Wednesday, July 02, 2008

whites yikes

i can’t believe my baby has thrush!! aiiiyooo…such an ugly word, like STD.

u think the girls poking their fingers into her tiny mouth could be the culprit? the girls really love baby to suck their fingers and i will scream at them when i catch them doing it, now they better stop.

thrush or yeast infection is quite ugly! i noticed a white spot on her lips and tried wiping it away but cannot, so i suspected it was that ugly word. luckily baby does not suffer at all from all the white fuss all over her mouth. thank God it has not spread into her private areas.

took her to the paed for some oral gel (Daktarin®) to get rid of the yeast. (was informed it's quite common) hopes it clears up in a day or 2…even i have to put the gel on when she suckles so that we dun go passing the yeast back & forth….double yucks.

no more itchy fingers into her mouth now!!

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