Thursday, May 31, 2007

blogger’s advocate

i am sure you have heard of or seen the movie devil’s advocate…but i think i am officially a blogger’s advocate…have been “promoting” blogging to my cousins, office frens and sis even in-laws on blogging. i thot they just had to listen to me talk, talk, talk (they have no choice la, kena cornered by me) i thought they hear then forget about it…like most people do…one ear in, one ear out.

but i was so surprised they have started blogging too after all my chatter, wah! they actually listened. not just paying ear-service to me…hahahhaa

so if u wanna read these newbie blogs, the addresses are:

will put up more when i get to know about their blogs...some people very secretive one!!!


When we found out that Ellisa had eczema problem, we tried to get as much advice as we could. Followed all the “wise” advices ~ cover her with loads of cream, bathed her without soap and in a cool bath, dress her up in the softest cottony clothes and also her food intake, to reduce any allergic reaction or triggers and makes the sensitive skin flares up. But she still had a hard time sleeping through the night, as the air gets drier, her skin gets more itchy.

This led us to get a dehumidifiers, so that her precious skin will be moist all the time, reducing itchiness and letting her sleep through the nite. A happy solution for all of us.

Mint credit cards

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Have you ever heard of savings on a credit card? Well, Mint Credit Cards are offering an interest free credit card (woo hooo!!!) for a limited time period. This is really a very tempting offer that I could not resist. Their attractive introductory offer includes:

0% on purchases until 1 January 2008
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0% bonus offer until 1 April 2009 on balance transfers debited to your account during October 2008 (2.5% fee)

Well, that’s really helping me stretch my dollar a lot more and escaping interest charges is a definite plus point for me.

creame bulee

Kena tag by this langlui mommy.

Okay I must say I love food, so I will classify this tag to dessert only la, so many categories of food I love and crave for…different day, different mood, different appetite lor (very greedy mah) and malaysia so many choices…ya, eventhough sometimes so many choices, I still cannot decide on what to eat? sometimes no cravings to guide my stomach. how?

one of my fave dessert is crème brûlée, guess with this fancy name its from France la.

(French for "burnt cream"; is a dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a layer of hard caramel, created by burning sugar under a grill or other intense heat source. It is usually served cold in individual ramekins. The custard base is normally flavoured with just vanilla, but it can be flavoured in a number of ways: with chocolate, a liqueur, fruit, etc.) All this info & pic taken from

you know why, coz when I see this mouth watering desert, before my brain can tell my hands to go take out the camera, my hand holding the desert spoon is already digging through the hard caramel into the soft creamy custard and scooping it into my mouth. So that’s why I have to resort to other means to get u a photo!!

Must tag someone greedy…hehehe…no offense ya!
Tagging foody mommies

princess mummy
nomadic mom

*********************************************************************************************Start Copy**Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

Mommyof2angels loves crème bulee
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Hammock Dreams

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Hammock chairs conjure up all the wonderful, relaxing memories of lying on a warm sunny beach, among the swaying coconut trees and being lulled by the soothing sound of the crashing waves. A dream vacation that you wish the days will never end. Well, truthfully we all have to wake up from our dreams and face reality someday.

So if you wanna bring back some of these precious memories and “cradling moments” back to your own home, you can visit to see their selection of hammocks that suits your needs. You could get the rope hammocks or quilted fabric hammocks or even camping hammocks and cradle yourself into your dreams again.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

bragging mommy

finally a break from work and a chance to relax with the notebook…one word to sum up this whole meeting…”streesssss”....ok no talk of work about my girl!

before i left on saturday, went to erika's school with daddy for "report card" and "meet the teacher" session. well, after the meeting, i was soooo happiieee (ecstatic!) la to hear all the “praises” of my darling erika. being the proud mama, i indulged in every “praise” word that came out of the teacher’s mouth. not everyday i get to hear this...hopefully i will hear the same at the end of school year. i was grinning from ear to ear (like silly girl) and nodding my head in agreement non-stop!

why wouldn’t i? my darling girl did us soooo proud, besides the fact that she did exceptionally well in her test (her very 1st attempt), she aced it…wooo hoo!! by her own effort, no tuition or much coaching from me, especially chinese. her teacher was so surprised coz the 2 parent were so “illiterate”.

teacher said she is one of the top students (wah …bragging again) and the best part is she is one of the most “improved” over the last 5 months. that’s because during the first 2 months in this new “homework induced” school, she did things according to her way and her own sweet time, didn’t follow her new teacher’s instruction and don’t finish her homework. big taboo in this school ~ no finish work.

i dun blame her la…this protective mommy gave teacher lots of excuses…like she came from a montessori background (different learning style), new school la, new environment la, she never had homework before, and was encourage to play, play, play. the sudden change from play to work can be a hard pill to swallow, even for a child.

well erika survived and made it on her own accord…(bragging bragging) sooo proud of her, promise to buy you some nice stuff (if i have the chance, they dun pay u to shop here so shopping is not in the meeting agenda…i should change that!!)

hope i could grab some promotional products at bargain prices...wah that would be a steal la!

Friday, May 25, 2007

blog break

off to the "city of angels" or more like "city of sin"...leaving my angels behind, (sob sob...miss them but happy can get my 8 hours of uninterrupted zzzzzzz, looking forward to that la!)

heard it's now sale season there..hope to grab lots of goodies back, if i have the time...aiyoo surely will squeezzzeee in time for my fave. hobby la...back next week!

p.s. not looking forward to the work! or the receiving end of sounding board...boring bored meetings!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

change skin

finally changed the look to something white, clean, pristine…was scared to change at first, scare all my layout or something “technical” will be lost, and i dunno how to fix it.

actually got really tired of those polka dots ledi, think they are so messy after a while, no offense to polka, i still think you are so cool and cute…but need for change la. at the moment i think they are too “distracting” for my scraps! hahahah…woman!! we are entitled to change our minds every other second.

Lasik Complications

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I have always wanted to do Lasik. (blink! blink!) When I hear my cousin sisters success stories I became even more tempted, you know the thought of finally throwing out those glasses for good!! But…but...but there’s always the scary thought if something goes wrong like Lasik Complications!! Is there any way that I can undo the wrong? Wanna find the answers, look to this website

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


this was when ellisa was sick. doctor's orders to give her ice-cream.

actually we took out a tub of yummylicious ice-cream for ourselves to enjoy, but ellisa saw it and wanted a big chunck from the tub. see daddy was teasing and tempting her with the spoonful of was funny to see her chasing the spoon...bad daddy...make her move all over with her mouth widely open, just for a spoonful. while bad mommy happily took photos of it.

ellisa kept her eyes focus on the tub most of time, once she saw that her precious ice-cream was disappearing fast!

Ethical Loans

I guess everyone cannot escape this word ~ loans. As you know everyone says ‘money makes the world go round’ or ‘no money, no talk’. So wanting to own that car or home or to pursue your studies, leaves us with no choice but to go a financial institution and ask for mortgage quotes.

Here’s the twist ~ getting the best interest rates may not be the only aim for a good loan these days, knowing that the financial institution have an ethical policy really gives you peace of mind. Knowing full well that your loan money did not come from unnecessary pollution or human rights abuses does make a huge difference.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

name tag 2

when it came to ellisa, daddy won't let mommy know the sex of the baby, gynea wanna tell, he said 'no, dun wanna know'...but i want to know, i got a feeling it was a girl, so i was looking around for girl names...starting with "e". everytime i go see gynea, and if daddy can't follow, he will warn and threaten that i dun go asking the "question".

so when you finally arrive, for a week or 2, you were nameless...though we adored you like crazy we have no idea what to call you....went to the net, search and search for a name with "e"...again daddy wanted a strong name....wah when he saw ellisa meant "queen"...straight away he say...that's her mommy again chose your chinese name....wei zi...similar meaning with erika's chinese name...'wise and beautiful'.

name tag 1

name tag from Mummy In Vain . thank you..i like this tag! talking about nametags, reminds me of school days, all of us gotta wear nametags.

when we found out that she is gonna be a girl (around 5 months' pregnancy), we were so excited to find a name for her...searched books on babynames, websites...finally we decided to name her isabelle. sounded nice and feminine and it was baby isabelle from that time till i gave birth to her. in fact all the family members young to old were already calling her "isabelle".

then after she was born, daddy saw her (instantly fell in love with her) and say no she is not isabelle (the name was too soft, he dun want his daughter to be bullied), we gotta find another name for her... my 3 year old nephew was suddenly so confused, hey why suddenly not isabelle anymore?? they still wanna call her isabelle so in the end the mommy gotta find a bolster for him and called it isabelle!!

so the name search began...daddy finally settled for erika which means "honourable ruler"...power right the name? nobody will bully his baby. daddy wants her to be strong in character. as for chinese name...mommy choose la, even though i dunno how to write or read, i just choose on the nice sound la...the middle chinese name is fixed - meaning all cousins have me cannot choose middle name, only choose last i gave her chinese name, wei yen meaning wise and beautiful...wah!! keng rite??

Name tagging 5 mommies
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**Start Copy**
Proposition: What is the meaning of your kid’s name?
Requirements: write about what or how or why you giving the name to your kids.
Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.
Tag Mode:1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
Mommy of 2 Angels - Erika

iPod DVD converter

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Here’s one easy way to do it. Download the iPod DVD converter software made by PQDVD, and you are on your way to watch all your favorite DVDs on the go. Try the free trial and start converting those DVDs into iPod format, life will never be the same again.

kena tag max

aiyoo once you kena one tag...dunno why snow ball i kena 3 tags

from laundryamah...

My fansee….who are you??? (Tag)
huh? i where got just a mommy la...all my readers are frens, relatives (forced them to read especially daddy) and people that i have lunch with in my office...and all my blogger frens that i bump into thru the wild wide web! i just tag at random la....all fave favourati-sum ok...i blindly tag only.

a for allyfeel with her handsome son and another on the way
b for blurblur with her cutie son and another on the way
c for cutie princess mummy with her 2 beautiful princesses
d for demoments with her darling daughter
e for etcetera mommy with her adorable son
f for...oii no f la!!

so you a-b-c-d-e mommies go do the tag!!

got a food tag but i few weeks i dunno who tagged me...solly dunno where to find also...totally gone so lost!! if u know who u are...please tell me k?

got the name tag for my girls by...mummyinvain
put this here so i will remember to do it soon!! hahaha next few post la

Drug Rehab

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Since I got very sick last week, and the only thing I crave for was for those painkillers to get me off my pain!! So I know how it feels like being “dependent” on drugs, in fact I was so reliant on them coz when the pain comes, you don’t think of the consequences at all, you just jump in, pop those pills and hope that you feel so much better in a few seconds!! Lucky for me this is only a temporary situation.

However, if you know someone who is addicted to drugs and need a way out, try Stone Hawk, a place that knows all about addiction, drug rehab assistance programs and care. That’s because they were once addicted too!

super mask girls

came back from the big birthday party bash and the sisters had fun with all the party packs...see here the 2 super mask sisters! they really had lots of fun with the mask, hairclips, the markers, stickers, toys, snacks...opening the party packs were a thrill!

eventhough the mask keep moving about ~ "blinding" ellisa from the peep holes, she still loves wearing the mask! jumping and running around as a super hero is fun.

CRM Software

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Do you know what CRM stands for? Customer Relationship Management ~ big words and they have bigger meanings too!! Having a good crm software will indirectly lead to making more sales which will definitely lead to more turnover and “ting, ting, ting” in your cash registers…that’s what all businesses are aiming for, a beautiful and sexy bottom line!

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Monday, May 21, 2007

big birthday bash

thank you so much to laundryamah, annieqtwins and mom2chumsy for the invite to your darling two year olds big birthday bash!!

it was a really good distraction for erika (from her exam test drill!! hehehe)

packed up, dressed up, wrapped up pressies

went all the way to BK, we 3 gals went upstairs to the party site…eh?? why so quiet one, cannot be la…oh no? did i go wrong place ah? aiyoo panic…quickly call laundryamah…huh? she’s still at home? how come ah? oh aiyah…i am one hour early man!! read also read wrong time!!

so since were there already and no one was there, mommy took the opportunity to take pic of both of u on the BK special birthday chair!!

after that called daddy to rescue us, he came pick us up …hahaha…daddy say mommy always like tat??

daddy took us rounding the neighbourhood, erika slept, left her in the car, we stop at a showhouse, oohhh wah…so beautiful!! so expensive…can just dream only la…so back to the party, erika had her nap…refreshed!!

wah the party was soooo happening, the noise level was deafening at some point…hahhaah. ellisa was so independent, exploring the place, playing (?? or snatching the snacks – sponsored by sasha??) with other children…ellisa had fun!! erika the big baby was stuck to mommy, especially when she saw the guy with the red nose and red hair!!

cake session…all so yummiii…of cos i wallop all 3 cakes la! erika likes the sweets on kylie’s homemade cakes. spiderman cake was a hit too! and barney jelly cake was yummy!

the very chaotic lighting the candles, blowing candles session! so many people, with me carrying ellisa one hand and another hand trying to take this picture behind so many people…these pic are the best i can get la! so enjoy…can really see so much action going on.

went back with a whole big bag of goodies…thank you soooo much to the 3 mommies…it was such a fun day for the girls!

exam week

this is the week erika has been dreading, her very first exam she will be sitting for (this is gonna one of the many in her life)…some how she knows it and is definitely not looking forward to it. since last week, she has been bringing home most of her workbooks from school and her bag was so heavy (poor girl!). teacher wants her to do revision at home!! pressure from teacher loh!

she was responsible and reminded me that her exam on monday is English & Bahasa papers…well no choice la, mommy gotta do the “revision” over the weekend.

erika was very good (taken by surprise!!) except that she has trouble with her “mirror” alphabets…okay not a big deal, me not expecting perfect scores…as long she understood the concepts, good enuff for me! as long, no bring “telur” home for me…hahaha

still after a few times of “playing” with those pretend test…can’t make it so boring, scared she totally turn-off from school…erika said this “I wish I was younger (hahahah so funnie, only 5++ years old, wanna be younger!)…or “I am so tired already, cannot think”… “I wanna sleep la”.

that’s my cue to stop all “work” and just let her play, gotta remind myself not gonna go overboard with this little test. after all how she fare in the real life tests are not exam results.

all the best to you make me very proud ledi!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


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Thursday, May 17, 2007

nite feeds

thanks to all your well wishes, ellisa is now back to her milk guzzling self, she is able to down 5-6 bottles of 6 oz of milk in one nite...the milk company is laughing all the way to the bank!

any mommies can tell me (advice please) how can i stop this “owlish” nite feeds that ellisa still craves…she’s almost gonna be 2 and those nite cravings are still there!! I give her at least 12 oz of milk before she knock out every nite…

if I am lucky she will wake up at 6ish for a feed, on my unlucky nite (last nite to be exact…memory still very fresh and brain very dead from lack of oxygen and precious sleep), was woken up at 1ish….cry…let her cry….cry cry cry…then no choice asked her…you want nen nen?...she says ‘I want nen nen’…ok, daddy was awake by now, so he made and mommy fed her…we all slept happily after tat…full stomach….

then 5 or 6ish (man…when its so cool and mind is so far away in lala land)….cry cry cry…ignore her…cry cry cry…daddy already suffering from sleep apnea…compounded with ellisa cries…practically no need to sleep la…daddy was fuming and irritated…shouted at ellisa…she stopped (wah peace!!) then few seconds later…whimpering…louder and louder…cry cry cry…daddy shouted again plus threaten to throw her out the room, ellisa stopped all her cries…then cleverly say “I want nen nen”…whimpering like so pitiful…erika was fully awake now from all the commotion (poor girl, even she is affected) so daddy grumpily made ellisa a bottle, she drank all…was happy girl now.

then mommy went to the loo…daddy said to ellisa.. “u better come here and say sorry”…ellisa went over to daddy, hugged him, kiss him and say “sollliiiee dadddiiii” in the sweetest most apologetic angelic voice, and with those sad eyes...

forgive & forget la...that is until tonite!! see how la.

Wanna be a Star?

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Making home videos have now become a craze. With all the latest digital gadgets and widgets as our creativity toys, we are now a generation of “memory makers” of the moving kind. Yesteryears it was mostly still pictures, remember those black and white photos we see our grandparents in (yeah those were so retro!), then to colour photos (so seventies) to Polaroid’s (didn’t really took off this one), and now its capturing memories on videos and making our own special home movies.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

clash in karachi

you must be wondering what has this gotta do with anything right? a city like karachi and the political unrest that it is now facing. well this little story is so linked to me right now coz i am suppose to be there in exactly 10 days time!

very a real jumbo now since my meeting city is having a clash of the titans and a bloody one too. i am real sorry to the pakistani's but i am also in a lost coz now the choice of meeting venue is uncertain and to move 50 people from around the world in this short period of time is not funny!

actually this is not the first time i have face this "nomadic" problem, seems like we are a magnet of some sort for trouble to brew!

somewhere in 1998 colombo...tamil tigers...
in year 2000 people power in manila
year 2003 suppose to be in beijing...bird flu
year 2005 nepal...protest against the king.
year 2006 caught a typhoon in manila
year 2007 bangkok...military control, it was surprisingly very "normal" and "peaceful"

what next?? i think i become contingency planning expert la.

Choosing your Reality

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pain & agony

Yesterday evening was ellisa’s turn to see the doc…it was a bad case of viral infection (same one which erika and i had) which looks a little bit like hand foot & mouth (thank god it’s not). Her legs were filled with polka dots of red bumpy spots that’s itchy…man, how to stop her from scratching and making it worse?? ellisa also suffered so much from the huge ulcer at the back of her mouth that even her fave. craving for a nen-nen session was too painful for her! hope she dun lose too much weight.

She was so frustrated, so angry and in so much pain that she kicked and jumped and scream and cried and roll all over the bed, the floor….it was heart wrenching to see her that way…and we tried giving her everything to soothe her…panadol, paracetamol, oral aid, 100+, juices, water, ice-cream…whatever she wants…in the end…she cried until she was so tired than she was knocked out. Dare not touch or move her…unfortunately she was not able to sleep for long…after 3-4 hours she is awaken by the pain and the whole episode of agony & pain starts again…mommy & daddy are like zombies today…prayed so hard for her…hope all is better by today.

Bug movie

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It has been ages since daddy and I went to the movies together for a date (hint! hint! to daddy if you are reading this) Actually I am not a scary movie person, coz I know I would have nightmares for a few nights if I sit through a scary movie. Thanks to my wild imagination! So usually I would avoid all scary movies like the plague.

However, since our whole family has recently been infected with the virus bug the whole of last week and (thankfully!) we are recovering from it this week and live to tell the horror stories of the aftermath of the virus bug, which has left us to deal with horrifying huge ulcers on our throats, mouth and feet, even ugly red spotty bumps on our legs…so I thought maybe we should go catch this scary bug movie and see if their bug movie storyline is scarier or more terrifying than our very own episode with the virus bugs!!

The bug movie poster is artfully designed ~ of course in the shape of a bug, for obvious reasons and the silhouette of Ashley Judd in the middle; doesn’t that give you a big pointer to who the big bug is?

Got a feeling this bug movie may be really scary if it lives up to its reputation, since its created by the same people that made “the exorcist”. To catch a glimpse of this thriller, you could download from

Watching over You

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Daddy has suddenly gone goo goo gaa gaa over collecting beautifully crafted and interesting watches. The great part is that daddy will share his watch collection with mommy..yeah, daddy is really generous with his "toys". Luckily for us, in the watch fashion world, there are no clear lines or distinction between men or women watches, we can share most of the timepieces! Yahoooo, mommy is happy, daddy is happy ~ win-win combination!! Unless of course the watch is a real ladies watch with diamonds and in a dainty bracelet, daddy would definitely not wanna show off that timepiece on his manly hand.

Well, with the money that mommy has earned from blogging, it’s time to go online shopping for some watches…this time mommy will treat daddy to a nice watch from AM ONLINE SHOPPING – an online shopping website that sells watches. At the moment, I am eyeing one of those sporty Casio G-Shock Watches for daddy…here’s watching over you!! hahaha...

Monday, May 14, 2007

recovering weekend

it was a sickly weekend, since "we are family", the girls also joined me and had high fever over the weekend....ya, sharing the suffering!!

the girls were still great even when they were "high" with fever, after giving them their fever med, then after half an hour when the med starts to work, they starts acting like normal healthy children, jumping around, screaming, running about....until the med wears off la...then they will whitered up lying down, whining, crying...all that we can expect from a sick child

see here's erika in the post-med stage, able to smile and pose with her new earrings that ku-ma gave. then when po po came over the weekend to make porriage for us, erika told her this: "po po, mommy, me and ellisa sick, we all 3 girls know what?, we all "jail" daddy....hahhahahhaa"

i re-read back my posts last week, i can see some were really drug induced writing hahahhaha...since i had such a multi-coloured cocktail of drugs that even my writing is affected!!now i know if have writer's block, go get some drugs and your will be "cured".

hopefully we dun need to check-in to any drug rehabilitation center!!

Fantasy Football

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Everyone has fantasies. So when anyone says the word “American Football”, the first pictures that spring to your mind are??? tell me are you fantasizing now of a picture of strong, gorgeous, beautiful well-toned bodies!! If I tell you that you have a chance to get that fantasy football team out of your dreams, and make it real, would you believe me? Here's your chance. Create your dream team in a “reality” game, and have a chance to win great prizes. This game will be a sight for sore eyes!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

invasion of the ulceration!

i have not felt this painful or suffered so much from any of my previous throat infection before or maybe my memory is soooo bad that i cannot remember how badly i suffered before. (blame it on having 2 children)

woke up at 5 am, daddy made milk for ellisa, i have to feed her coz that's ellisa's "law". after that couldn't at 7:40ish, daddy sent me to revisit my doc, we were the first ones at the door. (see la how desperate i am!!) had to ask him for more painkillers.

doc say i have many many many little ulcers all over my throat - really invasion of the ulceration kind!! i can't wait to see my antibiotics army killing off all those buggers and shooting them off to i dun care where!!

drinking clear chicken soup is a torture, even a tiny piece of grape or apple makes me jump off my far i can see myself shrinking by the i simply cannot afford to lose any weight....i will be too skinny for my darling cousin's to fill into that dinner dress leh!

really dun need any weight loss products now.

so far i can still hear my ear ringing with pain!!!! and sometimes i can even imagine those buggers are crawling out my ears after a good scratching on my raw wounds!! aaaaahhhh!!

i am just taking a breath at a time until my painkillers settle in...then i go eat something so i can take my antibiotics....hopefully i can conquered back my "wounded" territory and win this painful bloody battle!

a winning chance

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Wanna join something and have a change to win a huge collection of prizes? No gimmicks or tricks here. All you need to do is sign up as a member of and start entering the contest on the WhoGetsTM website. It’s that simple! Woohooo! lets jump on this and hope some lucky star is shining on us so we can get a bundle of gifts back home.

Friday, May 11, 2007

mega mad!

back in the office today, ya have to drag myself up again...throat is really kena shreaded and the pain is so teruk i can even feel it in my ears (my ears are ringginggggg). my threshold of pain is really HIGH!!! hey, i went thru 2 births without epidural...give me all the rites to say that.

still i am here in the office ~ thot wanna quickly get on with work especially the meeting agenda & papers...coz already told "someone" that

1. we have not much time. 2 weeks to the meeting and nothing is done (literally!!), not even the freaking agenda is to work ah??? this i have harped, nagged informed him many moons ago. you know la every meeting needs an agenda to work with right!! everytime say "tomolo i give u, ploooomisse" we all know, tomolo never came la!

2. he is going on a jolly holiday in a critical time like tis! if i go sick leave, wah like so "unbelivable", how can i be sick at this time wan?? so logical ya! daddy again will be furious to know i go to work today and not get much done and summore cannot rest to completely be well before the trip...pengsan...go home face angry daddy!

3. i only got 2 hands - there are no assistance or help cos there are no other staff to push the bucket to. that's why la, sick or not, the work is still sitting there for you even if you on leave 1 day, 10 days, even after 2 months maternity leave, it's still there!!! just like taxes...patiently waiting for you! the position of all the work is "as is" meaning unmoved, untouched and undisturbed while you are comforting right to know no ones touches your things!! or more likely no one wants to touch them! work far far leh.

see la, i am really a lazy bum bum (most people are by nature) but since i can't pass the #$$*& work to anyone else...i may as well finish as fast as i can so i can blog la, chat la, dream and scrap!!

now i mega angryyyy laaa....meeting papers not done, he just ask me what are we feeding those people...what cocktail refreshments we give them? chiii siiiin....i say food la! see la where his priorities lies!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

preety please

this is how erika looked on tuesday morning when she woked up and was begging me to take her to the hospital to see her daddy. she missed him soooo much, she was sobbing so hard the nite before. in the end had to call daddy and asked him to talk to her, comfort her a little. wah! daddy must have felt worse la when he hear her crying so pitifully, so he promised to buy her sweets la, junk food la...just about whatever she wants la!!
after putting down the phone, she was still sobbing...(aiyoo can cry so much wan) so i say ok let pray for daddy la, so all 3 girls prayed la. after that she felt much better and was able to sleep.

me sick

the good news is after the heart scan, daddy's heart is as good as it can ever! thank god...he must have healed him, coz his earlier scan show some blockages....also thank popo for all the juicing! i was so happy and relieved so was daddy coz he just had 2 friends with serious heart problems, one had to do balloning and the other had a massive stroke! was sooo depressing to hear about them.

but the bad news is i am sick sick sick, with high fever due to the bad sore on mega dose of antibiotics..i was already very sick yesterday but no choice had to fly to singapore for a meeting, so dragged myself up and go la....came back in the evening, felt 100 times worse...still wanted to go office today after i go see doc (cos i have a big meeting end of this month and still
lots of things not done!! die la) so at the clinic daddy was like scolding me....

d: you call ur boss and tell him you cannot go in la
me: aiyah, how to finish summore he going on vacation next week, gotta pass me all the work by this week la
d: u so sick already, i am not sending u to office after this
me: please la
d: then u quit your job la
me: huh?? are u sure??
d: (of cos not la) i bet you yor boss will double your salary la if u quit
me: pls la...(shivering from the fever, no strength to talk summore) (thinking pls ah, not dengue fever...please!!)

in the end of cos i didn't go to office la, now at home recuperating...thank god not dengue too.

back to daddy, he has very bad sleep apnea, so at the moment he needs to wear the air mask to sleep la, then he will see the doc next week and see other options, cos its very hard sleeping with a mask!! the girls think he's like the "alien" with the mask and the tubes...erika was so scared but ellisa was so curious, poking and proding away.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

sleep fix

daddy checked himself into the hospital last nite. he needs to find out if he has sleep apnea as he has most of the signs of a sleep deprived person. the only sign that he didn't get is losing weight which he hope it was the case la...hahahaha

talking about losing weight - have anyone heard of Liporexall?

before he left the house, all 3 of us gals kissed him and say bye bye to him...erika was the most emotional one...she was almost in tears to see her daddy go to the hospital all by himself. ellisa was her usual self, as long as her mommy is with her, she's ok.

hopefully they find what's bugging his sleep and get it fix quickly la. (hopefully its not the 3 woman in his life that is causing him sleep deprivation??)

anothing he needs to fix is his seems there maybe some blockages!! sounds bad...hopefully (& prayerfully) the scan shows nothing terribly wrong...daddy really needs an overhaul la!

maybe popo juicing every morning helps clear some of his heart pipes!!

will update later (cross fingers, toes, hands & legs even hair)

Monday, May 07, 2007

cry if i want to

you surelly have heard this song "It's My Party" by Lesley Gore.

well ellisa doesn't really need any huge excuse to cry, if anything doesn't go her way or if she's hungry or sleepy...the tears will come falling like raindrops! (daddy says she follows mommy ~ coz mommy will also throw a huge tantrum if she is hungry and tired and things dun go my way hehehe)

guess hungry & diet pills is not a good combi for us.

back to ellisa la...every weekends when mommy is babysitting, sure have this "cry, soppy" episode. surprising ellisa does not expose this side of her behaviour when she is with popo, popo claims she is the "most" independent, adorable little adult when she has her!

how unfair rite??? with mommy - cry cry cry, clingy lil' baby....with popo - just a perfect lil' adult.


last sunday, went to makan in this steamboat restaurant near my house, maybe some of you can guess la. once you go in to the compound, there was a balloon man to greet us and we can see a line already formed by kiddies who wants a balloon creation from him. another fun feature is the kids can go fishing out lil' 'longkang' fishes in the little man made pond, they even give free nets and pails, so they can go entertain themselves while mommy & daddy enjoy their meal. the poor lil' fishies!!

back to balloon, he was so talented, he can twist and turn and mix and add a few balloons until he forms something really beautiful! some more he was so generous with the balloons, most kids end up going home with 3 or 4 of his creations...ya, so did we la. when we got into the car...aiyooo full of ballon.

hey did u know a fun trick you could do with a long balloon? if u straighten the long ballon, then u poke whole your finger into on end of that balloon, when u let go, the balloon can fly like "rocket" one!!! hahaha...learnt that from the balloon man. so the kiddies started a shooting war in the restaurant...bursting some on the way...lucky that was quite late ledi, not so many customers.

Good BookKeeping

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Saturday, May 05, 2007


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bumping and hopping around into other blogs and found another opportunity for blog mommies to earn some cash thru AGLOCO. tried reading as much as i can from AGLOCO web on how they generate income, but so far i can only say that there are lots of promises but not much substance yet since it is quite new.

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what do we actually earn? subscribers (meaning you (if u join) and me) will each earn a monthly share of the AGLOCO revenue based on the use of the AGLOCO Viewbar™ that month.

yes this sounds so nice, give you share wor!! but the truth is i am really looking for some cold hard cash. there was no mention anywhere in the site (yes i search every corner of my screen) for us to enter a paypal account, you know la...obviously to deposit those cold hard cash...hmmm...but then u join AGLOCO for free and hope the best lor...maybe this could be the golden goose leh which will lay & lay & lay those golden eggs. $$$$

so if you use this link to sign up, i automatically get credit for referring you.

guess no harm kua...

what do u think? game or not game?

or worse is this a scam ah?

Ashop Commerce

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Friday, May 04, 2007

ring ring

instead of's smil-ring!

ellisa loves wearing rings, sometimes on her fingers, sometimes on her toes. lucky haven't ask for my diamond rings yet!

these pictures i caught her trying to wear the toy rings on her legs and hands. the blue ring was too small for her chubby feet, she was like walking and dragging the ring together. (die die also wanna try to wear it).

she was so frus when she was not able to fit it in.

in the end she gave up and put the blue ring on her hand instead.


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baby chloe

here' s baby chloe, my cousin's Wooi Chuen's BB. surprisingly she shares the same name as my classmate's baby and i think their birth dates (january something la!! 2007) are also about the same. what a coincidence!

she's so cute, sticking out her tongue in this photo. well she wasn't so fortunate just a month back. she gave us all a big big scare when she suddenly turn blue and her parents rushed her to the hospital. the doctors were afraid she had some terrible viral or bacteria infection which cause her to have seizures. did lots of test including getting fluids from her brain!! and they even suggested getting some from her spine....yes it's was a nitemare for her parents...we prayed. luckily before the lumbar test was done, the test result showed she was not having any life threatening disease, just an extremely bad cold and fever.

i think god answered our prayers. look at her now!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Digital Frame

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Ever since I started blogging and digital scrapping, I have started to go crazy snapping pictures and sometimes capturing them in video. Most of the time these are pictures of my little angels, our boxer (I mean the dogs, not boxer shorts here!!) and our activities, like all the kiddy parties we get invited to, wedding parties, our holidays and family gatherings. Some how I have no way of showing off all these beautiful photos and video unless I “force” all my friends and family to cram around my PC or notebook while I let them browse through my huge collection of picture files.

However, with, I could download all my digital pictures into the stylish lcd digital photo frames and view it at my and their own leisure. Isn’t that a relief to them, since I no longer hold them ransom to my PC or notebook..heheheh. The digital photo frame not only shows off pictures but also my video clips, inclusive of sound effects. Isn’t that amazing?

Since mother's day is around the corner...hmmm...get one for mom with pictures of her grandkids would definitely light up her day!!

boinky boinky

since i am on a series of unhealthy fatty oily food...i might as well add this fatty fatty post. this is one of erika's and her cousins fave. dish.

they will always request popo to cook this dish for them...they call it the "boinky boinky chee yuk" which is actually "lou chee yuk". as usual erika & synn yi will be eagerly eyeing the fatty fatty parts...the fatter the better!!

as for ellisa, we only give her the non-boinky meaty chee yuk...not starting her on this fatty path! hopefully she won't get her tastebuds smitten with those fats! in case she gets hook.

me i like to eat the hard boiled eggs which have soaked up all the dark sauce making them golden brown and once you break the eggs, the yolk is so yummy with the sauce. also i lurrve the whole braised garlic which my mom puts i wanna request for this dish too...but hold the boinky please!

or i gotta resort to diet pills that work!!


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Ever since we have heard about Lasik more than a decade ago, daddy and I have always wanted it. Yes we are both blessed with “4 eyes” and we know that 90% of patients achieved 20/40 vision or better. Daddy wants it done so that when he golf, he don’t have the hassle of fogging up his specs as he perspire in the game. As for mommy, I think I look much better without specs!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

chicken skin

yesterday, left erika in yeh yeh house so that she can play with sammi (her cousin). at dinner time, yeh yeh, mah mah, ku mah, erika, sammi and john was seated at dinner table. erika being the youngest, they will try to feed her as much good food as possible. ku mah related the story to mommy.

yeh yeh: erika you want some cod fish?

erika: noooooo

mah mah: eat chicken la (meaning the meat)

erika: nooooo

ku mah: you want vege soup? very yummy

erika: noooo

yeh yeh: then what you want? eat white rice only

erika: (eyeing the chicken skin) i want skin only

In the end, everyone gave in to her whims and contributed their chicken skin to her, which she gobble down with her rice. (pengsan or not???)

mah mah was grumbling about how unhealthy and fatty, but in the end she also gave up and said: at least she’s eating something, she’s still young la, can run all the fats out…(excuses, excuses)

well found out about this ~ Miracle burn pills that could melt away her fats...when she's older!!

Big Web Links

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