Saturday, June 30, 2007

tag - 7 random things about me

Hit by this cutie mommy!

I love numbers, so if there’s a job involving numbers…I won’t call it work coz it’s fun! So daddy happily pass me all (hint! hint!) his pay cheque (I wish la) and let’s me distribute his dough….hahahah…well to be honest he pass me some, must dig for more…gold digger that I am!

I love dogs. I dun remember this but my parents said when I was young I use to ride on one of our dogs. The dog must be “scared for life” (poor thing!) and tries to escape me whenever he sees the super chubby toddler trying to horsie it!

I was the “fattest” kid amongst my scrawny, skin-to-bones cousins and siblings! So I was teased to no end for having a little meat and was soooo huggable!

I am my daddy’s darling girl and yes..he calls me that too! coz it rhymes with my name.

I hate to quarrel
or face confrontations but if I get irritated with someone, or if they stepped on my tail, I can pick a fight with them (not face-to-face) but in my crazy wacky head…and I can quarrel for a looong long time in there!

I love crafts and doing things with my hands…paper craft, clay craft, knitting (use to do it when I was very young). Thought I will pick it up when I am older…eh…now already older…still finding excuse to be older still!!! Hahahaha

I secretly afraid of driving, dunno why? Never had any accidents before. Maybe all my bicycle accidents scare me, so daddy get me a driver k! or Maybe I am so scared of getting lost...hmm maybe install a GPS system may make the diffence?

Have tag a lot of ladies lately…so no tags la…

pen gift

ellisa’s birthday is round the corner, so I was thinking of creating a special door gift for all the guests (young and old) that they could bring back and remember this little girl’s special day. Browse around the net for ideas and then I thought why not get each of them specially engrave Pens, maybe with the wordings “ellisa is 2” and a little picture of a cat, since she is sooo crazy over them.

silk trees

Have you ever wanted to beautify your home with plants like what you see in those designer home magazines? As for me I have killed one too many to try to put in any more plants, in case the nature police comes knocking on my door! There’s a better way now, silk trees that look so real that your guest will be so tempted to pluck a leaf – just to check if it’s genuine!

But if you are one with green fingers, then get the real thing at this wonderful green website. You could colour up your garden with all of nature's hues and shades!

finding a home

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I remember before I got married, daddy and I were searching…hmm more like hunting for a house that’s within our budget, in the location that we want and comfy enough to call it home. It was a hard find. It took us almost a year of searching before we landed onto it. Now there’s an easier way, click onto luxury home website and search at your own leisure!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Tag : SAHM vs FTWM

Hit by this lovely mummy!!

When I read this tag, I already know what I want or more likely what I am la…I am definitely not maternal coz for one cannot cook. If they stay home with me, we will all be those scrawny people on the ads for malnourishment! Play play a few hours but if for the long haul, I will go crazy and cranky if my girls don’t stop irritating me with their nonsense…then I will just explode la….up to daddy to rescue all of us by taking us out shopping or having a good meal.

So definitely I am a FTWM (Full Time Working Mum) not a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum). I consider going to office a joysolitude even! Lunch time is like meme time, get to meet friends, do banking, shopping, blogging….ok I admit it, sometimes my lunch hour is a teeny weeny little bit extended…hahahha but I get to accomplish so much wor. Ya sure I complain about work, but at least I won’t explode like I do at home.

pssttt, just FYI...actually I am a FTWM all for the sake of daddy’s sanity!! hahahha

Tag Baton:

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Here's how it works:

1. So easy peasy, if you were given a choice, would you be a SAHM or FTWM? Just provide 3 darn good reasons.

2. Include your post link to the list below and Finally,

3. Tag another three mommies


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5. Mommy of 2 angles prefers to be a FTWM


done this scrap in Feb, around chinese new year time...was in my room, before bedtime, i think we just got home from some makan time with yeh yeh and other relatives.

see the blue dress ellisa had on, well up to now she has not wear that dress again since she found out she has options!! to choose her own dressing. the dress from laura ashley was such a great find at platunam, one of bangkok's wholesale market, but my girl thinks otherwise...

erika was wearing an orange punjabi suit that jassmine just passed to orrrrreeeginal suit from yiiiidiiiia! with decorative sash too.

most of the time the girls are at each other's throat for not getting what they want...these are the few surreal moments caught on camera!

DNA Test

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After watching so many detectives shows on tv, you sort of know that to get a DNA test is so easy peasy! Well it looks so easy on tv. You can get someone’s DNA from the saliva of their cup, dried blood from the crime scenes, hair droppings, I guess just about anything to find out the identity of a person.

Ladder Rack

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My sis in law has a truck and she zooms in and out effortlessly, with her two children in tow. So whenever we need to cart some heavy duty stuff or load up for a trip, the truck comes in super handy. She even has a ladder rack fitted in, for long and narrow items like a ladder (hahaha) obviously and other stuff so that it is safely fitted. Safety first!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

sweet dreams

the girls love to make up the bed, line it with layers of blanket...make it soft and comfy...

then filled it with their pillows (not ostrich feathers *hahaha*, not even goose down but normal stuffed ones)

...then lie there...pretend to have slumber party. ellisa brings along her precious "baby" - can't leave home without it! just like a credit card...hahaaha play with baby, make baby sleep, carry baby, dun let baby cry.... see her precious pink baby (actually a pass me down toy from erika) is sleeping safely in the middle.

the matter how much they love their own comfy bed....they love our bed more! so it's all a big show, play pretend sleep in their bed, real sleep...jump back to us.

all ears

one of the teacher's in erika school met an accident, so there was a reshuffle in her school. To cut the story short, she ended up with a new class teacher in a new class…in the middle of school year, quite disruptive, but no choice la.

Monday was the first day for the change and when she came home, she was complaining teacher very very very fierce, dun wanna go to school, I sooo scared teacher scold me….blah blah blah. Me listen one ear in, one ear out…coz its so typical of lil’ girls right?

Tuesday – same story, with more pleeezzz added for good measure

Yesterday, at dinner time, talking to popo and all. Then popo said the teacher pulled her ear….(my reaction what!! Grrrrrr!!) calmed down asked erika, what happened la…must be objective also la…she said she couldn’t do her work properly…(not concentrating…normal lah) then kena pulled ear! Wah…hear already me soo angry…she doesn’t deserve that, it’s not like she blatantly disobey some orders…so what does a mother do? Immediately picked up the phone and call the principal’s mobile…gave her an earful for my daughter’s painful ear…she pulled the top of her ear upwards…wah lioa! Me so heartsick…daddy was like jumping up & down in total annoyance…we never ever whacked her once before, and this crazy woman go and “torture” her!! Request for immediate change of class.

This morning, march to school with daddy and erika to see the teacher…wanna know her side of the story….(still furious inside, but hidden la) once we see the teacher’s face, no shiok lioa…really face sooooo fierce….she gave all sorts of excuses (liar! liar! pants on fire!)

erika moved to another class…we checked out her new teacher…ok pass our first impression test…hahahaha

I looked at the kids in this fierce teacher’s class….i really pity them la (trapped), hahaha, my erika is out of there!!

Her Fab Life

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Cover my Travels

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The world is definitely getting smaller, the romance of traveling to exotic and foreign lands with colourful and bizarre cultures and people to uncover…stop dreaming!! Actually to find those exotic, unexplored places are getting more elusive as these places are exploited and changed due to commercialization for us…spoiled bratty tourist!! I digress, but I can say we are all traveling more these days. It’s so easy to get our tickets and hop on the plane, ship, train or bus. As we pack and get ready for our trip, do we think of travel insurance? In fact, travel insurance coverage should be on top of our packing list, as misfortune does happen! Blame it on Murphy’s law!! So getting a travel insurance policy that covers for all occasions and also has medical travel insurance thrown in for good measure, plus exceptional customer care would be a comforting fact. Try Cover My Travels which offers all the above and more!

Coming to Orlando for the MicroSoft MGX Convention?

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

tickled pink

erika can laugh a house down!

when she was a baby, she can chuckled so loud that she earn the title "tai siu ku poh" literally translated from cantonese "big laugh auntie". coz she laughed like an adult.

then as she grew older, if she is sleepy then she will go into a crazy-last-zap-of-energy mode, do funny things laughhhhhahahahah…then doze off.

now she is more "reserved", quite shy with strangers, only when she warms up to you, and when something tickle her funny bone, then she can roar out in laughter, rolling on the floor and go bonkers …then she laughs hysterically until she cannot stop. quite contagious, makes me wanna laugh too!

Summer Camps

Reminiscing back on my childhood on those hot summer days ~ school break time. Reminds me of the Summer Camps where my parents happily enrolled me so they could enjoy a good Summer too!! Hahaha they are sooooo fun, running outdoors, cheeks flushed pink from the heat and tanned skin. Learnt a lot too!

The downside is my skin gets pimples or acne (what a horrible word). Thankfully I know of some great acne cures.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

nailing it

look at her nauti face, nails half dangling and she is happily trying to peel it off until it bleeds. me screaming for her to stop. then tell her to "char york", put medicine and plastered it up. then she admited to me, "pain pain mommy....pain". still not a tear drop even after all the drama. for once she didn't peel off the plaster, must be quite painful la...poor girl!
p.s. dunno how it happen in the first place coz she never cried or complain when it happened! if u ask her she will shake her head say "nooo, dunno" or "ellisa". not much leads from there la!

toothing away!

just about a month ago, i saw at least one of erika tooth had already half melted away! aiyooo!! she still need those molars to last another 1 to 3 years before the "real" thing appears.

the brushing drill have not worked on her, i have tried getting her pink toothbrushes, let her choose barbie one, princess one...after getting them, they line the kitchen sink parading like beauty queens - see no touch! then i thot maybe she didn't like the baby toothpaste (apple banana flavour - sweet stuff) that cost more then $20 a tube, so went to get a princess one la (complain it's "hot" wor), dunno what else to do.

so she end up brushing without toothpaste, my philosophy - it's better then not brushing at all!

you can say - still no success...then finally last week, popo went and got a toothpaste that's not prettily package and is "hot", but she luuurve it! and has been brushing at least twice a day...popo amazing to the rescue again!!

yahhoooo, end of the rotting tooth i hope! thankfully this good habit starts before any new permanent tooth comes out...

as frenly reminder...tsk tsk tsk....all those aunties, uncles, grandparents (note the bigger font) and frens who are reading, pleazzz restain yourself, i know it hard hahaha resist the temptation of giving my girls the forbidden stuff! hehehee

Monday, June 25, 2007


i have to admit it...i am seriously infected...i can see lots of bloggers also coming out of the closet and admitting how seriously and deadly this infectious disease is invading into their daily lives. this mommy and this mommy is happily infected!! daddy for one thinks i am nuts over my blogging and can totally relate to my insaneness.

1. if I happen to be anywhere near a pc or notebook that I can go online, i will plug in all the cables and the first site I jump to is my blog…hands very itchy leh.

2. if I wake up in the middle of the nite (after waken up by ellisa), I will secretly creep to my pc and blog or surf other blogger’s site (dare not wake up daddy or else kena sounding for not sleeping!!)

3. i secretly started another 2 blogs…i see most of the mommies also have secret blogs…guess we have lots to rant or talk about secretly…tsk tsk tsk…living double triple lives in our virtual world!

4. will try to scrap, scrap, scrap so I can show off, sing my own praises, boast let you see my work

5. this is the best disease i have ever gotten- hahahha

6. i love doing paid posts coz my shopping list is soooo long…and daddy love my disease too (he’s not complaining) coz his shopping list is sooo much longer than mine!!

7. me – a trigger happy photographer shooting every little thing my girls do so that I could exploit use for the blog. a very good diary of their lives.

8. keeps my mind busy and my memory skills also improved significantly coz I gotta remember events, all the chit-chat, tête-à-tête, antics, so i write the right story la…cannot simply make-up stories leh…unless its paid post la…that’s a different story la.

9. sometimes I neglect my poor girls and just type and stare at the pc all day…then tell them I am working!!! What a liar!!

hmmm, wanna know other mommies stories - to let the cat out of the bag....

  • jazzmint already let the cat out the bag lioa target another victim i give up...these people so popular one...just these 2 lovely ladies only la...
  • justmytots
  • huisia

Innovative Tutor

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Having 2 young children and being the mommy that doesn’t want my girls to lose out on anything, I have always been scouting around for the “best” toys, food, playgroups…you get the picture! So when I saw that SCORE! Educational Centers has Innovative Tutor that cater to this age, I went in search to learn more.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


absent for a few days, was running a regional workshop and so also had to do PR stuff, host dinners and all...of cos me made sure i sent out the invites with all the info like place, date, time, dresscode and even add the url of the restaurant, (but do people really read them...NOOOOO)

so on the nite of the was a super nice jap restaurant in starhill (if you are a malaysian or a pj or klite, i thot should be no problem leh) i only worry for my overseas delegates...turns out i was a call from one very lost malaysian from peejay...

lost: hey what kind of restaurant you choose huh?? cannot even find, what place is this starhill?? (blah blah blah...mega complaining)

me: (man he doesn't even know starhill, is he from this planet??) can you tell me where you are, i will try to walk to where you are and get you here (trying to be helpful ma)

lost: i am in starbucks

me: ok where is this starbusks please

lost: starbucksss, staaaaarbuuuuucks (like i am a moron to not know???)

me: yes in which building?

lost: starbuuuuucks!!!

(he is like telling me he is on "jalan sehala" and expect me to go rescue him!!)

me: (chiisiin) ok, ok, what else do you see?

lost: metrojaya

me: oh! i think you are in berjaya times square, it's too far for me to walk there, you need to drive over here, it's next to marriot or westin, you know marriot??

lost: yes yes, i know overseas (real cina ah pek) next time dun choose such a difficult restaurant.....(blah blah blah) how much to park in starhill??

me: not sure should be around $5, park in starhill la, most convenient

lost: wah so expensive...

me: (crazy stingy free meal already worth it la) *speechless*


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My father in law just bought a new place after selling his single storey house. The problem is the new house is double storey and walking up & down takes a lot of effort and not taking into account the risk factors of what a stairs may give rise to! I know for one ~ Erika and Ellisa had so many little accidents on my stairs…really give my heart a really big scare when I hear a “bump” and followed by loud wails. So when I bumped into this website stairlifts which carry a range of stairlifts to suit almost every kind of home, the first thought was on my father in law. The variety of stairlifts available is quite incredible,Straight stairlifts, Curved stairlifts, even Outdoor Stairlifts, Standing Stairlifts and Reconditioned stairlifts, to suit your budget and your need. I have not seen the newly bought property, but I am confident we will find a suitable stairlift model for the new home. Bet this will be a hit with the kids too!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ellisa 23months update

almost two and so different from your che-che (almost like nite & day!) you are so adorable that everyone give in to your whims & fancies (and you know that too).

you are queen of the tv and dvd player. able to choose your cds, operate it and watch your fave. shows, leaving kong kong with no choice but to read newspapers instead. po po also cannot watch her canton drama series unless you take your cat naps!

crazy over cats, cats, cats .... "i dun wan tooo wear dress...not nice" "i wan my cat-cat shirt and short pants" (the cat shirt like ham choy after so many washings). lucky got a few new one from hong kong. loves to wear her very old slippers (pass down from che che) her dressing combination is like those ah pek, well worn t-shirt (lucky not with holes yet), shorts and slippers! daddy really pengsan when he sees her in her old slippers. attempted to throw the slippers away a few times, but it still manage to come its fated lah!!

love to dance and the 3 girls were watching a show on belly dancing following the belly swirling...this dancing queen is the only one that pulled up her cat-cat shirt to show off her belly like real! clever imitation.

every morning she sees mommy put on some make-up so she says "i wanna draw eyes...draw eyes". lucky still wanna be girlie and pretty! hmm, wanna draw her cat's eyes - i think.

your threshold of pain is so high that you even try to peel off your half broken nail all by yourself...without a tear drop! mommy screaming for you to stop your sadistic act! she really think she has 9 lives too!

fave food?? not much choice leh, still allergic to most food, i should say rice -plain white rice and plain noodles. like to eat fruits but most of the time after chewing all the juices from the apples, oranges, pomelos, will spit out the pulp and spread it everywhere…extremely messy girl.

fave drink - milk her nen nen, coz i dun think her tummy gets filled up with the limited choices she eats...still can drink 7-9 bottles a day!

able to sing in tune to lots of songs so we know what songs she is belting out in her husky thunderous voice. but the wordings in some parts is gibberish still, we have no problem making out her performance. she loves the attention and applause.

dunno what to do for her b'day party...something small la...with lots of cats! for my cat woman.

Reading Tutors

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Reading used to be tough for Erika. She needed lots of encouragement to build words and later putting meaning to those words…it’s a long thinking process with lots of brain waves movement. Reading Tutors program is great for children in getting them on the right reading steps and opening up a whole new world of learning.


Will I survive in an unknown city with no money, no friends and no resources? This is really a tough challenge ~ physically, mentally and emotionally. As the saying goes, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. What will I do? I think I will cry like a baby when the reality hits me, then will I slowly pick myself up after a good cry and find some answers in my dire straits situation. Maybe scavenge for food behind restaurant alleyways, or find out where there’s free food or shelter available. Try to find some work, any kind of work (legal ones I mean) just to get a few penny in my pocket, and live one minute at a time, can't think of any future at this moment. sleep under bridges?? (that’s hard-hitting, but if you have no choice, you’ll learn to adjust just to survive), hopefully someplace safe.

Want to know more about surviving – watch USA Network's Burn Notice, a new TV series starting June 28th showing how Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on how he got fired and struggle to live to tell the tale of his adventures in a similar hostile situations.

Wanna know what happens to this fired spy, remember to catch the show - June 28th!

Friday, June 15, 2007

finally the photos

first nite in macau, so humid that the camera also acted up...the lens all fogged up.

macau tower - walking on glass - getting ready for the "walk of our lives"

before the walk

looking like astronauts going for our launch into ?? space??

daddy's most embarrasing moment...the top 2 pic he was hanging on to the rails for dear life...then we were suppose to take a group pic...a lot of coaxing here la..."mind over matter"

if we joined the amazing race and had to depend on daddy to finish this task...there goes my 1 million dollars lah! can say bye bye to it. surely will be showing the amazing fight/quarrel after this! ahahahha

the wordings...why live on the edge when you can jump ?? (maybe next time la for bungee)
the ending part of the walk was very windy, almost get blown off, had to hang on to the ropes.

at the garden after she has lost her bag, face sour ledi...the bottom pic, daddy bought some vodka coctail back to the hotel room, erika tried a sip and was we left a tiny bit for her to sip sip. cheersss...yaaaaam seeeeeng!

didn't take much pic of hong kong...raining raining raining la. as for food...too busy wallaping the chicken, goose, roast pork to think about snapping pic. dunno leh...the chicken is sooo yummy there, shiny golden skin and juiciest meat but soo mega expensive la about HK$200 for one whole chick. the wan tan mee also so incredibly heavenly...almost every meal must have that. will definitely come back but not during summer months...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

back home

everytime i go on a holiday, whenever i land into first words are usually, "i am so glad to be home". even if it's a driving hols, once i step into my own house, wah! so relax & happy to be home...really there's no place like home!!

it's the same with this short trip, we got the freebie tickets, booked our own hotel and just go there without any itinerary. suppose to be really free and easy...still we end up soooo tired??

didn't really do much, went up the macau tower... daddy say he wants to walk the tower, try to overcome his fear of heights wor (if only it was sooooo easy??). so when he got to the observation deck, there's some spots with glass floors that lets us have the full view of how fast you will fall if the glass ever breaks!! a really scarry experience to walk on glass floors that is on the 39th floor. daddy already panicked with cold went up another 2 floors to do the walk...daddy's legs became jello and he just couldn't move, he tried and tried maybe walked less than 10 steps (give face ledi, more like 3 steps lah), erika was better maybe about 20 steps before she cried and wanna go back. daddy's excuse for chickening out of the walk was that he had to take erika back. he was the laughing stock of the whole tower!! a fren took a video, he may just kill me if i put it up!! me...of cos i did the whole round, posing here and there for picture moments.

another place we went was to the Lou Lim Ieoc garden (waste of time la). i mention it because erika learnt a very important lesson here. i asked her to take care of her own "pink" bag and carry it...but she left it in the cab. at first when she told me about it, she was still laughing "mommy do you know where's my bag (hehehe)". i thot she was joking, playing silly games then i got a bit angry at her and told her that she has lost it and will not ever see it again (which is the truth). daddy said i was too hard on her...consoled her and promised to get her another one. even though there's really nothing much in the bag, erika learnt a big lesson that day and was more careful with her things after is a good teacher leh!

of cos go macau must go hong kong la...for the food! too bad the weather was outragiously hot and mood to walk much outdoors, drenched in sweat and become sticky like the glutinous rice dumplings. bought home one big dumpling from yung kee, yummiiiee. on the day it was cool, it rained the whole day so we just took a bus trip to stanley, enjoyed the view from the double decker. the bus ride was a little scary coz it was rainy, wet, slippery, narrow ocean view roads by the cliff...daddy dare not look out the window much...guess he hasn't overcome his phobia yet...hehheehe...maybe next time we do the bungee on the tower...maybe that will cure him for good! if his heart can take it.

overall this trip not much shopping, saved a lot of money hahahaha.

this mommy's hubby flew us back to kl! wat a small small world.

of cos coming home to see my darling ellisa and showing her the cat-cat shirts and pants and bag i got for her, she loved all her cat-cat things...made my day la!

pictures haven't download yet...will post when i am not lazy!

maybe for a less stressful vacation, we may try Outer Banks next time.

Coupon Codes

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Friday, June 08, 2007

boxing boxers

when daddy wanted to have boxers - i was like "are you sure? they don't look very cute to me with a flat face and muscular body". he insisted, yeh yeh heard his wish and quickly went and got us a boxer puppy.

our first boxer only stayed with us for about a little more than a year, then he disappeared, never to be found again. can you imagine a big "scary" looking dog also gone into thin air. we made flyers, stuck it all over the neighbourhood and drove everywhere, making the kids (jern, synn yi & erika) shout out his name. since our mobile number were plastered all over the neighbourhoods, we had calls to sell us dogs la, sympaties sms but no sign of our poor boxer!

so we went searching for boxer puppies again, didn't feel safe without our "canine protection program". we chose boxers again becoz they are such quiet dogs and so easy maintenance and they are good with children (meaning they will never harm them!!!).

with our 1st boxer we thot he was "dumb" coz we never heard him bark until he was half a year old! becareful ah...the dog that never barks, bites...(ol' chinese saying) of cos not very true, boxers are super good natured, even when we accidently stepped or hurt the doggies, they never ever snapped back at us...but that doesn't mean they are easy preys too. but boxers are boxers la, they really can give you a good punch with their front legs and knock the air off your lungs!

even though the dogs will never ever harm the girls, they are still scared of them coz they are huge compared to them...can be their mini-horsies! the boxers also get too excited when they see them as they are so curious of the kids, wants to smell them, lick them and bump them, just being the normal friendly, curious, boisterious boxers they are.

we are so glad to have them around coz a few times they protected us from a few "what if" situations. the intruders that tried to get into the house were so "un"pleasently surprised to be greeted with 3 powerful boxers. they most probably didn't know they exist since they are so quiet. the boxers literally knocked their shoes off (we found some very unfamiliar man sandals). one of those even came prepared with ladies stockings (also found them in the one wear these in my house)...we really panicked when we saw that. quickly joined the neighbourhood security program and fed my doggies well. where to find such dedicated 24hour security? woof woof.

ya you must be thinking i thot u gone for ur hols...flight is noon time today, so this is last post before i go....

Keeping Score

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Grasping the concept of addition or subtraction for a young child is a challenging task. So in order to keep their focus on such tasks, we gotta make learning fun, fun, fun. However trying to teach your own child, is usually not a fun process! Getting Math Tutors are definitely the way to go.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


going on a short holiday with erika from the freebie tickets we got in january?? can't even remember when we booked it liao! but it's free la, all we paid were airport taxes...will blah about it when we get back next starts tomolo...

not bringing ellisa, solly darling but will get you loads of stuff la. think you would be happier at home with your adoring popo and kong kong than running around with mommy & daddy, where your schedule and routine will be totally disrupted. come to think of it when erika was at 22 months she already been to a lot of places with a passport, but then after all the stressful and exhausting trips, we are now finally more "wise" not get a passport for ellisa just yet! finally learnt our lesson (slow learners)....and finally passed la...i hope!

Eating Right

I always wonder how much I should be eating, how much nutrition or calories am I getting in every meal. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a calorie counter but I would like to know if I am getting enough food to get me through the day. Actually I am in fact trying to put on some weight – yah I know just put food in the mouth and your waist line will grow naturally. But somehow this sentence doesn’t ring true to my family, we are blessed to be genetically lean and mean machines. We dun need weight loss pills.

Don’t get me wrong though, we may be lean but our blood may be fat, fat, fat ~ meaning we may have high cholesterol or some other fatty stuff in our body. So getting to know more about my diet from this website: has helped me learn more about eating right and making better food choices for me and my family. They even have a free calorie counter you could try, just for fun!


erika noticed mommy bleeds every month and was very curious, kept asking questions and finding out how it is coz i told her she will be just like me when she gets bigger.

erika: is it painful when the blood comes out, mommy??

me: no darling

erika: is it like blood coming out my leg? not painful

me: ya something like that

erika: what about boys, if blood come out from them is it painful

me: i guess not.

erika: so when i grow up, i will have blood come out from me, right?

me: yes, that's right

erika: what about ellisa?

me: ellisa too, all girls will have it.

that's the easy "biological" questions, when it comes to the harder ones, i hope i will be there to give her all the right answers too! better get her info. from me than from other "sources" la.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer Program

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Before Erika went to school I told myself, learning should be fun and enjoyable experience. She is now 6 and keeping to my word is getting tougher as I see other parents enrolling their children into all sorts of academic programs to enhance their children’s school results. To join in the “rat race”…I am now considering summer program (this mommy thinks the the program has lots of fun elements too!)

celebrating yeh yeh

it was yeh yeh's birthday which coincidently falls on the same day as agong’s birthday. It’s more of a family gathering and pigging out time, whiles the cousin’s meet up to play, quarrel and complain about each other to their respective mommies!!

there’s the girl group and the boys group…natural selection of the human kind…they just get drawn to their own kind. girls play hair, dress-up, talk, hang around....the boys rough it out, running, jumping, screaming...boys will be boys la...disturbing the the boys mommies is the "official complaints department".

can you feel the "serenity" in the top 2 pictures and the "energy" of the bottom 2 pictures!

sometimes we wish we have those hercules hooks to hang the 2 nauti fellas up for some time-out!

choosing dinner - yeh yeh examing that our food is alive and kicking before we wallop them...actually these are the only pictures i took of the food, coz when they food was served, too busy to snap pic, busy filling our tummy la.

all the grandkids giving the birthday boy lots of hugs and kisses...smothered!

this is a wonderful moment, 3 sharing a drink and some is so simple, you can find happiness in a glass of sprite and 3 straws! ellisa squashed in the middle, making sure she sucked up most of the drink.

haPPiiieee Biiirrrthhhdaaaay yeeh yeeeh!

Cell Time

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Going into jail has become a fashion statement nowadays. Used to be such a sham and scandalous to check into jail, not these days! News that you have spent time in the jail house adds glamour and glitz to your profile and celebrities like Paris are clamoring to make a reservation for their own cell experience.

The downside to living in a cell is you are not the only one occupying that cell, there a millions of bacteria crawling around as your new cell mates too. So wanna be safe than sorry, Paris should use StaphAseptic if she wants to avoid MRSA.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

red red red

actually last weekend was a very tiring one, besides my cousin wedding, also had yeh-yeh's 76th birthday bash and visit from ku mah from lots of entertaining for both sides of the family...met lots of people and kay poh max!

early saturday morning, me played with the boxers, snapping some pic of them, suddenly the boxers decided to go in the house and say hello to the girls! gave erika a big scare, ellisa was still very steady (maybe she got her big che che to protect her)

my doggies so gorgeous rite?? my personal body guards la!

then we went to the wedding la...i snap pic of the most important stuff...of cos all the "lai si" la and the bling bling stuff that her parents gave her...all in this bag.

one appointed & "trusted" cousin sister jotting down who gave which angpow!! for accounting or recording purpose? why ah?? of cos those who give $2 one...real pai seh la!

the pretty brides maid and the pretty maidens all in a row! the girls were shy didn't even wanna smile for the cameras...there were a few shooting them.

of cos all the cousins and unmarried "kiddies" collecting angpow from the newly wed. (according to chinese laws - you are not considered an adult until u get married)

ellisa checking out her red ang pow! she loves red colour...very cina lady...hehehe

Marketing Conversation

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With new marketing phrases like WOMM or SEO or PR flying around the web sphere, getting to know these phrases can really make your marketing conversation or presentation more spectacular and exciting! So it’s better to brush up on all these phrases, instead of thrilling your audience you could end up being the clown!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

sunday lunch

daddy is out at a golf tourny, so i asked kakak to fry some fries, make chicken soup, plain spaghetti and reheat the red sauce, very simple lunch.

this is the first time ellisa has tasted ketchup...she calls it salt ( i agree with her clever deduction, it's really very salty but yummy la, i love ketchup too)'s part of our girlie lunchie conversation

ellisa: (after tasting some ketchup and i put it away from her, dun want her to be messy girl soon, just changed her) mommiii give me some salt, give me salt, i want salt

me: it's not salt, it's ketchup... ok just a little (erika laughing at her sis)

ellisa: (wallap the ketchup...left very little) i want more salt

me: enuff, no more for you

ellisa: why?

me: because it's not good for you

ellisa: why? (gave me the blank look, eyeing the ketchup plate, wanting to lick it dry)

distracted, ellisa saw her sis cup of cold water

ellisa: give me some water...i want water erikaaaa

erika: nooooo

(ellisa making a fuss and complaining to me)
me: please la erika, share with her, later can take some more

ellisa sip a little of the water....erika quickly take back her cup

ellisa: (screaming) erika....thoooooonnnngggg!!!nauti erikaaa.... one...twooooo....threeee! give the water to me now!!! u nauti erika!! nauti nautiiiiii (some of the angry words i couldn't even catch it)

me: (launghing non-stop)

wedding bells are ringing in june

my cousin sis married her darling hubby yesterday. she looked so beautifully radiant - like all glowing brides. this is her day to cherish forever.

the highlight was the tea ceremony, when she gave tea to her parents -it was sooo emotional!! so touching la, she cried a little...then her daddy quickly gave her a kiss and a hug...followed by her mom...even her hubby put his arms around her...

me - i dun remember ever being emotional like this during my own other cousin sis said i am cold blooded...really ah? i do love my parents but i didn't feel i was "leaving" them in any way, i thot i brought another person into the family mah so that they could use, manipulate, torture love...not sad what?

i dunno how i will be leh when i see erika and ellisa on their wedding day....crying buckets?? or as cold blooded as they say??


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I was always curious about star gazing and astrology, remembering those camping days where there will definitely be one or two “smart air-lect” trying to impress us with their knowledge of the stars. Pointing to this star and that and telling us the names of the particular star constellation. What a show off?

I always wanted to learn so that if I ever get lost in the sea or the woods and without a compass, I can look up to the night sky to direct me home. What a dreamer, right?

Anyway, the first step is to get a good telescope, do you know how to buy a telescope? This will be a great gift for anyone who is interested in some star gazing.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

throwing tantrums

ellisa is at it again...not even 2 yet all all the "terribles" are already flaring its ugly head. yesterday i took leave so that popo can prepare for my cousin's wedding dinner (ya finally its here). popo is the official cook and head of the party committee ~ she loves to be part of this activities.

i thot it would be a leisurely day with the girls, but ellisa cry and cry and cry (the mommy is here, i can bully her syndrome)...makes me soooo irritated.

ellisa: “mommy carry you” “carry you” (crying while she keep saying this even after carrying her for so long my hands also wanna patah, so i just sit down and carry – cannot wor!! continue crying and fussing and rolling and kicking)

me: stop it ellisa, you want mommy to scold you, you behave ah!

ellisa: “maaaaamiiiiii carry you” “nooo…caaaaariiiii you”

me: “love love, stop your nonsense ellisa, you want nen-nen” (still try to be nice, patience, patience – keep saying this or else i would just loose it)

ellisa: “i wan nen-nen” "want nen-nen" “hug me ma ma” “hug me”

asked kakak to make her milk and showed her the bottle

ellisa: “i dun wan nen-nen” (push the bottle away with her hands) “carry me” (pointing her finger at one direction, asking me to walk & carry)

then i cannot tahan, already been nice so now i go to the other extreme, start scolding her to stop crying, my ears need a break. then i threaten to throw her in her own room (still crying non-stop), then daddy also had enuff, whacked her bum with his hands (still crying) then took out a clothes hanger whacked her bum (still crying). in the end we throw her in her room, let her cry the good cry for at least 10-15 min.

then daddy go check on her and rescue her from the room…sniffles now, i think she learnt her lesson.

i think all in all she cried a good whole hour – she not tired, i already exhausted!

but i was told children have short memories…oh no….again it started around 5am…I had no choice after talking nicely, then threaten then scolding…throw her in her room again and let her enjoy her cry…after 10 minutes, went to check on her, she was still wailing but when she saw me, she stop and ask me to hug her….so i said no more crying, i take you back to mommy’s room to sleep. after that, she slept till morning…i hope this is a permanent solution to her crazy tantrums. - time out in her own room.

Friday, June 01, 2007

pirate party

last day of erika's kindy, so obviously party day and the theme this year was "pirates of the carribean" ~ follow latest trend. so the nite before the party mommy play mock dress-up to prepare la, dig out some bandana's and when erika wore her's ellisa also "i want...i want"...then i put a shiny treasure belt for erika, didn't give her a sword la (coz dun have any swords or gun toys at home)...but with her lost tooth...she does look like a pirate..although not a scary one.

posing as pirates

monkeying around my bedroom as cranky ol' pirates

party day, mommy dress up erika, ellisa and sean. they were happy pirates, erika had a choice of wearing her princess dress or a pirate...she choose to be pirate...hahaha pirate more fun!!

today's verse of the day so appropriate for this post:

My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you, turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, and if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.Proverbs 2:1-5 (NIV)


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These days if I wanna find something or learn more about a particular interest, the only place I go is the web. Used to be the library but that was in the “old” days. Now with the “wild wide web” getting information on products like HP or on health, is sooo easy peasy, just a drag and a click on my trusty mouse.