Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cover my Travels

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The world is definitely getting smaller, the romance of traveling to exotic and foreign lands with colourful and bizarre cultures and people to uncover…stop dreaming!! Actually to find those exotic, unexplored places are getting more elusive as these places are exploited and changed due to commercialization for us…spoiled bratty tourist!! I digress, but I can say we are all traveling more these days. It’s so easy to get our tickets and hop on the plane, ship, train or bus. As we pack and get ready for our trip, do we think of travel insurance? In fact, travel insurance coverage should be on top of our packing list, as misfortune does happen! Blame it on Murphy’s law!! So getting a travel insurance policy that covers for all occasions and also has medical travel insurance thrown in for good measure, plus exceptional customer care would be a comforting fact. Try Cover My Travels which offers all the above and more!