Monday, June 25, 2007


i have to admit it...i am seriously infected...i can see lots of bloggers also coming out of the closet and admitting how seriously and deadly this infectious disease is invading into their daily lives. this mommy and this mommy is happily infected!! daddy for one thinks i am nuts over my blogging and can totally relate to my insaneness.

1. if I happen to be anywhere near a pc or notebook that I can go online, i will plug in all the cables and the first site I jump to is my blog…hands very itchy leh.

2. if I wake up in the middle of the nite (after waken up by ellisa), I will secretly creep to my pc and blog or surf other blogger’s site (dare not wake up daddy or else kena sounding for not sleeping!!)

3. i secretly started another 2 blogs…i see most of the mommies also have secret blogs…guess we have lots to rant or talk about secretly…tsk tsk tsk…living double triple lives in our virtual world!

4. will try to scrap, scrap, scrap so I can show off, sing my own praises, boast let you see my work

5. this is the best disease i have ever gotten- hahahha

6. i love doing paid posts coz my shopping list is soooo long…and daddy love my disease too (he’s not complaining) coz his shopping list is sooo much longer than mine!!

7. me – a trigger happy photographer shooting every little thing my girls do so that I could exploit use for the blog. a very good diary of their lives.

8. keeps my mind busy and my memory skills also improved significantly coz I gotta remember events, all the chit-chat, tête-à-tête, antics, so i write the right story la…cannot simply make-up stories leh…unless its paid post la…that’s a different story la.

9. sometimes I neglect my poor girls and just type and stare at the pc all day…then tell them I am working!!! What a liar!!

hmmm, wanna know other mommies stories - to let the cat out of the bag....

  • jazzmint already let the cat out the bag lioa target another victim i give up...these people so popular one...just these 2 lovely ladies only la...
  • justmytots
  • huisia


Irene said...

Ain't that the truth, eh? I think I'm the same way. Will add you to my list of blogs to read. =)

mott said...

secret blogs....heh heh heh..

all multiple personalities eh.... ;-)

thanks ya!

jazzmint said... sudah buat lor this tag :P

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Awww ur a tad late! Hehehe! Monkey Wong threw his babanas at me and tagged me with this!

Check it out!

Wow ur blogivitis is SERIOUS! Hehehe! We need a doctor for this!

babyfiona said...

You really cannot be save....

Mommy to Chumsy said...

thanks for doing this tag :D got a secret blog? can tell ah?? pls, pls, pls?

Lian said...

Me too have headache tagging people. Everyone seems to have been tagged. Another sign of blogivitis among us I guess :)