Saturday, May 12, 2007

invasion of the ulceration!

i have not felt this painful or suffered so much from any of my previous throat infection before or maybe my memory is soooo bad that i cannot remember how badly i suffered before. (blame it on having 2 children)

woke up at 5 am, daddy made milk for ellisa, i have to feed her coz that's ellisa's "law". after that couldn't at 7:40ish, daddy sent me to revisit my doc, we were the first ones at the door. (see la how desperate i am!!) had to ask him for more painkillers.

doc say i have many many many little ulcers all over my throat - really invasion of the ulceration kind!! i can't wait to see my antibiotics army killing off all those buggers and shooting them off to i dun care where!!

drinking clear chicken soup is a torture, even a tiny piece of grape or apple makes me jump off my far i can see myself shrinking by the i simply cannot afford to lose any weight....i will be too skinny for my darling cousin's to fill into that dinner dress leh!

really dun need any weight loss products now.

so far i can still hear my ear ringing with pain!!!! and sometimes i can even imagine those buggers are crawling out my ears after a good scratching on my raw wounds!! aaaaahhhh!!

i am just taking a breath at a time until my painkillers settle in...then i go eat something so i can take my antibiotics....hopefully i can conquered back my "wounded" territory and win this painful bloody battle!


huisia said...

remind me those days i had the tonsilitis..likely killed me..

Get well soon...i know it's tough even just a plain water..hang on!!

BabyBooner said...

oh my.... so sorry I didn't know you got sick. Get well soon!!!!

NomadicMom said...

Why so poor thing one??

Lovely Mummy said...

Get well soon and take good care !!!

The New Parent said...

Hi--sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself and heal soon!

Angeleyes said...

Adoi! I read also can feel the pain... Hope you are feeling better and those ulcers are gone for good!

HMom said...

Take care and drink lots of water. I used to get this very often and it was horrible