Monday, May 07, 2007


last sunday, went to makan in this steamboat restaurant near my house, maybe some of you can guess la. once you go in to the compound, there was a balloon man to greet us and we can see a line already formed by kiddies who wants a balloon creation from him. another fun feature is the kids can go fishing out lil' 'longkang' fishes in the little man made pond, they even give free nets and pails, so they can go entertain themselves while mommy & daddy enjoy their meal. the poor lil' fishies!!

back to balloon, he was so talented, he can twist and turn and mix and add a few balloons until he forms something really beautiful! some more he was so generous with the balloons, most kids end up going home with 3 or 4 of his creations...ya, so did we la. when we got into the car...aiyooo full of ballon.

hey did u know a fun trick you could do with a long balloon? if u straighten the long ballon, then u poke whole your finger into on end of that balloon, when u let go, the balloon can fly like "rocket" one!!! hahaha...learnt that from the balloon man. so the kiddies started a shooting war in the restaurant...bursting some on the way...lucky that was quite late ledi, not so many customers.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hahaha...Erika looks funny with all the balloons :D No photos of the little one with balloons? Kids are really fascinated with them eh? Ashley must have one whenever she sees other kids with one (slaps forehead).

huisia said...

Wow..this steamboat shop really good to promote his business la..

mommy of two angels said...

huisia - ya the clown guy only "in" on sunday so go only on sunday la!

Mommy to Chumsy - erika jealous la, if i do scrap for ellisa, gotta do one for her alone too. so that's why this post no ellisa photo!

Sasha said...

HEY, u stayingnear my house ka. Izit damansara village restaurant?