Tuesday, July 31, 2007


got a very appropriate 888 tag from kiasumum..cannot lose one, must phat phat phat (hehehe!)

me dun really care lor about this "auspicious" date...look nice but cannot eat one!

since daddy is such a typical cina man, so i thot ask him la, he love number phat! this tag is for him la. so i asked him what will he be doing on that day? he say he wants to hold a son(???!!) by that date. (HUH!!!) when i heard that i was laughing so loud...i say its the joke of the year!! i didn't think he thot it was funniee. see, see he's so typical cina man right? finally admit want a boy?? didn't say a child, but a son wor!!

come to think of it having a baby is great, having someone who totally depend on you. (a little like life insurance no medical right??)

you... being the center of the universe in the baby's eyes, feels great right. remember your pak tor days, when your boyfren say..."i lub you...i will die without you"...wah so sweet, so lomantic...but at the back of your head you know...this fella all bull only la...as if he will really die. baby, different la, they literally depend on you for their dear life..wah feel sooooo needed, sooo important.

oii, hello wake up...crazy ah, at this point in my life, i dun think i need to get a baby to justify my self-worth or the need to be loved. maybe when i was in my teens or twenties (so bodoh then) that i need to please others in order to be happy. i feel my life is complete, as it is. so daddy, if it is god's will, it will happen, if not...solly lah! kekekeke

even though not chinese new year, but i wish all of you prosperity in your pocket, in your heart and in your mind! phat phat phat k!

pass tag to 5 (how come not phat?) (my alphabetical order)

baby raelynne
big pumpkin


Instructions :

**Start Copy**
Proposition: My plan on 08.08.08
Requirements: Share us your plan on 08.08.2008.
Tag Mode: 5 blogger

1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
3rd - Leave me a comment so that I can compound all your links in a final list on 08.08.2008. What They will do on 08.08.2008

Xilly want to create a list of 08.08.08 plans.
Chooi Peng was at Hokkaido on 08.08.08
Jazzmint will pass the day blurry on 08.08.08
Dragonmummy will run the normal SAHM task on 08.08.08
Kiasumum's 7th Anniversary 'n honeymoon
mommyof2angels wishes everyone prosperity!

show off

Ever since I started blogging and digital scrapping, I have started to go crazy snapping pictures and sometimes capturing some of them in video too. Most of the time these are pictures of my little angels, our boxer (I mean the dogs, not boxer shorts here!!) and activities, kiddy parties we get invited to, wedding parties, our holidays and family gatherings. Some how I have no way of showing off all these beautiful photos and video unless I “force” all my friends and family to cram around my used cisco PC or notebook while I let them browse through my huge collection of picture or video files. That is now a thing of the past.

With the recent photos on our trips to Hawaii, we sure have lots to “show off”. As for the Hawaii vacation reviews, all I can say is…I wish I dun have to go home!

If you wanna get more Hawaiian travel info, here's a great site to go to, just click on my link and it will bring you to Hawaiian travel info. It has a whole range of hotels, villas, even condo to suit every budget and travel needs.

reading glasses

I remember the first time I had my eyes check; I was still a teenager then with acne problem and dealing with acne creams.

I was quite dissapointed when I was confirmed a "four eyes". No thanks to watching too much telly or reading under bad lighting! Wearing glasses for the first time was awkward, it was tough getting the “right” glasses to fit my face!

Back then, choices were limited so were my parent’s budget. Wish I knew of the huge selections of Wholesale Reading Glasses available on the net and at such reasonable prices too. Surely it was all within my parent’s budget since it's wholesale, no middle man involved.

This website Wholesale Readers also gives you an opportunity to make money selling glasses, if you want some extra pocket money! Their collection includes great looking reading glasses to glorious looking sunnies to brighten up your face and protect your eyes.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

free silver

A fren just told me to go grab some colloidal silver ...have you ever heard of colloidal silver?

A few of my fren's fren have already gotten their colloidal silver and were very happy, so i know this is not a hoax la...coz i dun wanna be spreading spam. The catch is the shiny bling stuff is not to adorn your body but it is meant to be introduced to your body through consumption! yes, eating your colloidal silver and getting your body boosted to fight some infections and sicknesses.

So interested to find out what is colloidal silver?

It's a solution of water containing nanometer sized particles of suspended silver. The total silver content is expressed as milligrams of silver per liter (mg/L) of water which is numerically the same as parts per million (ppm). The total silver content is divided into two forms of silver; ionic silver and silver particles. Ionic silver solutions are products whose silver content is predominantly in the form of silver ions. Silver protein based products use gelatin as an additive to keep large silver particles suspended that would otherwise fall to the bottom.

Wanna get some bling of a different kind, you could give this alternative medication a chance!

right hand woman

after so many donkey years working as a "one leg kick" ..finally i cannot use this term anymore...yohooooo celebraaatioooon! got a new executive – my right hand woman to handle part of my "portfolio" and bug the bugger in the office.

finally the office staff strength has grown by 33% (wow!! big number in terms of percentage) but reality is like from 2 staff to 3 lah!! not bad wor…count your blessings…GOD has been listening.

now I have someone to help me lick stamps (phew! my tongue can take a break), or write long love letters to the banks, my new lunch partner….gossip about the bugger, and try new ways of squeezing $$$ out of the company!! hehehe..2 heads better than 1 right? actually not that easy lor...coz i work for an account-ten...its more like squeezing water out of a rock...i may need more than 2 heads lor! heeeelpppp!

finally...can play some office politics...aiyooo after sooooo long!! now need to sit back and sharpen my claws skills!

here's to my partner in crime....meera...may our days be merry & bright! That reminds me that I gotta take out my Sunglasses (for the shade and the style) or maybe get some Wholesale Sunglasses for my partner for our delinquent part!!

Alternative Banking

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To send money or to receive money has changed so much in the last decade. I remember that my parents need to drive to a bank or financial institution, show their face literally and an ID to make such transactions, then it shifted to phone banking and now e-banking, one of the most convenient way of moving money.

Or you could sign up for virtual credit or debit cards to make payments, it works exactly the same way as normal credit card or debit cards, but with added security features with no extra deposit needed. That’s my idea of alternative banking, saving time, secure and hassle-free!

But if you over spent and need help with Debt Relief or
Credit Card Consolidation, you could always call : 1-888-207-4455 to get yourself out of trouble!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

the lil' model

since this weeks is ellisa's b'day week, will do all the post focusing on her!

got this cute patchwork (i love patchwork, any handicraft lah) denim dress from hong kong. ya bought it for a while, but ellisa wouldn't wear it, even with lots of coaxing coz it's not her taste...no cats on it!!

so again depend on popo to finally made her wear the dress…wah! when i saw her in it…what do blogger mothers do…snap snap snap lor…ask her to pose for me and she happily obliged, sit like this and like tat! soooo cute!

and you know what….after the photo session…the dress came out…like a real model…change to her cat cat clothes.

Vacation Home

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Branson real estate is a perfect place to invest for a vacation home. It offers beautiful scenery of great countryside landscape with lakes, a championship golf course, and with nature at your doorsteps. Well if you are not convinced, you could rent out a villa at the Branson real estate, play a round of golf, soak up all that nature has to offer before choosing your dream vacation home!

And to furnish your dream vacation home, try Century furniture for classic masterpieces to complete your home décor.

Maybe you may consider turning your vacation home to your permanent residence!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


ellisa loves fruits and when yeema brought a box of rambutans, she took one and put the whole big round white ball into her mouth and tries to chew it. very dangerous but she won't have it any other way...everyone gives in to this little princess, so we watch her like a hawk and i think we won't be getting any rambutans until she's a lot more older!!

the bad part is she is soooo messy (ok most toddlers are messy eaters) ellisa will chew chew chew then she will spit out whatever she thinks is not edible...mind you she can spit out those chewed food a real good distant!! pttuiiiiii and those morsels seem to travel to all nooks and corners of the house...ya dunno learn from who?

maybe i should let her try Goji Berries. heard it's great and super rich with antioxidants, should help with her eczema. it's definitely much safer putting a Goji Berry in her mouth than a rambutan.

Fire ants

{sponsored post}

We used to have a huge big mango tree that we had to chop down due to fire ants infestation!! We love mangoes but we have no choice and must sacrifice our yummy tree! Wish we have more knowledge on fire ant treatments then I could still be enjoying fresh mangoes from my own backyard.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

i rock??

this is a really fun tag from leah and kiasumum.

ehhh...me rock??...more like rocking the girls to sleep, rocking on the ol' grandmother's rocking chair or if the girls throw one of their crazy tantrums...i will shake and rock them out of it!! or if someone tries to be funny...i will throw a rock at them la. hehhehee that's more like it.

to all my readers...you all rock la...of cos! especially all the mommies, no one rock/work as hard as mommies do!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Brief encounters

I am always in search of womens underwear that will help me wear my clingy jersey dresses or low-rise hipster or white slacks without “showing off” those unsightly panty lines!

Eeeeee…hates those panty lines! Seriously need to zap out those lines when I wear those great clothes or bottoms! Solution?? Get undies with non-binding edges for that vanishing act. Or else get a comfy thong to make me feel ooooo...so sexy! seriously I am not a thong girl...so I will stick to my superthin nude microfiber!

celebrating ellisa

this is mommy's scrap invitation card for ellisa. of cos you can get beautifully made birthday invitations online too.

celebrated ellisa's cat cat party in a very small kitty way...mostly it's a time for her to play with her cousins and share some precious moments with the grandparents...of cos she has a puuurfectly great time...getting her way or else!!!

mommy on the other hand tried as hard as possible to make the house full of cats literally, playing cat games, cat walking everywhere, cat-ching up with in-laws (hehhehe!)....taking pictures...tried my hand at baking...all on my own without po-po's help!! wah big achievement la...give myself a cat-scratch on the back.

erika helping to blow those pink balloons...dancing as she blows...can you find ellisa in between those balloons?

mommy made these...and decorated it too....

while i was happy decorating, ellisa was happy licking up the yummy cream. after a while, digging with the stick, frustrated, she went to the kitchen get herself a spoon....ah that's more like it!

aunty wendy ordered a carrot cake for ellisa...yummy

singing, blow candles then cake cutting or cake chopping time...they love chopping up the cake!...my turn, my turn...

some of the cat cat stuff i could find...it was a really good hunting experience...now i know where to find dog la, cow la, butterfly, bear, lizard, jellyfish...but cats was sooooo hard!!! thanks to nomadic-mom for the catty stationery all the way from our neighbouring country! phew! save by the cat.

the small party had fun, the only complain was...it was sooooo kitty difficult to buy catty stuff..they really hunted like a cat!! to get these presents! thanks everyone for all the catty gifts! here's some cat idea gifts for u!


{sponsored post}

Different people have different uses for drugs. Some see it as a tool for healing, pain relief, others a remedy for recreation or fun, while others sees it as a tool of destruction. However way you view it, we all can’t live without it, one way or another. Drugs have been around for the longest of time.

Getting prescription drug addiction treatment is becoming more common nowadays. Maybe that’s because we are now addressing it more openly as we talk about it candidly, honestly and face it as a real problem of the times. It’s no longer a problem for celebrities alone, it’s a problem that hitting on our own home front! This is really depressing and destructive to families, as it affects every single member, it’s worse than the plague; it’s like a horrible cruel curse.

How do I know this? Well, my family is a sorry statistic that this can happen to just anybody, famous or otherwise, rich or otherwise, happy or otherwise, crazy or otherwise…and the sadness and anger and woe that it brought along is just too heavy a price to pay. So I tell my daughters these very wise words…stay away from drugs. Prescriptive drugs may seem harmless but when you abuse it, it’s still a drug and it’s dangerous, even lethal sometimes. How do you know that if it happens to your love ones? Notice if there are behavior changes, lifestyle changes, even actions and deeds change.

Fortunately there is now so much help available nowadays on prescription drug addiction treatment that if you seek help, you will surely find it! There are online portals that offer free advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Or many, many centers in your city or town that have open doors to assist.

So give yourself a chance, seek help, its only a call away!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

poo poo

mommy always talk such disgusting stuff....

ellisa sat on the throne and poo poo (ok nothing special, everyone does that, hopefully everyday!!)....then she saw her poo and said....

"my ku ku chai (*pee-nuss*) come out or-re-di"

"seeeee....my ku ku chai come out orrreediii"

yes kids say the darnest things!! she has been very curious in the differences of being a girl and a boy, noticing the different style of peeing, different shapes...she has even attempted to touch daddy's a few times...curious la...why so funniii kua??

no need to tell u what shape her poo poo is lar!

talking about sh*t...daddy just did a colon cleanse recently coz he wants to be healthier...after all these years of abusing his body, finally realised he need to give it a break.

Friday, July 20, 2007

my pot of gold??

i just got the "If I Have $1 Million" tag from Lovely Mummy again!!

wah if really suddenly a pot of gold dropped on my lap...cold hard cash please!! no bonds, trust funds, shares, property ok! show me the munnnneeey!

wohooo...go bank deposit all in, make sure i see all 7 digits on my account...then will i start spending!! prudent lah!!

what if? what if all a con job?

1st thing 1st, pay off all liabilities and change them to "assets" ~~ ahem of cos la!! from borrower to owner hahahha laughing all the way to the bank...can hear me?

then see how much left?? opps i see my account has depleted to more than half...man life is tough...now to renovate my house, upgrade la...wat to do, must look rich lor...compete with neighbours la, tom dic & harry la...hahhaa

i think i will redo the cabinet hardware or the kitchen 1st ~ really in desperate need of a good redo.

then see the account again...aiyoo just left enuff to get me my small little smart car...then i am in the poor house again!! help!

or i can forsake all those and get myself a dream vacation home with ocean front view from Baja Real Estate in Mexico, just 20 minutes from San Diego. Heard that these Mexico Real Estate are now a steal, hmmm gotta check out the Baja Real Estate Listings and pick a great home.

pass the million dollar tag:

all things purple


Instructions :
**Start Copy**
Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00…………………………
Requirements: continue above sentences
Tag Mode: 5 blogger

1st - You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd - Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.

What They Do With Their $1 Million
1. SYH will spend for Family.
2. Miche will give to the needy.
3. Montessorimum will keepsake
4. Lovely Mummy will spend & save
5. mommyof2angels wish there're more millions coming!

win an iPod

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wanna get a chance to Win an iPod Shuffle? then click on to this link ~ ToastTheTrends- Home Decor and all you have to do is link to this site or comment or talk about it. I for one that this is something all bloggers love to do…hey now you get a chance to win something doing something you lurrve!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

chinese no like this tag

Surprised to be tagged by a daddy on this inauspicious 4 4 4 4 4 tag! he gwailo lah, that's why dunno kua. hahaha even though i know why chinese say this number bad…but I feel I am lucky with this number.

4 About Me.

4 Jobs I Have had in my Life:
1) when I was in primary school I remember I worked in my neighbour’s house doing printing of plastic bottles (during school hols, really cottage industry & child labour goes hand in hand)…it was sooo boring…place bottle on the printing screen…print it…take out bottle….but the fun part was getting paid at that age!

2) promotion sales girl – even if you dun sell anything, you still get $100 a day… it was a great job…but as I said on promo only, so shortlived la…this was during collage days. The best part, get to hang out in malls and get paid!

3) also during collage days, work in an events organizer assistant means assist everything and everybody la. The best part, get to eat hotel food, stay in hotel and jump on the hotel beds!

4) my current office job, one leg kick.

4 Countries I have been to on Vacation:
1) Turkey…historic, beautiful but the people will try to cheat you every chance they can get!! If you dun love lamb…better bring your own food.

2) South Africa, wild, totally exotic, but my skin couldn’t take the dry winter…painfully cracking!

*shucks!* even had acne, so i searched the authority on acne to get my normal skin back!

3) Bali…pampered to the max…love it…wish I dun have to leave the villa forever.

4) Hong Kong….food, food, food and more food. love cities that are surrounded with water.

one place i wish to visit is Spain, coz i love the food! of cos the beautiful scenery and places of interest, even the culture is just so colouful & beautiful. can't wait to plan a trip there and book into Hotels in Madrid or Hotels in Barcelona . if you read spanish you could try Hoteles en Barcelona.

4 of My Favorite Foods:
1) desserts – crème brule, choc cake, meringue, cheese cake, loads of cream ….

2) crabs…especially fried in salted eggs…anything with salted eggs is yummy.

3) sour food like assam laksa, tom yam, rasam, preserved plums, sour mangoes (salivating!)

4) good piece of thick kobe beef on the grill…with foie gras on the side…ok sinful but yummy.

eh...i got a lot more....better stop here..else think i really greedy pig.

4 Places I’d rather be Right Now:
1) Bali…doing nothing but lazing horizontally, reading a book

2) shopping in Bangkok or Hong Kong

3) on a hot air balloon, visiting a safari in south Africa

4) actually snoozing in anywhere comfy la…will do…a hammock by the beach hugging my girls on each arm.

4 Friends I’m Tagging:

1) wmd
2) chinneeq
3) milkmaid
4) mommy corner

the pill

after watching the last episode of desperate housewives, edie (the hiao por) swallowing those pills and then swallowing her death becoz of it.

daddy asked mommy...eh why dun you try the pill?

mommy...oh...(why suddenly say like tat?) but then think...hmm good idea hor...but think again bad idea hor...coz i gotta remember to religiously take it wor, meaning gotta put reminder in my scheduler in the PC at home, work, notebook, in my mobile, daddy's mobile...wah i need a team just to remind me to eat it every day, same time summore. this is tough, even though i have never tried it before, i already can feel the dread of the ritual.

then daddy said, you really should be on the pill la, coz.....

the pill got side effects!!

the side effects is that you will get fat!!! ahahahhaa!

crazy idea!!! you think the pill is my weight management solution ah?? what if it doesn't work on me...aiyooo the extreme we go just to gain weight!

but then after hearing so many comments about how skinny & gaunt i am....maybe i should resort to the pill to gain weight~~maybe really got positive side effects mah!!!

psst...summore no more babiess..win win situation!! dunno la...this needs more discipline that i can cope?? maybe not la...it's too craziiii

but if u wanna lose weight...i know that u could get Phentermine without prescription online.

celebrating celebrity

{sponsored post}

We love gossiping about who’s who in the glitzy glamorous celebrity circle…browsing through the latest mag ogling on the celebrity pictures.

Somehow, wishing that it could be us one fine day. Walking on the red carpet and having our pictures snapped from every angle and direction….waiting to receive our award. Being showered with attention and pampered to our every whims and fancies!! Living a dream…modeling in front of a professional photographer…woohooo and made-up to look like a star plus you get to adorn the most gorgeous dress that make you look sooo stunning arrrggggh…if only this was real!

Back to ogling at those irresistible pictures.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

curly locks

ever since I permed my hair and become curly wurly, erika has always envy that and keep pestering me to do the same for her…so vain. I explained that she’s too young, after the chemicals spoil her brain (but not mommy!! hahaha so who is the real vain pot?)

she says she wanna trim her hair here and there and curl it up…wah! already have an idea for her new hair style…of cos her aim is to look like princess aurora la!

after so many no…no…no….

erika said…but mommy, why ellisa not even 2 years old, she has curly hair!!! not fair!!!

mommy speechless.


{sponsored post}

I love numb3rs…ya I love that show too! But for children that have a hard time understanding the numbers concept and unable to figure a way out of it, a total lost in a maze of numbers…there’s help at hand. Give Score math tutors a try, nothing to lose, but all to gain!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

letting off steam

when i wanna let off some frustration, i would go shopping la (typical woman) or call fren to rant...oh! now got blog to blah everything there...to release some vent up energy. i know eating is never my way of letting off steam...coz angry means cannot eat!

but i notice erika's way is either crying, screaming, tantrums (typical girl) which i try to control coz it's soooo irritating la! now can u guess what she turns to - to get some release???

her piano!
banging on the black & white keys keep her sane.

ya she is getting very good with her fingering and timing and plays really well...so u think i need to irritate her more...so she can be a famous concert pianist one fine day?

dun look at me like tat! i am just trying to be helpful!!

blog addiction

saw this lil' game from shannon, so play la, curious loh to see whether i am so gila or not? after a few click click click on the survey questions...i can see the liquid going up & up...turns out i passed? or fail? i dunno...it's just a number.

77%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

lucky this addiction is safe compared to addiction to drugs! or not gotta send this momy for rehabilitation treatments.

but seriously if you need help especially in the druggie department, you cal always check out the drug treatment centers available.


{sponsored post}

Every time I drive into any neighbourhood, I always draw my attention to all the mail boxes standing there in the lawn; usually they are the first to greet me, if not the dogs or cats. (no, I do not work for the postal department!!)

Wondering where they get all these beautiful mailboxes. Now there’s a site dedicated to this - mailboxixchange (pronounced Mailbox Exchange).

Look at these beautiful painted ones they have…can’t decide between these 2.

art work

Having a piece of beautiful original art work can really make a huge difference to the room, especially with the right lightings; it sets the mood for relaxation and some tranquility. There were many art pieces to choose from at www.beautifulrealart.com but this is one of my fave. ~ Black And Beauty. Enjoy!

Monday, July 16, 2007


another tiring weekend, 1st ellisa suddenly decided to wake up for her nitely feed on fri nite and sat nite and sun nite??? why?? dun ask me...i thot that episode has passed us by...well, it sprang back up again..surprise...no! hope tonite will be a good nite and a good omen for the whole coming week….panda eyes for monday.

last saturday suppose to meet up my ah neh fren to take pic...so decide to meet up at secret recipe in taman tun...turns out there were 2 in the same area and obviously like some dramatic old cina show...we were in the same place but we never saw each other la!! paths never cross?? and this ah neh dun believe in mobile (he still lives in those old cina time)...takes a great creative person to be this weird…so will have to try to meet again…with more specific landmark, and details!!!


sunday, the girls woke up so early...took them to the park to spend off some of their energy...they were so happy jumping with oomph on the park…then get them washed up & went to stuff ourselves silly at a yummy place, met healthfreakmummy & her gorgeous girls…

after a while, ellisa konked out (yeah!! yeah!! mommy can eat in peace! so happy…yahoo! can concentrate on my food. let her sleep on a made-do bed by placing 2 chairs together)

at the same place also met my sis & family...then bumped into an old ol' school mate – sok see, actually walked pass her table a few time, coz greedy la, went so many round to pillage for food…then thinking this person looked so familiar…stare stare stare….like crazy woman…then walk another round…stare summore…finally say…hey! you are….

...wah this restaurant really happening!! was great la...all these unplanned meetings…very pleasant surprises.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

home upgrade

{sponsored post}

Ever since LCD TV appeared, I always wanted one of them…so flat, so light, so stylish. Browsing the net and bumped into viewsonic monitor…wooo hooo what a lot of choices of monitors they have! They have one as low as $485 bucks (sometimes it good to wait for new toys!!)…yahoo within my budget. Also thinking of doing a home upgrade, changing my home furniture to suit my new chic LCD TV. What do you think?

dog food

{sponsored post}

Everyone is going green or organic these days. Back to nature as it was always intended to be ~ real food, unprocessed and natural. I am not just talking about human food, these days there are even Organic dog food for our adorable k9 buddy! There’s even cat food available organically now…hmm, so hopefully they could live longer than their expected 9 lives!

Friday, July 13, 2007

i dun feel the love??

the other day, yeh yeh came to visit the 2 girls. whenever he comes, he will sure bring loads of goodies to "tempt" them. so this time, he brought along cute bags, hair clips, hair band, girlie stuff all for erika, except for a toy milk bottle for ellisa...she love the toy though.

i dunno at this age...do you think ellisa knows the difference??

well her reaction says it all...she dun play play with yeh yeh (must be soooo dissapointed!!! really didn't feel the lurrve! hahahah) her face also *change* (bluee mood)...i guess no eye see la...wat to do? ellisa seems to know her math well and have good logic sense that one is less than 6,7,8 or 9 prezzie that che che has!

then when yeh yeh left,

ellisa: "yeh yeh love erika"
me: "no yeh yeh love you"
ellisa: "no....erika"
me: "who love ellisa"
ellisa: "mommiii love ellisa"

you see she so poor thing or not...must give her more love lah! the thing is her line never change even after many many repeated attempts to psycho her...pengsan or not!

yeh yeh felt soooo bad...he couldn't believe ellisa can react like that!

well i wish yeh yeh will get her these educational toys to cheer her up instead of battery operated toys that don't stimulate her creativity... i would love to see her play with creative toys such as Ceramic Clays, arts and crafts materials and Modeling clays. I think she will enjoy it too and maybe change her mind about yeh yeh!!

A *Love* Link Tag

tagged by this Lovely Mummy, who fighting for her life and in is doing a great job at it! still have the energy for her children, family & best of all blogging!!! she is sooo infected with the blogging bug!

1. Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and link back to the blog that put you on the list in the paragraph. This isn’t a suggestion. You need to break up the duplicate content. Someone took the time to add you so the least you can do is give them an extra link back.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007


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I remember I was in primary school and my mom has already sent me for tuition classes. All I remember was after school I had to change, walk to my tuition classes and sit there…it was soooooo boooooring!! Now with innovative tutor program by Score, school life is so different, learning is fun.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i for independence

ellisa is now off the diaper in the day time and is able to tell us "i wan tooo orrr seee" (poo poo), which literally means she either wanna poo poo or shi shi...when we hear her say those words, quickly rush her to the loo and let her sit on the throne.
of cos "accidents" still happens, she is one step closer to independence.

it happened so suddenly this potty training?? actually this training word is soooo out of place, coz with her being the 5th child in the house, no more potty training program was introduced!! this program was discontinued due to lack of sufficient experts & time to administer this tedious operation...i guess it ended after the 3rd child...unlike jern and erika, when we had the time of our life to train and talk and guide...now we just let nature takes its most natural course!!

independence also brings it own set of trouble...

i wanna wear my dancing skirt!!! no i dun wan this dress...noooo i want my dancing skirt...dancing skirt (skirt that can swivel up when she turns)

i wanna wear ring

i want scissors to cut paper....mommiiiii che che dun share her scissors mommiii che che dun give me scisssoss

no i dun wan to wear crocs...i wan to wear my slippers

i dun want dieeeee pers!
(put on her little panties)

(when she is in the loo!) take out my shirt i dun wan it to get wet...be careful ah

i wan my kam jin, give me my kam jin pleeezzz (security blankie! which is my blanket...now its her property?? dunno how that happen...it's huge but she needs to hug the whole thing)

i want to read my crayon book...talk talk my crayon talk...yakkkerrrtiii clabertiee talk talk talk

this reminds me to get her more books.

the best one is:

i want my mommiiii, hug me mommiiii

garage space

Daddy has been accumulating more and more “toys” lately. From his golfing gears and golf balls to car parts, suspensions coils to hydraulic stuff to his latest craze, mountain biking. It’s about time to revamp the garage and increase the garage storage space, so that all the “toys” fit neatly and nicely.

I think he would love to add this toy into his collection!

Monday, July 09, 2007

chili sauce

if you watch telly, you would surely have come across this road safety campaign commercial!

or u can watch the video here http://www.panducermat.org.my/en/ss_video_chillisos.php

so i was curious, if erika got the message from this ad or not? since it was shown so often, asked her..what do you see in this ad? (hoping she gets the message)

erika answer was...."hmmm i see....if you buy chilli sauce and sit on the motor bike...you will die"

guess to her the message is chilli sauce and motorbike in not a good combi!!
no mention of a helmet anywhere?? so darling you are never going near any motorbikes!! you hear me! get this message.

maybe she may get the message if we use better quality, higher resolution flat panel televisions...i wish la!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

bite me

daddy is always very geram with ellisa and likes to bite her chubby hands and legs...just for fun...and she will scream and complain to me..."mommy, da-diiiii bite my hands....mommiieee daddiii dissteb miiii...nauuutiii daddiii" (she is a real complainer nowadays) i will have to say "daddy pls say sorry"...she will wait for daddy to apologise and kiss & make -up with her.

this it "their" kind of fun?? play play ritual with daddy...play rough, always tumble and tossing and then complain session with mommy.

so one day daddy bit her...and she quickly pass the fun?? onto erika and gave her a big painful bite on her hand...erika screamed and cried so loud...i thot something terrible happened....daddy was laughing (bad bad dadiii) at the nauti girl's antics and erika was screaming for her to say sorry! poor erika had a terrible bite mark, i can see a little blood too...opps.

ellisa just give her cheeky laugh and run away....i asked her to say sorry...she said "no, nooo". (pretending to be innocent and all)

Princess bedding

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Since all my attempts to “bribe” Erika to sleep in her own bed is not working as planned. (yes! She is not biting the carrot). The things I tried to bribe her includes food, trips, hair accesories, even office supplies !!

Maybe this beautiful kids bedding will do the trick. She was in love with princesses since the time she met them personally in Disneyland and have since harbour ambitions to be one – that’s her life-long aspiration. Hope it works, fingers & toes crossed. eventhough this is a sponsored post, i really hopes this works!

Friday, July 06, 2007

window dressing

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Time to dress up my windows for ellisa’s puuurrfect meow meow birthday party! (just my excuse to splurge and update the windows) I think I wanna make over my windows with blinds. I have shop around and saw a huge variety in the market that will suit the house décor.

Thinking of putting up the Roman blinds for my living room. What do you think??

Thursday, July 05, 2007

girlie talk

sent erika to school yesterday, paid her school fees to her new class teacher. Then I went to erika’s seat and say good bye to her. This little girl hor yen came up to me and say “hello aunty”…so we started a little chat between erika, hor yen & me

me: hello what is your name?
hy: my name is hor yen ah…from daisy class (give me the look like this also you dun remember, you saw me before what)
me: oh yes yes I remember (pretend la, what to do)
hy: i like erika, erika is my besssst fren (put her arms around erika and give her a hug)
me: really that’s nice

erika keep wanting to show me another girl fren sharing the same table with her coz she has the longest hair in class (very glamorous and alluring trait) for girls…I can see both the girls green with envy as they touch this girl's hair.

me: what’s your name?
Girl: (very shy & quiet)
Erika & hy said out her name for her!

Then erika took out her stickers to show off to her frens….straight away the 2 girls demanded they want this one or that one. The best part of it was erika was so generous to give her frens the sticker, even though she was hesitant at first with the pink princess aurora sticker (her fave among the rest), she still peel it off…wah i so surprise la, she really is different with her frens…at home will wrestle to no end if anyone wants her stuff.

Erika: that class is synn yi’s (pointed to the next class)
Hy: brandon gave me 3 stickers
me: who is brandon?
Erika: Brandon is synn yi’s classmate (wah 5 year old boy giving stickers to 6 year old girls)
Hy: I luuuurrrve Brandon (wait till your daddy hears this!!)
me: is he handsome?
Erika & hy: he is soooo handsome
Me pengsan at the 2 girls…wait till I tell your daddy, see if he go and check-out this Brandon kuci-rat guy??

then i curi curi ask about the teacher

hy: i like this teacher, she's sooooo nice, i made a card for her (impressed la, so sweet)
hy: there is teacher siew nam (pointing to another class, her previous class teacher)...(quietly whisper) she very fierce!
me: what about your chinese teacher? (the fierce teacher that pulled erika's ear)
hy: she very fierce, (looked at her class teacher) i like my new teacher

ok got the info i wanted, said good-bye to erika and left for work.


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When I was in primary school, I had pen pals from America, England and even Australia. I use to love receiving letters, cards and notes in my mailbox. Now I dread it coz I dun receive any more nice letters from faraway lands but most of the mails are bills, bills and more bills! How I wish my Mailboxes are filled with payment cheques!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

shutter bug

look at these beautiful pictures my fren took!! he's really so good at it la...makes me so proud to be his fren hahahha...my ah neh fren. (racist la me)

envy envy his work. wish i could capture these pieces of art on film too. it's amazing! hmm, hope i could get him to take some pic of me and the girls...one day la...one fine day la! he promised but dunno when leh?

more of his photos can be seen here http://www.flickr.com/photos/nabilkannan but he no longer post new photots there now...forgot where the new site is...not paying attention to his chatter la, as usual, just give lip service only hahahah!

well he's single and very available...interested??


Since I joined payu2blog.com, aiyooo! they send out so many opportunities to write (great la, can make some money) but there’s a catch. *All assignments sent to you must be completed* (die lah! committed liao)

Even if I have no time, also gotta make time…hahaha The assignments can be anything from new york ticket broker (buying special priced concert, games or theater tickets) to Pigeon Forge cabin rental (luxury log cabin retreat) or even bathroom faucets (if you are thinking of upgrading your bathrooms?).

It really fun writing "info-adverts" and I learnt a lot from it too.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

suited up

daddy will be going to bali for his fren's wedding...guy's trip la.

talking about weddings, i know a great site where you can get "wedding save the date cards", that will help your guest remember your day! All you need to do is buy save the date cards or beautiful invitations and get your guest to mark it on their calendar.

so last nite he met up with some frens and they said they went to lot 10 to get armani suits complete with cufflinksfor the wedding wor!!

huh! daddy said weiiii the wedding at the beach la...shorts & slippers is the dresscode. i thot swim suit or trunks or bikini are more like it, not armani suits.

the 2 soh loh dun believe daddy, argued and keep insisting its formal affair since it's wedding mah! so daddy let it be la...he wanna see how funniiee the 2 will look at the beach...after the other guest thinks it's "their" wedding pulak! hahahhah

the newly happy gay couple!

Monday, July 02, 2007

khoo koo klan

ya if you read the title fast enuff, the sound of the title could go awry and u say the "wrong" word...or maybe even end up like ku klax klan...coz some of us are "khoo" others are "koo", i even have a cousin whose name is koo keng kong!! so dun play play ah! we have king kong as part of the klan.

the sad part was, after all my effort of making this "cut out" sign, no one in the klan understood it??? they kept asking me what is a klan ah?? oooiii never go school wan ah? family la = klan! hahahha

anyway...we had a big family gathering this time, it was kong kong's family meeting up after years and years of hibernation!

some how they say they wanna meet at our house, sure la, no problem, (heard it’s good fung shui to have loads of people gathered in your house wor!! hehehe) guess i am lucky to have a piece of real estate that's convenient to every klan member!

i digress, so sharp at 6, the klan started marching in…and they came and came and filled-up the house to the brim...on the porch, dinning room, living room, entrance, deck...since it was pot luck the yummii food (mostly bought...hahaha) only popo cooked her famous assam laksa, fried noodles and spaghetti.

The only time I experienced this many people in the house was on the eve of our wedding nite…wah lioa and this is only less than half of the klan…kong kong has 11 sibblings...they were productive leh!

then po po started them on writing out the family tree...so pens and papers were taken out and everyone tried to jot down their tree...guess who end up putting the branches and leaves together...me!! how did i end up with this task??? i dunno how i got volunteered??

I could recognize most of my cousins but their children and their children’s children…(told you ~ very productive family lah)…was a total lost to me!

erika, ellisa and synn-yi was so mesmerized by their new cousins, especially the good-looking spiky hair kor kor! Hahaha, guess we better meet up more often.

the old, the look-a-like contest.....see who looks like kong kong??

the future generation

the kids had fun time playing, chasing their newly found cousins, and making friends.

after makan, the older folks happily brought out their own entertainment - mah jong and started "swimming" and making $$$. end up like gambling den with 2 mahjong sessions.

the ones that could not grab a hot seat on the table, started entertaining themselves with songs...ya singing and croooning away...it was a full moon nite...no wonder la!

it was fun fun fun, we should do this more often!

more photos here....

the early birds get to eat first

just for fun....let ellisa blow the candles on the homemade yummilicious choc. cake from "ah har"

kongkong carry me....carry me pleezzzz...

the only proper group photo taken!!

love bites

When you hear these songs in the air waves “Love Bites,” and “Pour Some Sugar On Me” , you just wish you could just go grab some def leppard tickets and just go to a concert near you and see it live. The energy and the atmosphere really set you in a super party mood to dance and jump and scream the nite away.

If you are trying to find an awesome source of free dating sites, then the net is where you should head.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

beauty treatment

aunty wendy roped mommy into a special facial day on saturday....just for the 2 of us...complimentary of amex and sisley. (great having frens with so many credit cards and priviledges) popo voluntered to take care of you girls so mommy can have some girlie pampering time at the westin. it was fun, we had a facial plus hand massage and door gifts...i could get addicted to this easily...hehehe thanks aunty wendy! doing the facials on the "heavenly bed" of westin was a great treat...wish we could just laze there the whole day, in full indulgence. see what a beautiful box i got!

i hope i dun end up getting any addiction treatment that's all...LOL.

auto air

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We were thinking of driving around on a lazy Sunday noon time looking for some food…greedy! The day was sizzling hot and it really zaps up all our energy! No Kidding. Blast the Auto air conditioningto the max just to keep the heat at bay! Or we will be roasted and baked in the heat. I can bet you the tempers will be flaring too.