Tuesday, May 15, 2007

clash in karachi

you must be wondering what has this gotta do with anything right? a city like karachi and the political unrest that it is now facing. well this little story is so linked to me right now coz i am suppose to be there in exactly 10 days time!

very stresssss...in a real jumbo now since my meeting city is having a clash of the titans and a bloody one too. i am real sorry to the pakistani's but i am also in a lost coz now the choice of meeting venue is uncertain and to move 50 people from around the world in this short period of time is not funny!

actually this is not the first time i have face this "nomadic" problem, seems like we are a magnet of some sort for trouble to brew!

somewhere in 1998 colombo...tamil tigers...
in year 2000 people power in manila
year 2003 suppose to be in beijing...bird flu
year 2005 nepal...protest against the king.
year 2006 caught a typhoon in manila
year 2007 bangkok...military control, it was surprisingly very "normal" and "peaceful"

what next?? i think i become contingency planning expert la.


laundryamah said...

yerr why all the meeting places like so derrrr...aiya next time just recommend Malaysia la! Cheapest hotel, transportation, food is good & so peaceful plus YOU get to be at home with your kids!

NomadicMom said...

Yeah lah..WHy Karachi one?? Not exactly a very attractive MICC place lah....

As Amah says, think Malaysia better lah..Got lots of nice place what.. Langkawi got lots of new posh hotels... if not, got Penang, East Coast, etc etc..

shern's mom said...

what can i say? ..karachi..or chiraka.
::roll eyes::