Friday, July 11, 2008


can't believe it, erika's girlfrens (2 of them) in her own class is doing that to her!!!

erika being the super big bully at home is actually a tiny scardy shy mouse in school.

it not the $1 or watever amount

but for them to "demand" erika to give them or else they lash out on her....aiyooo

what do i do?

no, i didn't go become the $$ collector. not in that trade la and dun wanna end up being the "bully" too.

instead i introduce myself to them...and told them "nicely" to be good to my darling princess.

so what happen after my sweet talk?

instead of demanding for a dollar they now only ask for 20 sen!! (give discount summore!! these girls ah!!)

aiyooo its still not working

then daddy told time tell her frens

"my daddy has lots of $$$, u go ask him la...his hand phone no. is xxx-xxx xxx"

we are now eagerly waiting for that call...

update 14 july 2008
nope we didn't expect any calls.

but i went to see the girls & teacher. teacher sorted it all out and i guess this nauti act will stop...
teacher told me that this class is the most "teruk" one she has ever taught...and this is not even a new case...there are a few others too!! *pengsan*

teacher warned erika that if she give $ to them, she will be the one that kena punish!!

she wants erika to be bolder and more confident in front of her peers.

me too me too

grow up girl! be a tigress la!! hehehe


WMD: Wife, Mother, Daughter said...

Aiyo scary. Not sure how I would handle this. Yeah eagerly waiting here for the update on what happen next.

Hope they will stop harassing Erika.

Sasha said...

Aiyoh what is wrong with the kids? Why never tell teacher?

mommy of 3 angels said...

ya wmd & sasha...teruk rite??

teacher got 40 other nauti kids to keep her "two" eyes on...and she only got 2 hands...aiyah erika will survive kua!!

Yling said...

Children these days :-D

jazzmint said...

OMG...baru std 1 sudah ada extortion!! Those kids are a bit too much man

Rachel said...

scary young and got these kind of things already! OMG!

allthingspurple said...

the incident of the discount being funny aside, I have heard of worst stories at Kimberly's school, ie, Malay boys shooing Chinese boys (all 7 years old) out of the country, saying the country belong to the Malays, and boys stamping on another boy's school jacket and tearing it, etc.

Mind you, those kids are only 7 !

Mummy to QiQi said... that also can ah?

etceteramommy said...

I cannot imagine what they will become when they are older. Really bad. Sigh...

laundryamah said...

warao!! girls somemore! too much! slap them la! piak!

wen said...

so young started extortion! these girls must be taught of a good lesson. if it was my kids, hubby will go to the school liao. i no need go, he goes and gau dim everything. i wld probably give a stern warning to the girls but hubby can talk to ppl till they surrender and feel guilty.

Angeleyes said...

Aiyoh... poor Erika.

I wonder why they never call your hubby... at least can ask for a few more zeros mah! hehehhee

KittyCat said...

This is nothing new - my sister was also extorted way back in the 1970s. Both our families are not rich either!

Bullying is always a case of "I want what you have"

I don't think the teacher is right to tell Erika that i.e. threatening punishment if she gives them the $.

Both your Hubby and you are good to confront the girls. I like the way your Hubby handled it as this gives Erika the confidence that someone is there for her.

Best to keep talking with Erika to make sure that they have a) really stopped extorting her or b) not really stopped but Erika is too frightened to tell anyone coz of what the teacher said or girls said.

Continue to encourage Erika to stand up to them. Kids behave differently at home and in the real world.

mommy of 3 angels said...

thanks for all your wise words...