Tuesday, July 22, 2008

back from break

came back home with loads of goodies from bandung...it's a shopping paradise!!! and the spa was so refreshing...wish i was there now!! (photos post later la)

anyway, just when i am away, baby evira decided to turn-over for the first time (aiyahhh miss that one!!) she turned over on 17 july. since i kept records of all the girls progress, this lil' baby is the fastest to turn...we kept telling her...baby take your time, enjoy your babyhood...but she seems to be in such a rush to grow up. she can mimic a real air-walk and kick with real gusto!

she keeps turning over on her left side only. does this mean she's a rightee? or a leftee? not very sure.

another thing is she's got a patch of dandruff...but i so cannot tahan, itchy fingers. after putting some olive oil, i scratch most of it out...dunno if its the right thing to do, but i am happy it's all cleared out now.


wen said...

shopping eh..

dont scratch, its supposed to fall off after applying oil onto it

misha's mum said...

Erika is 6+ and she is in std one already?

Rachel said...

Welcome back!

Is it cradle cap or dandruff? Don't scratch it, could be painful. Just rub some oil and let it fall off naturally.

Health Freak Mommy said...

my bb also loves turning to her left n sucking her left fist. wah, ur bb is really fast eh, can turn so fast!
i think ur bb has cradle cap. i use j&j bb oil to rub them off. but even if u dun, it will fall off on its own. me typing wif 1 finger now n carrying bb with the other!

mommy of 3 angels said...

me itchy fingers hheheheh

but thank GOD all cleared ledi...dunno if cradle cap or not.