Friday, May 04, 2007

baby chloe

here' s baby chloe, my cousin's Wooi Chuen's BB. surprisingly she shares the same name as my classmate's baby and i think their birth dates (january something la!! 2007) are also about the same. what a coincidence!

she's so cute, sticking out her tongue in this photo. well she wasn't so fortunate just a month back. she gave us all a big big scare when she suddenly turn blue and her parents rushed her to the hospital. the doctors were afraid she had some terrible viral or bacteria infection which cause her to have seizures. did lots of test including getting fluids from her brain!! and they even suggested getting some from her spine....yes it's was a nitemare for her parents...we prayed. luckily before the lumbar test was done, the test result showed she was not having any life threatening disease, just an extremely bad cold and fever.

i think god answered our prayers. look at her now!


CutiePrincessMummy said...

Glad she is fine and healthy now! She is such a lovely angel! very cute to show her tongue in the photo! :-)

Annie Q said...

she such a cutie pie..ya..god did answer u all prayers.

HMom said...

such a sweetie and angelic!