Wednesday, June 06, 2007

celebrating yeh yeh

it was yeh yeh's birthday which coincidently falls on the same day as agong’s birthday. It’s more of a family gathering and pigging out time, whiles the cousin’s meet up to play, quarrel and complain about each other to their respective mommies!!

there’s the girl group and the boys group…natural selection of the human kind…they just get drawn to their own kind. girls play hair, dress-up, talk, hang around....the boys rough it out, running, jumping, screaming...boys will be boys la...disturbing the the boys mommies is the "official complaints department".

can you feel the "serenity" in the top 2 pictures and the "energy" of the bottom 2 pictures!

sometimes we wish we have those hercules hooks to hang the 2 nauti fellas up for some time-out!

choosing dinner - yeh yeh examing that our food is alive and kicking before we wallop them...actually these are the only pictures i took of the food, coz when they food was served, too busy to snap pic, busy filling our tummy la.

all the grandkids giving the birthday boy lots of hugs and kisses...smothered!

this is a wonderful moment, 3 sharing a drink and some is so simple, you can find happiness in a glass of sprite and 3 straws! ellisa squashed in the middle, making sure she sucked up most of the drink.

haPPiiieee Biiirrrthhhdaaaay yeeh yeeeh!


Lovelymummy said...

your kids seemed so close with their yeeh yeeh....n yeeh yeeh looks very happy too...

shern's mom said...

how nice to have yeh yeh around to spoilt the kids.. ya the photos of em sharin the drink is quite a moment huh.

CutiePrincessMummy said...

yeh yeh looks so happy & enjoy w the kids around lar... :)

BabyBooner said...

awwwww this is a veryy sweet event... i feel very touched looking at the pictures lah..

Lian said...

So cute the yeh-yeh sharing drinks with the two girls. Makes him look youthful.

jazzmint said... geoduck somemore kekeke, happy bday to ur fil

Simple American said...

Happy Birthday Yeh Yeh!!!

So cute sharing a drink. Should be Sprite commercial. :D

chinnee said...

celebration with family is so fun isnt it ? so happy to see the kids having so much fun :)