Friday, June 29, 2007


done this scrap in Feb, around chinese new year time...was in my room, before bedtime, i think we just got home from some makan time with yeh yeh and other relatives.

see the blue dress ellisa had on, well up to now she has not wear that dress again since she found out she has options!! to choose her own dressing. the dress from laura ashley was such a great find at platunam, one of bangkok's wholesale market, but my girl thinks otherwise...

erika was wearing an orange punjabi suit that jassmine just passed to orrrrreeeginal suit from yiiiidiiiia! with decorative sash too.

most of the time the girls are at each other's throat for not getting what they want...these are the few surreal moments caught on camera!


Mommy to Chumsy said...

The girls look so sweet in the photos. Wow...Laura Ashley dress at the wholesale market? That's a really good find. I luv to hunt for bargains like that ;)

mott said...

aiyo...evoking such warm fuzzy feelings!!!!

but i know what u mean...I think 20% warm fuzzy, 80% want to kill each other!