Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Bug movie

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It has been ages since daddy and I went to the movies together for a date (hint! hint! to daddy if you are reading this) Actually I am not a scary movie person, coz I know I would have nightmares for a few nights if I sit through a scary movie. Thanks to my wild imagination! So usually I would avoid all scary movies like the plague.

However, since our whole family has recently been infected with the virus bug the whole of last week and (thankfully!) we are recovering from it this week and live to tell the horror stories of the aftermath of the virus bug, which has left us to deal with horrifying huge ulcers on our throats, mouth and feet, even ugly red spotty bumps on our legs…so I thought maybe we should go catch this scary bug movie and see if their bug movie storyline is scarier or more terrifying than our very own episode with the virus bugs!!

The bug movie poster is artfully designed ~ of course in the shape of a bug, for obvious reasons and the silhouette of Ashley Judd in the middle; doesn’t that give you a big pointer to who the big bug is?

Got a feeling this bug movie may be really scary if it lives up to its reputation, since its created by the same people that made “the exorcist”. To catch a glimpse of this thriller, you could download from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Slg59ufLKXk.