Tuesday, July 22, 2008

back from break

came back home with loads of goodies from bandung...it's a shopping paradise!!! and the spa was so refreshing...wish i was there now!! (photos post later la)

anyway, just when i am away, baby evira decided to turn-over for the first time (aiyahhh miss that one!!) she turned over on 17 july. since i kept records of all the girls progress, this lil' baby is the fastest to turn...we kept telling her...baby take your time, enjoy your babyhood...but she seems to be in such a rush to grow up. she can mimic a real air-walk and kick with real gusto!

she keeps turning over on her left side only. does this mean she's a rightee? or a leftee? not very sure.

another thing is she's got a patch of dandruff...but i so cannot tahan, itchy fingers. after putting some olive oil, i scratch most of it out...dunno if its the right thing to do, but i am happy it's all cleared out now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

bloggiee break

going away

see u next week


Friday, July 11, 2008


can't believe it, erika's girlfrens (2 of them) in her own class is doing that to her!!!

erika being the super big bully at home is actually a tiny scardy shy mouse in school.

it not the $1 or watever amount

but for them to "demand" erika to give them or else they lash out on her....aiyooo

what do i do?

no, i didn't go become the $$ collector. not in that trade la and dun wanna end up being the "bully" too.

instead i introduce myself to them...and told them "nicely" to be good to my darling princess.

so what happen after my sweet talk?

instead of demanding for a dollar they now only ask for 20 sen!! (give discount summore!! these girls ah!!)

aiyooo its still not working

then daddy told erika...next time tell her frens

"my daddy has lots of $$$, u go ask him la...his hand phone no. is xxx-xxx xxx"

we are now eagerly waiting for that call...

update 14 july 2008
nope we didn't expect any calls.

but i went to see the girls & teacher. teacher sorted it all out and i guess this nauti act will stop...
teacher told me that this class is the most "teruk" one she has ever taught...and this is not even a new case...there are a few others too!! *pengsan*

teacher warned erika that if she give $ to them, she will be the one that kena punish!!

she wants erika to be bolder and more confident in front of her peers.

me too me too

grow up girl! be a tigress la!! hehehe

Thursday, July 10, 2008

calling me

i think mott's kids have been talking to my girl "secretly!! i know they are in melbourne and i am all the way here. but i still got a sense that they are yakking telepathically!!

elli has been calling us "mmmarm" and "dard" (just like mott's & i think they are the same age)

she's not even 3 yet but she sounds so "matured" when she use this term....eeeee i dun like la

is this a phase? a natural progression?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


can't wait for my holiday next week with a girl fren....heard there's lots of shoppping...wooo hooo.
actually was planning to slim down a lil more (just 2-3kgs more) but dun care la, go buy 1st and see how i will squeeze into those pants/skirts, now weigh 57kgs still!! pants is the problem la, not skirt...

tops well thanks to breastfeeding...kekekekek, not complaining, NOT complaining...give me more, anytime!!!

so if u got any tips or places i MUST visit or see or "urut" or eat (must EAT, not serious about my weight issue la, daddy love my "more to hug" figure, no ones complaining but me) or BUY...pls tell me k!

but then if this vacation is not enuff, i can always try Brazil vacation packages!!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

misc pics

the girls helping popo make "ang ku kueh" for baby's full moon (may 24)...yummmiiii

daddy hanged up the hammock last weekend and the girls had a swinging good time!!

since we got the deck, now gotta get some patio chairs and patio furniture covers to make it more comfy.

elli taking over baby's sarong hammock whenever she has a chance!

my nauti lil' baby won't sleep for more than half an hour on the cot...so we resorted to this bouncy sarong! she wiggles once the sarong yue-yue stops. still no "service", she will start making noise....then waiiiiillll!!! another queen la...as for the rest of us...wat are we?? slave la!!

pinky pink
erika and her "surrogate twin sister"

lifting exercises! look mommy...

baby wears a bib coz she pukes a lot! (& i mean a lot!!! wasted resources lor!hahahaha) she's another milk guzzler...just like her sis. at 2mths - she's 6 kg...look at her round face also know la...

elli with another round of allergies...luckily one round of her polaramin meds cleared it up.

caught this bat hanging on the deck's roof...quite scary eyes

are bats really blind?

erika thooooong!!!!

nowadays, erika really gets into my nerves. i guess its normal.

i ask her to do something, she ignores me or gives me the "look" or answers back.

now she loves leaving her exercise books in school (new trend i guess) and the worst part is she sometimes leave the ones that need to do homework too!! then she whines and cries that she lost her textbooks and make us go crazzzzzzzzy....then she started telling tales.

her tales include that a school day is declared a "holiday" since she can't do her work (teacher beat her hand the other day for it) so she dun wanna face teacher again. daddy said its not his birthday so she gotta go to school. i just ignored her tales.

however po po belived her and insist that i call her teacher to confirm!! i am in the office la ma!

alamak...no choice pacify these 2 ladies i called the teacher's mobile, didn't pick up (yahooo no need to talk to her) then i google to get her school number, engagaed (phew! or else the school administrator will think i am a wacky mom who doesn't even know when is school hols).

then i called the teacher again and she answered. told her the whole story and she told me the whole story on erika's lil' canning...i said serve her right!
so off to school she went....she gave us a cheeky smile and told us that teacher sang her a "birthday song" in front of all her friends.

wonder wonder

my mom's friend asked me to be a guinea pig model for l'oreal hairstyling school. she said i will be getting a "wonder wave" perm done on my thick wiry hair...oklah...freebie of cos i grab lah.

when the stylist and instructors studied my hair...all i hear is "wah hair so terror black", "your hair very very black huh?"

then they tell me..."eh do you know black is not a colour?"

i was thinking - what? black not a colour? then wat is it? a non-colour? my hair is not "invisible" you know?

to these l'oreal guys, black and white does not exist!

back to my "wonder wave", after 3 hours of fuss and pain...my stubborn hair dun even look like it was permed!! i really wonder where is all the "wonder" in the "wonder wave".

told the instructer...she offered another freebie session...plus color thrown in....ha! finally i will be a colour. hahahhaah

whites yikes

i can’t believe my baby has thrush!! aiiiyooo…such an ugly word, like STD.

u think the girls poking their fingers into her tiny mouth could be the culprit? the girls really love baby to suck their fingers and i will scream at them when i catch them doing it, now they better stop.

thrush or yeast infection is quite ugly! i noticed a white spot on her lips and tried wiping it away but cannot, so i suspected it was that ugly word. luckily baby does not suffer at all from all the white fuss all over her mouth. thank God it has not spread into her private areas.

took her to the paed for some oral gel (Daktarin®) to get rid of the yeast. (was informed it's quite common) hopes it clears up in a day or 2…even i have to put the gel on when she suckles so that we dun go passing the yeast back & forth….double yucks.

no more itchy fingers into her mouth now!!