of the gang...taken at the curve...merry christmas!

water colour

took leave one day to play with the "gang" i made some water colour for them to mess the house...the maid pengsan...but i dun care la...i lurve creating work for her.

got the water colour recipe from marthastewart website.

homemade finger paints are nontoxic, washable, and always available. great for ellisa since we need to be so careful with her.

Stir 4 tablespoons of sugar and 1/2 cup cornstarch together; add 2 cups of cold water, and heat over medium heat until the mixture is thick (the mixture will further thicken as it cools).

Divide into four or more containers, and add food coloring as desired.

the 'gang' really have a colourful time painting the house down.

Friday, December 07, 2007

it's a girl!!!

aiyooo i thot the DNA picture was so clear...guess all you mommies failed science test heheheheh!!

yes i will be having 3 princesses...happy days!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

amnio results

just got the call from the clinic...thank god everything is normal!! really praise god that all is well...very very happy day!

here is the chromosome picture of baby.

so can u guess the sex?? easy rite!! ehehehhee

Thanks For Being My Friend Award

Award time!! Thanks to this award giving Lovely Mummy.
I would like to pass this award to my dear friends :

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Q & A

finally, someone in my office notice the lil' bump and i am already half way thru this pregnancy...hehehe the next surprise will be i will be off during peak time and escape the bulk of the work...yahooo.....good timing baby!

the funny thing is when someone notice the bump...the usual questions are:

"are u pregnant?"
"are u having a baby?"

well you know the usual

but the "someone in the office" asked:

"are u in the family way?"

i was so puzzled, i was thinking what are you talking about...what way am i going at?? it took me a while before i could even answer....ehhhhh yessss...i suppose so.

well a confused mind ask confusing questions!!

and all of you would have guessed that the "higher" the position of the "someone in the office", the lower their mental "abilities" are! kakakkakaka **very mean mood today**

Monday, December 03, 2007

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child

yahoo kena tagged by Healthfreakmommy...

i guess i am one of those that never raise a hand rod to my 2 angels...dunno if i change or not with no. 3?

ya i am one of those who never used the rod...i use a more powerful weapon...WORDS!!

so far the girls have been like "angels" in our eyes....coz i can nagtalk & scold them until they act as lil' angels. (wah very manipulative mama here!)

we thot of getting a rod long, long time ago, (follow majority la & also dun wanna spoil them) but once we saw the rotan and pick it heart to buy it...quickly dump it back into the bin and walk out of the shop.

i guess having girls are easier when it comes to discipline, dunno if i have boys, i may keep a few rotans at every corner.

girls dun really play rough or violently, just the occasional hair-pulling (typical la), screamming...shouting, calling each other names, instigating with words (that one dunno learn from who?? *cover face* hehehe shy la)...lots of ugly word play here ~ girls are really good at this...i guess the worse elli did was spitting...ya quite teruk also la! hahahahaha

still we are sparing the rod for now...

tagging 5 (alphabetical order all A's):

all things purple

Instructions :**Start Copying Here**
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2nd - Let the blogger know that they have been tagged by leaving comment in their blog.

1. Miche does not spare the rod.
2. Chinnee still spare the rod at this moment.
3. Healthfreakmommy does not spare the rod.
4. scribbles for my angels never used a rod!

craving for sugar

i always have low blood pressure, so i naturally crave for sweets to boost my energy up...
so now preggy even more craving for sweets la

so my latest craze is for sugar cane juice (thinking of it all the time)...i even crave to chew and gnaw on the cane and sqeeze out the juice with my precious teeth...heard that it really strengthen your jaws & teeth...good exercise hor!! and also cleans your teeth no need to visit the dentist for scaling...heheheh i am sure!

daddy thinks i will get high on sugar & even maybe get preggy diabetic..."choi!!" so negative's after all fruit juice and all natural added sugar.

must go for my sugar high now....yummmiiiii

Friday, November 30, 2007

True Blue Award

Thanks to this Lovely Mummy for cheering me up!

Finally no more messy toilet stuff...end of my yucky story! happy to close that chapter...phew! did lots of fun stuff this week, went facial, ate yummy food, christmas shopping, made paints for the girls...will blog about it later la, going to watch kitaro today...yahooo...

Dolphins are blue, so true blue, calm in the storm, they never sleep,so ever-present, they’re friendly, so amicable, accountable, dependable,and protective. This award is presented for bloggers who always stand by you!

This is a reward to all my blogger frens. Thanks for all your comments, advice and nice thots that cheered me up whenever i see them.

Friday, November 23, 2007

testing 1 2 3

Before going into the gynea office we were so optimistic about the whole test results. Then when we met the gynea and as she was explaining the statistics, the probability, the risk and the chances…even though ours are like only 1% (1 in 95), she made it sound so terrifying.

We asked all sorts of questions, saying that the scan showed a perfect baby, but she said even that is not guaranteed. Since i know numbers, I almost wanted to ask how the whole risk thing is calculated, what if I was a little heavier, what if I was the baby dates were not right, what if…but the knot in my tummy and my throat was already tightening and I tried my best to speak as normal as I can. I can feel blood draining from my face.

Actually the double test result has an error of about 40%, so go figure la!! Which means half the results are false…man why did I even bother to do the test…crazy or what??

The gynea even scolded me for doing the test since I wasn’t gonna do anything about the baby…like terminating, but at that time, I didn’t even realized that she was scolding, i was so numbed.

After walking out of the gynea office, my head was still swimming with the numbers and the statistics. I just trial behind daddy as we walked to the was just like a bad dream.

I was still adamant that I would not pursue this further coz I have no intention of terminating, but daddy didn’t think so, but he dare not push it. He just needs to know!!!

Since we went down this horrible testing path…I guess we should just get it over and investigate further with the diagnostic test. I have no fear of needles and it’s just another test, so we went for our amnio.

The amnio test was almost painless and fast. Daddy was the nervous wreck and he wasn’t the one being poked! Man ah!

since we need to scan 1st before the amnio, the doc said it may be a girl...wah when daddy heard that he was ecstatic...beaming from ear to ear...then after we left the doc's off...he started smsing his frens and telling them he's gonna be daddy to 3 princesses! all i want is a normal healthy strong baby.

Then we found out that there are a new test (yes!! never ending) that is able to screen for downs even when you are in the 1st trimester…should have know that earlier. It is non-evasive, just a blood test to test beta hcg and papp-a hormones. The detection rate is about 95%, which is great la! If only I knew about it…oh well, no more next time, just pass this info for your education la!

**still in the dumps, will really need to go see a gastrologist or someone who understands the tummy if this persist another week!

Monday, November 19, 2007

baby baby!!

Shitty Sunday, whole day in the dumps, lived next to the throne so that I could run there in time and dun even ask me how many times I sat there on that day. thanks to all the binging on saturday, i dunno which food is the cause of the whole crazy loo episode.

So today ran to the doc to get some meds so that it would stop, coz I think I lost 1kg in a day. Not bad for a very successful slimming program, unfortunately I was not aiming for that. worried about baby though.

By mid-day I was way much better, but I saw I had a missed call from my gynea. Any calls from her means bad news. I returned the call and the double blood test result turned out positive. I was disappointed but not devastated, since this test only tells me that I carry a higher risk but does not say anything else - just a statistical number and not a diagnostic tool. Coz all my scans have been very good so far, I have faith that all will turn out well when I see my gynea tomorrow. I have already decided not to do the amnio, daddy agrees with that too.

i spoke too soon...i am back in the dumps again...guess i have more reasons to visit the gynea tomorrow.

will see how tomorrow goes...hope tomorrow is a better day.

***additional info:
These are 'screening tests' that measure the level of hormones in the blood and provide an 'estimation of risk' for chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome and Trisomy 18 and ventral wall defects (abdominal wall defect). *** (request from Mott)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

baby policy!!

at the recent gynea visit, i also brought up the subject of tubal ligation.

in the end the options are clear that it is way way way better if daddy did it and not me, coz a woman's body is so complicated, as expected la, so is everything else about a woman! but when i approach this subject with daddy, (it's like a taboo subject) he gets so irritated and thinks i am pushing him off the cliff, saying we have plenty of time to think about it.

he thinks all we need to do is not do it at the "wrong time" or use all the right stuff or just plain control! is that really possible all the time? i want to be 100% sure....dun get me wrong, i love and adore my angels but 3 is enuff la.

i wanna be in control of my own body, i dun wanna leave things to chance, not that i am a crazy control freak but this is about my life!

for a guy just shoot and that's it...well basically that's all....but for a's a whole long process if something is "cooking in the oven" la. there's the crazy roller coaster ride of preggynausiousness for 4 months (if u are lucky), then the swollen out-of-shapy time with hormones going wild....then the bone crushing and pushing a watermelon out of a pee hole! not even talking about the risk we have to bear in the whole process, after that gotta start dealing with all the "excesses" accumulated!

no way. i wanna be 100% sure that it won't ever happen again, not leaving anything to chance....or as daddy said...if god wants us to have....blah blah blah.

i am not playing god....but i am also angry what if he dun do ends up with me going thru a more dangerous op, taking all the risks on my poor body, and like i am doing it for myself...when it's actually for the family.

logically the answer is so simple...but emotionally and psychologically it's NOT!

Friday, November 16, 2007

tag max

finally time to do all my tags...will put all in this post...if i miss out any...tell me, then i masuk into this post summore...hahahah...looooong post la.

mega tags from laundryamah and WMD...both my school mates.

Shopping tips
wish i have more time and $$$ to do this...anyway, most of my shopping now is focus on my girls or house boring!

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When you receive this tag, copy the whole list and add your own shopping tip to the bottom and pass it on.

  • Wear comfy clothing when you’re shopping. You don’t wanna fuss with too many laces and buttons when you’re trying clothes on.
  • Choose stores offering some kind of reward program, e.g. purchase points, rebates or store coupons. Knowing how the program works and when to use them will save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Don’t wait until sales if you really like that particular piece of dress or shoes as your size could be sold out sooner than you realized. Just buy if you really like it, cause there is nothing much we can do once it’s gone, especially when you shopping abroad. Everyday health and beauty
  • Make sure you bring your credit card/cash la! If not how to shop lei?
  • if possible, have a shopping list or not you may end up with 2 pairs of shoes, a shirt, toys and not what you intended to get!

~ End copy ~

5 Links To 5 Own Posts
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Here are some specifications of the tag:
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Link TWO must be about friends: Big Birthday Bash ~ My girls fun day

Link THREE must be about yourself: Another phat tag ~ Random facts about me

Link FOUR must be about your love: why i marry daddy ~ and the answers are...

Link FIVE can be anything you like: japan trip ~ yummylicious trip

Supposed to tag 5 people…dunno who la...brain drain after doing this tag!

The Age I Wish To Go Back
when i was a child, my weekends were so carefree, relaxing horizontally on the sofa watching telly with my dad, lying on his arms and we could do this the whole afternoon!

what homework or extra-curricular activities...there were no such thing long ago!

**************Start copy***************

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The Age that they Wish to Go Back to:
Amidrin wish to go back to age 22 to correct back some mistakes in life.
Lemonjude wish to go back to age 6 to enjoy kid’s life.
L’abeille wish to go back to any year but never return to age 28
Sweetpea wish to go back to, actually, just thinking about 17
Lovelymommy wishes to go back to age 21
Laundryamah wishes to go back to the eve of my wedding day
mommyof2angels wishes to be daddy's girl again

Tag 5 on 5
That is to have 5 answers to all questions and tag another 5 person.

5 things in my room: a queen bed, a super single bed, a single bed, loads of pillows and blankies
5 things I’ve always wanted to do: bungy, sky diving, parasailing, flying a plane, hot air balloning...yes i love heights and wanna be free as a bird!
5 things in my bag:keys, handphone, book, bank statements, vouchers
5 things in my wallet: money, lots of credit cards, lots of receipts, IDs, emergency info card
5 things I'm currently into: Facebooking, Blogging, Scrapping, trying to take nice photos...lepaking

now to tag 5 vulnerable ladies on this tag max:
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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

17 weeks

went to check-up yesterday, from the scan, everything looks as normal as it can be (thank GOD!!)...head nice and round, two legs and 2 hands with 10 lil' fingers, nice body with a beating heart of 4 chambers, lungs, kidney and stomach all beautifully made. moving non-stop, even can see the baby sucking water, lucky not thumb, but one hand was scratching the head..itchy i guess! or thinking very hard.

i still went to do the double blood test...just to satisfy daddy.

as for the sex...sorry doctor said too blur...can't tell yet...maybe till next visit...stay tune la.

as for me...alamak...gained 3 whole kg! fei fei pulak, must stop those buffet ledi lor!! or the nite lar kidding...i still can barely "squeeze" into some of my normal clothes...still. office no one knows about the bulge except for the few i have told, so i still can get away looking quite "normal"....maybe for another few weeks the most...

the only thing i am still waiting to blossom or bloom or booom is my boobs....when this gonna happen...hahahhahah....bloom now la, when i can get away looking sexy (still able to fit the sexy lingerie and not look too pregnant!


when i saw erika all prep-up in her graduation gown and square top...i felt a tinge of fast all grown-up and "leaving school".

by end of this week, she will be closing this kindy chapter and entering a new chapter in her life...but i am also so proud of her...she has gone so far, achieved so much and is "moving on"!!

pictures of her graduation

when we got to the hall, erika was in bad mood, just woke her up from her beauty nap...concert starts at 7. her class teacher prepping her up for the big event.

graduation class of 2007

in full graduation costume.

in the concert, she acted as the water, and mommy had to make the costume....wah pengsan...gotta do sewing!! if u look closely at the blue kaftan, u can see that all the hand sewing all senget one! i remember in school it took me a year to complete an apron so it was a big achievement to get this done in a day, even if it is sewing 2 crooket lines. tried doing the head the end used teacher's one.

at the end of her drama, sitting and making funny faces.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

27 going on 28 months

just can't wait to grow up...insist that i put on earring for her. since we haven't pierce her ears, i just hung the earrings on her lobes, almost the same effect and she love the attention and having something dangling on her face!

elli needs to sleep with her precious huge blankie and sometimes she drags along her comfort toys ~ her barney music mobile and even plates of dora or her ducky cup....hey there's no need for soft downy pillow for my princess. the other day at the mommy's blogger's gathering, she slept holding tightly to a sour cream pretzel...comfort food for sweet dreams!!

and since she is a milk guzzler...daddy says that her belly looks just like a milk belly where his looks like a beer one!!

elli would happily pull up her shirt to show off her swollen belly and even do a belly dance to prove that she's the cutest lil' angel!

(no pic of this la...***censored***) hahahaha

Saturday, November 03, 2007

buy and sell

after weighing all our options, daddy and i finally decided to sell our beautiful house...lots of great memories here. we had our wedding here, erika and ellisa were born here and all the parties and family gatherings...a little heavy hearted to let it go.

we decided to engage an real estate agent so that we do not have the hassle of dealing with prospective buyers...makes our life a lil' easier!

Friday, November 02, 2007

new toy!

daddy just got us a huge big 42 inch flat screen more squinting our eyes to watch our fave. programs. in fact mommy can just take off her glasses and watch tv....hahahaha

now all we need is fantastic looking audio racks to complement the tv and stack up all the dvd player, and other equipments or gadgets that daddy collected over the years and also hide all the unsightly wires!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

legal tangle

Everytime I drive, Erika will moan and groan that I would knock something and get us into loads of trouble...see how much confidence my girl has in my driving skills.

*touch wood* but if any mishap happens, I know of some great truck accident lawyers which could pull us out in a jiffy!!

eh...are we lucky or what??

cash out from paypal

my good fren just told me that paypal can cash out in find out more go to this website

finally after all these months of wondering when it will ever happen, it's finally here. the best part is the fees are minimal compared with the "older" options.

great opportunity to improve the figues in my checking account!

now i got more incentive to slog at those sponsored post...well this money may come in handy when i am really broke!! and need to break the piggy bank.

so far my slogging has made daddy very happy coz he could get his clubs, his car toys, his biking hobby stuff and more golf toys on my account!!! see who's the shopaholic??

boys toys

{sponsored post}

Ever had trouble getting gifts for guys? Well I struggle with this every Christmas and in the end, I just get them a t-shirt or a towel or socks. ya i know...borrrrrring, but what to do, I am so lost. Luckily I found this site and hopefully they will like the boy's toys!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

bao bei

"bao bei" - means precious in mandarin

this week - enrolled my precious erika to bao bei "intensive mandarin" tuition classes...(first week free trial class)...i say intensive coz its a 5 days a week attendance...language mah...or not how to remember.

no choice lah...need to brush her up so she won't be so blur in her new chinese school in january. i hope this last minute intensive boot mandarin camp will do the trick...eventhough i am not kiasu (ok maybe a little lah)...but i scared worry erika will be so horrified with her chinese school experience, that if i dun equip her well now, that she will "give up" on school altogether.

i hope she will learn to swim with the tide & pressure, but just in case, **mommy always prepared one**...get her ready with a security and emergency "float" 1st lah, so she won't totally sink & drown.

hahaha (crazy thot) thinking of her sinking in kitchen sinks!!

so far attended 2 days, today 3rd day and she love it...i hope her love for the language will grow too...hmm...maybe once she knows enuff vocab...i will induce her with chinese cartoon books...u think they have any on fairies or princesses...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

baby baby

the usual comment i get from loads of people is "hope its a boy"

aiyah...the thing is what's the big deal, it's totally out of our hands anyway. i can't play god and decide for the baby or worse decide to terminate for the sake of "terminating". and i was thinking the poor baby, not even out into this world, already pressured to conform to society's wants!

let baby be baby la...enjoy growing, being babied, enjoy being baby for as long as baby wants...ok...not too long...please grow up too darling...or not 30 years old still baby...(know a lot of people like tat too...even in their 50s....hint my boss la! or daddy especially when he is sick...hehehe)

anyway....all i hope for still is a healthy bouncy cutie "full head of hair" baby!!
**better still if look just like me!**

Monday, October 29, 2007

japan - tokyo & fuji

final post on japan

arrive tokyo, was mesmerized with the city, so vibrant, people everywhere, non-stop movement...

since october is a celebration month - birthday, anniversay, so what better excuse than to splurge on a great we went hunting for the best food we know...the famous kobe beef. went to ginza and instead of looking at the gorgeous shops and latest gadgets at the sony building...our mission...kobe beef (very focus!!!)

in the end we found a great teppanyaki restaurant in ginza. misomo ~ suppose to be the best beef teppanyaki restaurant opened since 1945. we ordered one kobe and one wagyu....wah when i first tasted the juicy and yummilicious, incredible....then i grab one!!! melts in your mouth and the texture...woooooo i was hooked...the wagyu (ehhh...neglected la...give most of it to daddy) look at the marbling effect on the kobe...aiyooo see the fight comparing thai and "mou san wong" durian!

the next day, took a tour to fuji, to see the very shy and illusive mountain....went up to basecamp 5 (the peak is basecamp 10) so were up about halfway, that day the mountain "acted up"...the winds were crazy and can almost blew a child away....daddy & i struggled with every step to get ourselves safely from the bus into the touristy restaurant & shops...its was soooooo cold...i dun even dare to come out once i was in. see daddy wanna be hero...i was standing inside the shop snapping these pics. the tour guide said it was very very unusual weather....yeah u can say that again!

wish we had on some volcom clothing to keep the wind out of our bones!

then went to another less threatening spot to take pics of fuji.

back to tokyo and what do we crave for....can u guess????

more kobe....this time we ordered 2 sets of sharing! this time we went to the same restaurant but this one was in shinjuku area on the 81st floor ~ great view of the city. see how much thichker is the kobe this time...last meal before leaving japan...great yummy memory...very satisfying just like our japan trip.

Friday, October 26, 2007

happiii biirthday darrrrling

you are 6 today!!!

though we celebrated your birthday last sunday, po po is baking you another cake today...can't wait to go home early from work to sing the b'day song and see you blow off your six candles...of cos eat the home made cake too.

this week in your life...

~ your bottom tooth dropped out on its own after shaking and threatening to go, now you have a total of 3 missing teeth!

~ you had "exam" week in were so stressed up and tensed especially for your chinese test, though mommy and daddy said it's ok to make mistakes as long as you try, (we are definitely way off laid back with her on her test)...but you still pretend that you were so tired in the morning and dun wanna get out of bed....made a huge fuss not to go to school. when you got home, you said that teacher helped you to do the test paper...hmmmm....happy to see that she got "help" and not "cheated" hahahha...must thank teacher for giving her some boosted assistance.

~ mommy got you new clothes but ellisa wants to wear them too...the usual sistery rivalry! elli and erika's waist are about the same size...short skirt for erika is a long skirt for i gotta go buy another "exact same" one for elli...for peace sake. elli weighs about 15.9kg (more than 4 year old sean!!) so her waist is like a 6 years old!

~ still love your piano and is practising hard on christmas carols

~ get to sleep on mommy's bed for the whole week

happiiiii biiiiirthday darliiiing!

Monday, October 22, 2007

japan - nara & kyoto

aiyooo the amount of tags i collected...can pengsan (thanks for thinking of me!!). anyway continuation of japan 1st then i do tags.....

side trip to the ancient city of nara ~ about 1 hr train ride from osaka, but it was worth it! the ancient temples were amazing. the sheer size and architecture of the todaaiji temple is magnificent. even though i am not a believer but its awesome! there are more temples and shrines to come coz the majority of japanese are "shinto" or "buddhist" worshippers. christians only about 1% of a population of over 120 million people...was hoping to look for a church...but that was a real tough assignment.

the nara park is really huge, walk until i pengsan coz all the temples and shrines are usually located on a hill at the highest point of the city. which means lots of climbing...panting...but worth it la, after all the hard work...lots of beautiful japanese scenery. also work up a really good appetite too.

the fun part is there are many species of deer in this park, which leads to loads & load of feces (yong meh si) everywhere! be careful where you land your feet. the smell also there la! goes hand in hand.

another ancient city ~ kyoto. followed a tour this time so less walking as we have the bus waiting for us after every tourist spot...much better! see pampered!

this is nijo castle with the nightingale wooden floors. the floors literally sings to you. its a clever mechanism built by the shogun so they can hear intruders...maybe we can built that into our decking too. this castle has very intricate details on the ceiling and walls. the garden here is one of the best we have seen so far.

next stop - golden pavilion temple which shorn so brightly in the full sun and sitting elegantly on a lake with lots of fishes...koi la, obviously.

japanese bento lunch, after lunch studying the map with a fren on how to make our way to tokyo. then left for a shinto heian shrine, was happy to witness a wedding there, actually there were 2 couples getting married, but the costume all white (for bride) and black (for groom) look really so somber....*eh like funeral* i thot the bride would wear a more colourful kimono. summore they dun smile one when they take photo...really serious...maybe they know what they are really getting into!! hahahaha

final stop for kyoto is the kiyomizu temple....located right on top of a hill...again climb like crazy! there were tons of tourist shops here, so i didn't bother to climb all the way to the top, just view it from the base of the temple (enuff for me la)...let the more "gung-ho" tourist do that la, i browse the shops and got myself a yummilicious black sesame seed ice-cream which cost about RM10 for a scoop! (that was really more important) i guess same price as baskin here but that one no brand one wor....

after kyoto...left for tokyo on the "wings" of a bullet train. see the long box i am holding...guess what daddy bought in osaka and had it lugged to tokyo...his precious driver! he said only sold in japan wor! the funny part was he was testing the clubs and drivers, whacking and whacking...until he broke the golf ball into half...the sales person knowing full well he doesn't understand a word...started blabbering in a barrage of japanese words…daddy just look at him blankly. guess he has never seen a foreigner break a golf ball before.

daddy says the golf collection here is incredible even have Ogio!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

japan - observations

some of my observations on this trip...

i love the food, but after a week of sushi, sashimi, yakitori, bento sets....and since my nose so sensitive, really "jelat" with the smell of jap food....i really crave for nasi lemak, char kuey teow, assam laksa...anything malaysian la! but i love the jap rice...ate loads of it everyday. i dunno if it's just me (greedy & hungry all the time!), but i find the portions too small, no wonder there are no fat people around. i guess they make the food look so pretty that you forget that it's so little meat!!

they love their pets and show off by pushing them around in a special doggie stroller...quite similar to ellisa's stroller!! i guess pets are easier than kids!! i just wonder where do they put them in their tiny apartments.

ample choices of cheap and fast food on the streets...ok la, not very cheap but reasonable!! they use lots of they jap soya sauce and mayo. we love their ajinomoto!!! yummiii...hehhehee just gotta drink lots of water.

attended a dinner with geisha girls...they are so expensive that they only performed one dance for us!! these geisha are from kyoto, i think most of them are from there only. took some pictures with some "maiko"~apprentice geisha girls, they were really young around 16-17 years old and they dun go to school anymore, just attend geisha school. and the most facinating part is the maiko's hair is real not wigs! i just can't imagine how they sleep and not mess up their hair!

eh...maybe they sleep on some special memory foam mattress! what do you think?

see these jap gardens, not a single flower in them...a true jap garden dun have flowers, coz the superstitious shoguns think that flowers will diminish his powers with such feminine elements. the garden will have only trees (symbolising man's spirit), water (blood) and rock (body), which must work in harmony for a beautiful garden and person also la.

no i am not showing off the jap girl's bum, i notice that the girls love wearing heels...everywhere. either they wanna look good, fashionable or they are short!! nothing wrong with heels but aiyoo i see them suffer so much, they walk until all "senget" especially in all those touristy spots (walk uphill, downhill)... still hanging on to their dear heels!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

japan - osaka

arrive at kansai airport...the airport that floats (saw it on national geographic - telly teaches us a lot of stuff too, so should i encourage my girls to watch more telly....nah!!) airport very, very far from our hotel!! i guess real estate here is super expensive, as expected. it is the same for narita airport...guess i can't complain about klia now.

went to dotombori - most happening street to have dinner, then the rest of the pictures are taken by daddy when i was working. daddy love the japanese gardens, of cos the bonsai, bottom picture is the famous osaka castle. he said lots of homeless people in makeshift tents he didn't bring me there la...all i see is this picture only.

after work, i usually have dinner programs so the only time we get out of osaka is for supper at the cute yakitori places. the great part is japanese timing...dinner starts sharp at 6 and ends sharp at 8, which leaves us plenty of time to explore more FOOD at nite (greedy la). they really kick you out of the restaurant sharp, so all small talk, big talk ends sharp at 8, they even dimmer the lights to hint that its TIME TO GO! or they politely inform you that the bus will leave you behind, so everyone is off their seats sharp!

the most enjoyable part of osaka was universal studios, if you are there, dun miss this. we spent the whole day there. daddy was clever to buy the fast pass tickets so that we dun need to line up for the rides, it was only about RM60 (cheap la - considering that it save us about 4 hours of queuing time) for 4 of the most happening rides.

for me the most fun ride was the 3-d animation spiderman's ride and terminator shows. well the rides were more fun compared to kiddy disneyland rides. which brought us back to thinking about our girls and how we wish they were there with daddy decided that he will bring the girls to disneyland next year...compensation for missing them sooooo much that it brought tears to his eyes when he saw the other girls with their daddies.

me stopping for food and snack break all the time...need to refill since feeding for 2...excuses...

e.t. go home adventure, back to the future, jaws and waterworld brought back lots of memories for daddy since he last went to the states studios some 20 years ago....i was thinking after 20 years, still the same rides ah!! no change??

then we attended the farewell dinner event that was held at studios, stage 33. daddy fell in love with all the cute japanese girls, he wish he was 18 again and single!

i did a spiderman hand painting on my right hand. since it was halloween party...the girls asked me..."tic-kor-trijk-tor" i was perplex as to what they were trying to say...then i realised it's "treat or tricks". then they performed for us and had all the ol' men (mostly accountants) oggling!
after osaka we left for kyoto...

gynea visit - 12 oct

my 12th week visit, quite panicky after hearing the news that daddy's cousin's pregnancy test result may be "down". thank god it's a false alarm.

was happy to see the progress of our baby from a lil kidney bean from the last visit, the baby is now about 6cm long, guess the size of an orange.

quickly ask the doc if she can see my baby's progress especially the space between the brain and the skull, but she said it's too early to see...aiyooo...must wait for the next visit. but she saw the nose bridge and the neck spinal spacing...which indicates that all is normal...phew!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

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Monday, October 01, 2007


The wave of making money on the web has started with a trikle and now it powerful tides has swept over every nation. I am glad to find bloggerwave, giving me more opportunity to make some pocket money for shopping...especially Christmas is around the corner, it really helps to spread the lurrrve!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

september happenings - ellisa

my fave. fruit...shocking pink...yummiiii....i love to see my lil fingers all pink...nice or not?

mommy gives me lots of fruits to eat coz i am allergic to so many food. my eczema seems to get better when i eat lots of fruits including Goji Berries. have you heard of Goji?

mommy love the pink dragon fruits too. also mommy's fave colour.

i usually have a few bite on a nice piece, then leave the rest for mommy to finish...then i go grab a new piece...i dunno why mommy dun like me to play with this food...i look like a cat with pink whiskers.

look my new shiny slippers...daddy got it for me from krabi. (actually it was for erika, but daddy underestimated erika's little feet!)

look mommy...a real nice piece of real estate on my forehead! preetiiii big and green bump i have there.

how did i get it? i also dunno...

mommy thinks its most probably from all your nauti and non-stop action in the house.

look mommy ....i can jump really really high and far....wooohoooooo

i am soooo tired...ouch i knocked my leg too (hit her shin bone on the corner of the sofa)....hehheheeh it was fun....wearing my cat t-shirt from kuching...prezzie from ching pui-yee.

i am a bag lady...any kind of bag will do...look at my collection. i have filled all of them with my fave. toys....wanna play with me?

Friday, September 28, 2007


going for a blog break....

yes, going to the land of the rising sun for a whole whoooping 10 days...the catch is gotta work 5 out of that 10 days...oklah..still better than nothing! at least no need to pay for the hotel and flight...summore get allowance to shop...yahoooo can't wait least won't burst my credit cards for this trip.

daddy will be tagging along...he is my accompanying spouse that get to go on the spouse's tour while i is no fair lah! he is looking forward to see the latest car, golf clubs maybe some Nike golf clubs, phone....gadgets and gizmos.

as for me...i am dreaming of the fresh fresh food.

dreaming of my sushi (ya ya i know raw food, but little bit...moderation only la, hey its super fresh wor), yakitori, sukiyaki, bento, soba....slurp a few sip of sake will certainly make my day!

erika asked us to get her japanese slippers, lucky not a jap car! and also jap food.

"Sponsored by Co-operative Bank"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

prayer warriors

i have 2 of them...i am the luckiest mommy in town.

with me being all slump on the bed, my girls will happily pray for me...ellisa prayer goes something like this in her husky voice.

tank you god for mommmiiii......blesss my mommmiiii.....heal her.....(mumble mumble) no pain.....(more mumble mumble) jesus's

of cos erika prayer would usually have this line "let mommy be well so she can play with me....she won't get headache when she smell my hair...." ya even the shampoo smell gives me a headache! the nose gone hay wire.

then after all that...ellisa will you feeling?

aiyoo even if i feel like the pits, i will muster up a smile and say....i'm okay darling!

Monday, September 24, 2007

car accesories

i think daddy would surely love this website on car accessories and car kits, custom made to fit into any of his dream machine. At the Dodge Charger accessory website, the list of boys toys are endless and any car enthusiasts will go goo goo ga ga over the choices offered here. Just visit the site and I know you will be drooling too if you are one crazy car fan.


i have been so sluggish lately, thanks to being giddy & dizzy & bloated - it's no fun! especially in the evenings...i sometimes wish daddy would get a big needle and poke right into my belly, so that he could suck out all the air and waatever juices. ya i am a sadist & unafraid of pain - just like my ellisa.

summore gotta work, the sleepy spell tat hits you aiyooo...wish i could hide in the toilet & snooozzzee sometimes or i wish i was stuck in the lift (good excuse to sleep) until they unstuck me la...hahahha the mind can only think of some escapism.

i hope it will be over by this week....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Erika was suffering from a swollen gum for a week. When she opened her mouth…wah….so many lubangs!! Some teeth have even melted away, not a pretty site. So a dentist appointment was in order.

Popo & kong kong took her to the dentist yesterday with the whole jing gang (elli, synn & sean) tagging along for moral support. They all must looked quite cute at the reception desks.

When Erika sat on the dentist chair, the jing gang laid there too with erika. (so relax!!) Popo wanted to get them out from the "chair" but dentist say ok so popo didn’t insist la. Good learning experience for them, learn not to be afraid of dentist coz Erika is a veteran to dentist’s visit, she really have bad tooth & bad tooth experience.

Anyway surprise didn’t find any cavity, in fact she was having 2 new molars popping out at the back of the bottom gum.

Wah so early wan…the 2 front teeth also not out yet!! so this christmas still can sing that song...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

great Expect-tations!

One word – pregnant!!

When I told daddy, his reaction was:

disbelief – it can’t be mine! it can’t be!! Ya! Ya! it’s most probably that toy boy’s I have been fooling around with – I wish la!
unprepared – I am not prepared, I think I have a huge headache now! Wei it’s me with the dizzy spell and gas and nausea, dun you dare pretend now.
blame – you lah, count, count, count, also can get wrong one! Ya you think my body is a clock ah!!! So I guess our fool-proof calculation system is not as perfect as we expected!

Actually this reaction is the same for the 2 girls too!

Now how??

We are so scared to tell popo the news, after she faint with the extra child…making it a total of 6!

I told daddy he gotta be the man and perform that act! He said he will be the man but he needs to make sure popo is sitting on a real solid chair first! He also panic la, talking to mother-in-law wor, scared she give him the killer stare! I dun care, he still gotta do it. he said he wanna get her a bunch of flowers with a card saying "sorry"!!!

As for us, this will definitely be our last baby coz after this……..

I will spay myself and neuter daddy!!! I dunno what the human term is for this kind of sterilization, I just know the doggy terms.

now gotta stuff myself silly with nutritional baby will be healthy, wealthy and strong.

One Word / Sentence Meme

got this one from 2 mommies - ones a healthfreak and the other is lovely!!! kekekeke

Here it goes :

Where is your cell phone? In my bag
Relationship? Married with 2 beautiful gals.
Your hair? Think jet black coz i dye it to cover the whites.
Work? FTWM.
Your sister? one sister.
Your favorite thing? Eating
Your dream last night? Can't recall.
Your favorite drink? lemon juice.
Your dream car? something small, but comfy and powerful.
The room you’re in? Children's play room
Your shoes? in the cabinet.
Your fears? loosing my loved ones.
What do you want to be in 10 years? having more quality time with family & friends
Who did you hang out with this weekend? relatives.
What are you not good at? scolding people
Muffin? with loads of cream please
One of your wish list items? dept free
Where you grew up? peejay
Last thing you did? sleeping
What are you wearing? my pajamas
What aren’t you wearing? make 5am
Your pet? 3 boxers
Your computer? compaq
Your life? on a roller coaster ride
Your mood? sleepy
Missing? sleep
What are you thinking about right now? Complete all my tags.
Your car? None.
Your kitchen? need serious renovation with changes to the cabinets and Hansgrohe faucet
Your summer? HOT!!
Your favorite color? yellow
Last time you laughed? Last night.
Last time you cried? can't recall
School? famous girl school in peejay.
Love? my family.

I think not going to pass the baton.

wishing genie

Shoppingmum tag me for a good genie wish.

I wish for great joy for my family! (very greedy!! hehehe)

only one wish allowed ah? oh well.
Genie Princess

***Start Copying Here***
1. Write a short paragraph about your visit by the two Genies and include a link to the blog that passed on the Genie Symbol to you.
2. COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it on your blog.
3. List down your wish.
4. Place your name below the last name on the list and pass on the Genie Symbol to at least 5 other bloggers.
5. Please put up either one (or both) of the Symbols of the Genies on your blog to show that the Genies have visited your blog:
Genie King and Genie PrincessThe Genie King, the Genie Princess and their trusty Genie Buddy have visited:-

Mariuca would like to wish for happiness and success. Adrian would like to wish for good health and happiness. Emila would like to wish for happiness and success. Trinity would like to wish good health for Jan’s brother and Yah and Wan and successMPG would like to wish for love and peace Jean would like to wish for stress free work environment and happiness Cbenc12 would like to wish for health, happiness and luck for my family and friends and me too! Paris Beaverbanks would like to wish for more publicity! Hooyah! (taps swollen head) Giddy Tiger would like to wish for longer weekends and never-ending holidays at Outer Banks!Shooi would like to wish for peace on earth, love, good health and happiness.Chinnee would like to wish for happiness and good health forever!Hui Sia would like to wish for love, health, wealth and happiness.LemonJude would like to wish for world peace and Outer Banks!Shoppingmum would like to wish for all her wishes come true.
Mommy of 2 Angels wish for great joy for my family.

Welcome aboard the Magical Flying Carpet for the Ride of your Life!Alakazam!

***End Copying Here***

Hope the Genies will grant your wishes too.
loving heart
mama bag of tricks
mommy corner

Thursday, September 13, 2007

no confidence

when daddy went for his company's trip (mommy chose not to follow cos it’s to krabi and that didn’t sound so interesting), so left me & the 2 girls.

when i want to take them out to aunty wendy’s house for our “free” lunch, this is how the conversation went.

erika bugging me kept asking: are you gonna drive daddy’s black car?

me: yes

erika: why? ask aunty wendy to come fetch us lah. what if you bang something?

me: no la, i will be careful

erika: mommy its dangerous, dun drive la

ellisa (echoing erika’s words): dun drive, bang sum-ting

erika: you dun look like a driver la, i scare u drive

me (a little irritated): i can lah!!

the girls kept taunting my driving skills, even in the car, all the way to aunty wendy's house…see la they so confident of me!! daddy you need to send me a driver! or Raleigh accident lawyers to back me up if any clash or crash happens!


{sponsored post}

My laundry room needs serious need of revamping and overhauling. I need to get it neat and organized. The laundry room cabinets with plenty of storage space will help me keep all my nitty gritty stuff stored away in the right place, so that I could reach out and get them when I need to.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

blog break

having fever, bones ache, sore throat, headache...ache all over la..that's why need a break.

popo and kong kong was away for 5 days (went to hanoi) and left the 5 children to us. after taking care of them for 4 and 1/2 days this is what happened to me...guess not much maternal fibre in me.

so glad popo is back yesterday to take over the fort! she's our super hero.

will blog after i recover!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Las Vegas

I have never been to US, but after hearing so many stories from daddy (he stayed there for 12 years), I think I should plan a trip some day. I guess the places I wanna go are of cos Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Disneyland (with the girls) and definitely Hawaii.

Was checking out some website and Flamingo Las Vegas looks like a great hotel to stay and have fun.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

10 things about po po

opps not 10 but actually 8 random facts about po po (see speed reading does this to you)

Got a tag from this prettiii mommiii

1. she can cook up a storm and the entire clan loves her cooking. she's famous for her assam laksa (my fave), kau yoke (pork & yam dish), chui keok chou (pig leg vinegar - confinement food that we love to eat everyday), tomyam salted fish...kuih kuih muih muih (vely hungry now!!!) must make a note to self, must write up all these recipes so that i may attempt to do it one fine day!!!

2. she loves ironing, she spoils us. if i have no maid, i am sure my pile of un-ironed clothes will not take any effort to grow to a mountain in no time, but po po will make sure that she conquers that mountain for me.

3. she loves her grandkids and they love her to bits too coz she cooks all their food. reserve or keeps the steam chicken thigh for jern, black sauce chicken/pork for erika & synn-yi, fried chicken for ellisa & sean...wah a lot of chicken & pork hor...coz elli can't eat anything else.

4. she got married on april fool's day. wei that day good auspicious day wor in the chinese lunar calendar!!! cannot forget wan!

5. she had me & yee ma when she was still in her teens, then kau fu when she was 21. now she's the envy of her friends.

6. she is one super sales lady and was top of her field in her hay days! from tupperware to furniture to stainless steel cookware. gifted leh!

7. besides being a wife, a mother, a grandmother, sister, chef, she's also a sunday school teacher, cell group leader, baby sitter, tuition teacher to 5 of her grands. the roles she play!!

8. po po is a people person and loves to help out in any way she can. she's even done missionary travel to east malaysia, gone to the jungles, sat in a long boat, hiked for miles just to reach out, cook up a storm and make a little difference. all i make sure is she gets her travel insurance!!

another thing, born in year of the dragon...can be very fierce dragon lady too!!

i think some of u have done this, but i just pass the alphabetical tag to:

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ya i know this post mix with a paid opp but i kill 2 birds with one stone la.