Saturday, June 02, 2007

throwing tantrums

ellisa is at it again...not even 2 yet all all the "terribles" are already flaring its ugly head. yesterday i took leave so that popo can prepare for my cousin's wedding dinner (ya finally its here). popo is the official cook and head of the party committee ~ she loves to be part of this activities.

i thot it would be a leisurely day with the girls, but ellisa cry and cry and cry (the mommy is here, i can bully her syndrome)...makes me soooo irritated.

ellisa: “mommy carry you” “carry you” (crying while she keep saying this even after carrying her for so long my hands also wanna patah, so i just sit down and carry – cannot wor!! continue crying and fussing and rolling and kicking)

me: stop it ellisa, you want mommy to scold you, you behave ah!

ellisa: “maaaaamiiiiii carry you” “nooo…caaaaariiiii you”

me: “love love, stop your nonsense ellisa, you want nen-nen” (still try to be nice, patience, patience – keep saying this or else i would just loose it)

ellisa: “i wan nen-nen” "want nen-nen" “hug me ma ma” “hug me”

asked kakak to make her milk and showed her the bottle

ellisa: “i dun wan nen-nen” (push the bottle away with her hands) “carry me” (pointing her finger at one direction, asking me to walk & carry)

then i cannot tahan, already been nice so now i go to the other extreme, start scolding her to stop crying, my ears need a break. then i threaten to throw her in her own room (still crying non-stop), then daddy also had enuff, whacked her bum with his hands (still crying) then took out a clothes hanger whacked her bum (still crying). in the end we throw her in her room, let her cry the good cry for at least 10-15 min.

then daddy go check on her and rescue her from the room…sniffles now, i think she learnt her lesson.

i think all in all she cried a good whole hour – she not tired, i already exhausted!

but i was told children have short memories…oh no….again it started around 5am…I had no choice after talking nicely, then threaten then scolding…throw her in her room again and let her enjoy her cry…after 10 minutes, went to check on her, she was still wailing but when she saw me, she stop and ask me to hug her….so i said no more crying, i take you back to mommy’s room to sleep. after that, she slept till morning…i hope this is a permanent solution to her crazy tantrums. - time out in her own room.


jazzmint said...

aiyo, sounds like me oso lah..always mommy carry then i know liao, zzz time

BabyBooner said...

heyy you know what, i think u're doing the right thing la. time-out in her room like that sounds like the best thing to do. sometimes beat and beat also wont make a difference. It's like that with my nephews and niece.. chase after them with a hanger also they still cry and buat perangai.. *peninggg*. I'm going to suggest again to my sister to do the time-out thingy.

cairo's mommy said...

i just did a post on tantrums also *LOL*

cannot tahan la, bought myself the supernanny book... hoping can find a miracle soon...for the sake of my sanity

mommy of 2 angels said...

jazz - ya sleeping time equals cranky time

babybooner - never used to beat erika before but ellisa diff story la! when erika saw her lil sis kena scolded and whacked she so panicked!! hahaha...ya time out works...

cairo's mommy ~ wah resort to books, u share advice ok.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

Mine is driving me up the wall with her tantrums. Going to write a post on it soon.