Monday, May 21, 2007

exam week

this is the week erika has been dreading, her very first exam she will be sitting for (this is gonna one of the many in her life)…some how she knows it and is definitely not looking forward to it. since last week, she has been bringing home most of her workbooks from school and her bag was so heavy (poor girl!). teacher wants her to do revision at home!! pressure from teacher loh!

she was responsible and reminded me that her exam on monday is English & Bahasa papers…well no choice la, mommy gotta do the “revision” over the weekend.

erika was very good (taken by surprise!!) except that she has trouble with her “mirror” alphabets…okay not a big deal, me not expecting perfect scores…as long she understood the concepts, good enuff for me! as long, no bring “telur” home for me…hahaha

still after a few times of “playing” with those pretend test…can’t make it so boring, scared she totally turn-off from school…erika said this “I wish I was younger (hahahah so funnie, only 5++ years old, wanna be younger!)…or “I am so tired already, cannot think”… “I wanna sleep la”.

that’s my cue to stop all “work” and just let her play, gotta remind myself not gonna go overboard with this little test. after all how she fare in the real life tests are not exam results.

all the best to you make me very proud ledi!!


mom2ashley said...

all the best to erika!

chinneeq said...

the party is fun :)nice to see the gals enjoying themselves.

jazzmint said...

wahh mock exam somemore!!!

i'm sure she'll do well, no worries

mott said...

hey! my son also got problem with his "b = d"..!!!!

so much pressure la..kindy!!!!!

My son cannot talk well, so he'll give the big sigh...,one hand on his ears (so fedup) he doesn't want to do anymore already!!!!!

anyway...all the best to erika la... i think she'll do well!

WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

aiyo...i am getting nervous and scared already. To think that in a year's time I have to do things like this with my son. Some more my son gets bored or fed up very quickly.

Can't understand why kindy also must do such stuff... kills their childhood and the fun of learning.

Today my son tells me that w = m. I thought it was only b = d. Scary.

NomadicMom said...

Wa...Chinese Kindy izit?? Sure one lah..

Good Luck!! To both Mommy and Erika...

Health Freak Mommy said...

OMG, 5 yo & already gotta sit for exams. Will this put too much stress & fear in a child? Aiyoh....