Wednesday, July 02, 2008

wonder wonder

my mom's friend asked me to be a guinea pig model for l'oreal hairstyling school. she said i will be getting a "wonder wave" perm done on my thick wiry hair...oklah...freebie of cos i grab lah.

when the stylist and instructors studied my hair...all i hear is "wah hair so terror black", "your hair very very black huh?"

then they tell me..."eh do you know black is not a colour?"

i was thinking - what? black not a colour? then wat is it? a non-colour? my hair is not "invisible" you know?

to these l'oreal guys, black and white does not exist!

back to my "wonder wave", after 3 hours of fuss and stubborn hair dun even look like it was permed!! i really wonder where is all the "wonder" in the "wonder wave".

told the instructer...she offered another freebie color thrown in....ha! finally i will be a colour. hahahhaah

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eMz said...

funny story! ^_^