Thursday, May 03, 2007

Digital Frame

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Ever since I started blogging and digital scrapping, I have started to go crazy snapping pictures and sometimes capturing them in video. Most of the time these are pictures of my little angels, our boxer (I mean the dogs, not boxer shorts here!!) and our activities, like all the kiddy parties we get invited to, wedding parties, our holidays and family gatherings. Some how I have no way of showing off all these beautiful photos and video unless I “force” all my friends and family to cram around my PC or notebook while I let them browse through my huge collection of picture files.

However, with, I could download all my digital pictures into the stylish lcd digital photo frames and view it at my and their own leisure. Isn’t that a relief to them, since I no longer hold them ransom to my PC or notebook..heheheh. The digital photo frame not only shows off pictures but also my video clips, inclusive of sound effects. Isn’t that amazing?

Since mother's day is around the corner...hmmm...get one for mom with pictures of her grandkids would definitely light up her day!!