Thursday, June 07, 2007


erika noticed mommy bleeds every month and was very curious, kept asking questions and finding out how it is coz i told her she will be just like me when she gets bigger.

erika: is it painful when the blood comes out, mommy??

me: no darling

erika: is it like blood coming out my leg? not painful

me: ya something like that

erika: what about boys, if blood come out from them is it painful

me: i guess not.

erika: so when i grow up, i will have blood come out from me, right?

me: yes, that's right

erika: what about ellisa?

me: ellisa too, all girls will have it.

that's the easy "biological" questions, when it comes to the harder ones, i hope i will be there to give her all the right answers too! better get her info. from me than from other "sources" la.


chinnee said... cute la....even qiqi sees me bleed and sayang me each time she sees it when we go to public toilet together.

NomadicMom said...

definitely better for you to explain than she gets all sorts of funny answers from elsewhere!

Simple American said...

Excuse me. If the blood comes from boys it probably is very painful. Not normal lor? ;)

Health Freak Mommy said...

That's how I explain to Alycia too. However, educating them too young can also be embarassing as Alycia likes to announce to the world by saying "mummy, your phet phet got blood, you got peliod ar?" whenever we are at public loos.