Tuesday, June 24, 2008

elli the evangelist

sending her to a christian kindy does that to u....hehehe

she can now recite 4 memory verses
genesis 1:1
romans 6:23
1 john 5:17
john 3:16

i then showed the girls where they could get these verses.

this got erika excited about the bible, and she went searching for these verses and started reading them & memorising too....competition mah!

one day elli even asked yeh yeh..."do u know jesus?"
he was so thrilled, he laughed till he teared.

Monday, June 23, 2008

last week

i miss my office - can't believe i am saying this....ya! i miss my spot, my desk, my chair, my own pc....my own space and my time without the girls. am looking forward to friday...

wat did i do besides being the "cow" and trying to keep my sanity with 6 children most of the day?

- met with elli's and erika's teacher for "report card day"
for elli, i expected her teacher to say great stuff about her...well...happy to say i wasn't dissapointed!
for erika, i was happy teacher said she improved tremendously...for a cry-baby sensitive young lady she is!

- made footprints for evira...at her 6 weeks doc's appointment, we found her grown by 8cm (57cm) and weigh 5.2kg (up 1.4kg) breast milk is super pow-der-ful!!

- snapping pictures....but downloading & posting them is another story la. as u can see no photos posted yet!

- watched "indy" in the big screen with daddy and evira (who slept thru out the show, she dun think harrison ford was cute).

- had a twosome dinner at prime for daddy's bird-day - had a kobe cut but was dissapointed. not anywhere near the kobe we had for my bird-day in tokyo...burrrp!

- made a pinata for synn-yi's birthday (with help from the gang - need to occupy them so they dun drive me up the wall) but the pinata was so tough that the adults gotta help break it up hahahhaa. wat do u expect? made with love by those tiny hands.

- did landscaping...eh...just threw some bermuda grass seeds and pray they will grow

- bought myself a new toy - electrolux ergorapido vacuum. ya my toy is soooo boooring...but i love it...what has become of me?

(photo posted 2 july)

- finally got ourself a brand new LG fridge 700litres (big enuff to feed the gang) for a steal, with a few tiny dents and half price it was!! even with a cool water dispenser thrown in...they kiddies love it...another toy to play.

- excuses to shop....for new office clothes since i still have a few kgs to drop!

Monday, June 09, 2008

week 6

week 6 of my hols...booo hooo hooo only 2 weeks left of doing "nothing". i was doing so much of "nothing" that i dun even have the time to blog!!

finally it's now 11:38pm...happy to find time from doing "nothing" to jot these few things down...the 3 princesses are finally all asleep (at the same time). somehow baby e synchronise with the 2 sis, so that she is awake when they are sleeping...

- erika is now back to playing her piano and enjoying it again. mommy found her a great teacher online and she found back her magic with her fingers.

- elli is now self-promoted herself to be a big che-che since baby is out and we all need to address her as such. she officially declares that she is no longer the baby of the family.

- baby e is starting to babble, mommy is still trying very hard to catch her smile...when i am holding the camera, she is not smiling!!

- having such a hard time to make her sleep (i thot baby needs at least 18 hrs) that we resorted to use the "hammock" (yue yue). elli love it & can't wait to climb in when baby is out.

- baby will get her jab tomorrow, as schedule. will see how much she has gained and grown from her non-stop suckling...i feel like it's non-stop. anyway after having a full meal, baby then pukes...wat a waste of my precious resources!

12++ am...baby awake...back to being a "mooooo" (mom)