Tuesday, January 25, 2011

loooong day for evi

i could not sleep today, evi too. maybe she knows she's going to go through something very major today.

me worried, asked the world to pray for her that all will go as smoothly as it should.

evi may sense the panic in my face this whole time but not know how to respond to it. so she had rashes all over, making me more panicky as i was afraid the docs won't help her if she is not perfectly healthy. i kept rubbing her with special ointment, massaging her, praying all the redness will go down and all the lil dots will subside within a few hours!! also thinking and wondering is it a sign not to bring her in? i really need a sign from god on this one.

was up at 3 entertaining evi and trying hard to distract her from taking even a single drop. going under g.a. is no easy task. finally at 7 took her to take a bath, she was in high spirits.

mah mah came to pick us up to the hospital...a bit of traffic but thank god we found a parking spot.

once we were in, to my relief we were immediately identified and showed where to go. my panic went up a few notches but try to put a brave front for evi.

1st lil girl went in to the o.t. came out screaming....oh no!! made me wanna tear up to see that...heartbreaking.

then i had to carry evi in, to my surprise she was so cooperative until they put the gas mask on her face. i can see a whole class of doctors were waiting to see the surgeons perform their work - that was quite weird.

she put up a fiesty and screaming fight...the hardest part for me was to leave her after she was knocked out. then my big prayer to god was to give those doctors the wisdom and a good heart to do all they can for evi.

much to my relief after 1 and half hours she was out...snoring and so peacefully sleeping...doctors came and gave lots of reassurance that they tried really hard to save as many tooth as they can, and took as little as they had to.
evi was so cute, she said...in between tears "my front teeth lost ledi, mommy". thank god they had quite good pain management and the nurses were great too.

promise evi that we will be as good to the rest of her baby teeth and will help her keep them as clean as possible.

update 28 Feb ~ went for follow-up check and everything looks great...gums healed and all fillings intact. doc said no milk on bottle if possible (well not ready for it) so she said must be less than 5 min of bottle time to maintain good teeth. oklah...will do that and force her to brush anytime and everywhere. now her new bff is the "brush", which she hates!!